Ten Mathematical Essays On Approximation In Analysis And Topology

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Author: Juan Ferrera
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080459196
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Ten Mathematical Essays On Approximation In Analysis And Topology by Juan Ferrera

Original Title: Ten Mathematical Essays On Approximation In Analysis And Topology

This book collects 10 mathematical essays on approximation in Analysis and Topology by some of the most influent mathematicians of the last third of the 20th Century. Besides the papers contain the very ultimate results in each of their respective fields, many of them also include a series of historical remarks about the state of mathematics at the time they found their most celebrated results, as well as some of their personal circumstances originating them, which makes particularly attractive the book for all scientist interested in these fields, from beginners to experts. These gem pieces of mathematical intra-history should delight to many forthcoming generations of mathematicians, who will enjoy some of the most fruitful mathematics of the last third of 20th century presented by their own authors. This book covers a wide range of new mathematical results. Among them, the most advanced characterisations of very weak versions of the classical maximum principle, the very last results on global bifurcation theory, algebraic multiplicities, general dependencies of solutions of boundary value problems with respect to variations of the underlying domains, the deepest available results in rapid monotone schemes applied to the resolution of non-linear boundary value problems, the intra-history of the the genesis of the first general global continuation results in the context of periodic solutions of nonlinear periodic systems, as well as the genesis of the coincidence degree, some novel applications of the topological degree for ascertaining the stability of the periodic solutions of some classical families of periodic second order equations, the resolution of a number of conjectures related to some very celebrated approximation problems in topology and inverse problems, as well as a number of applications to engineering, an extremely sharp discussion of the problem of approximating topological spaces by polyhedra using various techniques based on inverse systems, as well as homotopy expansions, and the Bishop-Phelps theorem. Key features: - It contains a number of seminal contributions by some of the most world leading mathematicians of the second half of the 20th Century. - The papers cover a complete range of topics, from the intra-history of the involved mathematics to the very last developments in Differential Equations, Inverse Problems, Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis and Topology. - All contributed papers are self-contained works containing rather complete list of references on each of the subjects covered. - The book contains some of the very last findings concerning the maximum principle, the theory of monotone schemes in nonlinear problems, the theory of algebraic multiplicities, global bifurcation theory, dynamics of periodic equations and systems, inverse problems and approximation in topology. - The papers are extremely well written and directed to a wide audience, from beginners to experts. An excellent occasion to become engaged with some of the most fruitful mathematics developed during the last decades.

Sobolev Spaces In Mathematics Ii

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Author: Vladimir Maz'ya
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387856501
Size: 15.21 MB
Format: PDF
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Sobolev Spaces In Mathematics Ii by Vladimir Maz'ya

Original Title: Sobolev Spaces In Mathematics Ii

Sobolev spaces become the established and universal language of partial differential equations and mathematical analysis. Among a huge variety of problems where Sobolev spaces are used, the following important topics are the focus of this volume: boundary value problems in domains with singularities, higher order partial differential equations, local polynomial approximations, inequalities in Sobolev-Lorentz spaces, function spaces in cellular domains, the spectrum of a Schrodinger operator with negative potential and other spectral problems, criteria for the complete integration of systems of differential equations with applications to differential geometry, some aspects of differential forms on Riemannian manifolds related to Sobolev inequalities, Brownian motion on a Cartan-Hadamard manifold, etc. Two short biographical articles on the works of Sobolev in the 1930s and the foundation of Akademgorodok in Siberia, supplied with unique archive photos of S. Sobolev are included.

Mathematical Physics And Stochastic Analysis

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Author: S Albeverio
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814492272
Size: 21.24 MB
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Mathematical Physics And Stochastic Analysis by S Albeverio

Original Title: Mathematical Physics And Stochastic Analysis

In October 1998 a conference was held in Lisbon to celebrate Ludwig Streit's 60th birthday. This book collects some of the papers presented at the conference as well as other essays contributed by the many friends and collaborators who wanted to honor Ludwig Streit's scientific career and personality. The contributions cover many aspects of contemporary mathematical physics. Of particular importance are new results on infinite-dimensional stochastic analysis and its applications to a wide range of physical domains. List of Contributors: S Albeverio, T Hida, L Accardi, I Ya Aref'eva, I V Volovich; A Daletskii, Y Kondratiev, W Karwowski, N Asai, I Kubo, H-H Kuo, J Beckers, Ph Blanchard, G F Dell'Antonio, D Gandolfo, M Sirugue-Collin, A Bohm, H Kaldass, D Bollé, G Jongen, G M Shim, J Bornales, C C Bernido, M V Carpio-Bernido, G Burdet, Ph Combe, H Nencka, P Cartier, C DeWitt-Morette, H Ezawa, K Nakamura, K Watanabe, Y Yamanaka, R Figari, F Gesztesy, H Holden, R Gielerak, G A Goldin, Z Haba, M-O Hongler, Y Hu, B Oksendal, A Sulem, J R Klauder, C B Lang, V I Man'ko, H Ouerdiane, J Potthoff, E Smajlovic, M Röckner, E Scacciatelli, J L Silva, J Stochel, F H Szafraniec, L Vázquez, D N Kozakevich, S Jiménez, V R Vieira, P D Sacramento, R Vilela Mendes, D Volný, P Samek. Contents:Some Themes of the Scientific Work of Ludwig Streit (S Albeverio)Nonlinear Lie Algebras in Quantum Physics and Their Interest in Quantum Field Theory (J Beckers)Rigged Hilbert Space Resonances and Time Asymmetric Quantum Mechanics (A Bohm & H Kaldass)The Relativistic Aharonov-Bohm-Coulomb Problem: A Path Integral Solution (J Bornales et al.)Time Dependent and Nonlinear Point Interactions (R Figari)Stochastic Processes and the Feynman Integral (Z Haba)Nonrenormalizability and Nontriviality (J R Klauder)On the Spectrum of Lattice Dirac Operators (C B Lang)External and Internal Geometry on Configuration Spaces (J L Silva)Spinor Description of a General Spin-J System (V R Vieira & P D Sacramento)and other papers Readership: Theoretical physicists, mathematical physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and economists. Keywords:

