Advances In The Science Of Victorian Brown Coal

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Author: Chun - Zhu Li
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080526447
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Advances In The Science Of Victorian Brown Coal by Chun - Zhu Li

Original Title: Advances In The Science Of Victorian Brown Coal

Over the past decade, extensive research has been conducted on the subject of coal as one of the world’s leading energy sources. The current and future status of this resource is a topic of considerable interest to the largest world economies, including the US, Japan, China and Europe. Advances in the Science of Victorian Brown Coal provides critical reviews of the information and research published over this time, giving the reader an authoritative overview of the science surrounding this important topic. Critical review of recent research surrounding the utilization of brown coal. Key issues addressed include maximized efficiency and minimized environmental impacts Focuses on Victorian Brown Coal within the context of biomass and bituminous coal A critical thermodynamic overview of various advanced power generation technologies

Carbon And Coal Gasification

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Author: J.L. Figueiredo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789024732869
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Carbon And Coal Gasification by J.L. Figueiredo

Original Title: Carbon And Coal Gasification

Carbon gasification reactions form the basis of many important industrial processes, such as the combustion of coal and the produc tion of synthesis gas, fuel gases and activated carbons. They are also involved in metallurgical processes and in the regeneration of coked catalysts. Thus, understanding the fundamentals of carbon gasification is of vital importance for further technological development. Moreover, the subject is of interdisciplinary nature, involving chemistry, ma terials science and chemical engineering. Therefore, it was thought that an Advanced Study Institute would be fruitful in establishing the state of the art, in bringing together experts from the various sectors involved and in identifying areas of required research and industrial development. Such a meeting was held at Alvor, Portugal, from the 20th to the 31st May 1985, and the lectures presented the reof are collected in this volume. The present volume is organized in seven chapters. The Intro duction presents the carbon gasification reactions an~ their rele vance for particular processes and industrial uses. In the second chapter, the structures of carbon and coal are reviewed, together with methods of structural, chemical and textural characterization.

Advances In Organic Geochemistry

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Author: P. A. Schenck
Publisher: Pergamon
Size: 43.34 MB
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Advances In Organic Geochemistry by P. A. Schenck

Original Title: Advances In Organic Geochemistry

Papers cover biomarkers, porphyrins, recent sediments and particulate matter, kerogen, coal, petroleum and gas and other miscellaneous topics. The meeting, from which they are drawn, was held under the auspices of the European Association of Organic Geochemists.

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