Essays In Mathematics And Its Applications

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Author: Themistocles Rassias
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331931338X
Size: 80.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Essays In Mathematics And Its Applications by Themistocles Rassias

Original Title: Essays In Mathematics And Its Applications

This volume, dedicated to the eminent mathematician Vladimir Arnold, presents a collection of research and survey papers written on a large spectrum of theories and problems that have been studied or introduced by Arnold himself. Emphasis is given to topics relating to dynamical systems, stability of integrable systems, algebraic and differential topology, global analysis, singularity theory and classical mechanics. A number of applications of Arnold’s groundbreaking work are presented. This publication will assist graduate students and research mathematicians in acquiring an in-depth understanding and insight into a wide domain of research of an interdisciplinary nature.

Encyclopaedia Of Mathematics

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Author: Michiel Hazewinkel
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401512337
Size: 48.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Encyclopaedia Of Mathematics by Michiel Hazewinkel

Original Title: Encyclopaedia Of Mathematics

This ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MATHEMATICS aims to be a reference work for all parts of mathe matics. It is a translation with updates and editorial comments of the Soviet Mathematical Encyclopaedia published by 'Soviet Encyclopaedia Publishing House' in five volumes in 1977-1985. The annotated translation consists of ten volumes including a special index volume. There are three kinds of articles in this ENCYCLOPAEDIA. First of all there are survey-type articles dealing with the various main directions in mathematics (where a rather fme subdivi sion has been used). The main requirement for these articles has been that they should give a reasonably complete up-to-date account of the current state of affairs in these areas and that they should be maximally accessible. On the whole, these articles should be understandable to mathematics students in their first specialization years, to graduates from other mathematical areas and, depending on the specific subject, to specialists in other domains of science, en gineers and teachers of mathematics. These articles treat their material at a fairly general level and aim to give an idea of the kind of problems, techniques and concepts involved in the area in question. They also contain background and motivation rather than precise statements of precise theorems with detailed definitions and technical details on how to carry out proofs and constructions. The second kind of article, of medium length, contains more detailed concrete problems, results and techniques.

Topological Optimization And Optimal Transport

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Author: Maïtine Bergounioux
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311043041X
Size: 49.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3619

Topological Optimization And Optimal Transport by Maïtine Bergounioux

Original Title: Topological Optimization And Optimal Transport

By discussing topics such as shape representations, relaxation theory and optimal transport, trends and synergies of mathematical tools required for optimization of geometry and topology of shapes are explored. Furthermore, applications in science and engineering, including economics, social sciences, biology, physics and image processing are covered.

Inverse Problems

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Author: Alexander G. Ramm
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9780387231952
Size: 51.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Inverse Problems by Alexander G. Ramm

Original Title: Inverse Problems

Inverse Problems is a monograph which contains a self-contained presentation of the theory of several major inverse problems and the closely related results from the theory of ill-posed problems. The book is aimed at a large audience which include graduate students and researchers in mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences and in the area of numerical analysis.

Generalized Inverses And Applications

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Author: M. Zuhair Nashed
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483270297
Size: 66.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Generalized Inverses And Applications by M. Zuhair Nashed

Original Title: Generalized Inverses And Applications

Generalized Inverses and Applications, contains the proceedings of an Advanced Seminar on Generalized Inverses and Applications held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on October 8-10, 1973 under the auspices of the university's Mathematics Research Center. The seminar provided a forum for discussing the basic theory of generalized inverses and their applications to analysis and operator equations. Numerical analysis and approximation methods are considered, along with applications to statistics and econometrics, optimization, system theory, and operations research. Comprised of 14 chapters, this book begins by describing a unified approach to generalized inverses of linear operators, with particular reference to algebraic, topological, extremal, and proximinal properties. The reader is then introduced to the algebraic aspects of the generalized inverse of a rectangular matrix; the Fredholm pseudoinverse; and perturbations and approximations for generalized inverses and linear operator equations. Subsequent chapters deal with various applications of generalized inverses, including programming, games, and networks, as well as estimation and aggregation in econometrics. This monograph will be of interest to mathematicians and students of mathematics.

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