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Author: Paul Blum
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780120026500
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Archaea by Paul Blum

Original Title: Archaea

Although they comprise one of the three fundamental branches of life, it was only the last decade that Archaea were formally recognized as a group alongside Eukaryotes and Bacteria. Bacteria-like in that they are single celled organisms that lack a nucleus and intracellular organelles, the Arachaea also share a large gene set typical of eukaryotes, for making and repairing DNA, RNA and protien. More surprisingly, they only inhabit environments typical of the extremes of early earth--hot springs, thermal ocean vents, saline lake, or oxygen deficient sediments. A breakpoint on the common evolutionary path, it is evident that the Archaea diverged early in the history of life, establishing thier importance in evolutionary sciences. Archaea: Ancient Microbes, Extreme Environments, and the Origin of Life tells this evolving story, furthering our understanding of the microbe commonalities, and providing for evolutionary justification in the use of archaea as mechanistic model systems. Provides a unique and current summary of common subcellular mechanisms in archaea and eukaryotes Emphasizes the use of genomics to provide a biological context for understanding archaea Contrasts evolutionary studies on the fossil record with those on molecular phylogeny Includes extensive tables, graphs, images, drawings and other illustrations Simplifies the interdisciplinary challenge necessary to understand the significance of archaea

Enigmatic Microorganisms And Life In Extreme Environments

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Author: Joseph Seckbach
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402018633
Size: 26.17 MB
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Enigmatic Microorganisms And Life In Extreme Environments by Joseph Seckbach

Original Title: Enigmatic Microorganisms And Life In Extreme Environments

This volume covers the fields of origin, evolution and phylogenesis from prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells. The eminent authors, experts in their fields, review the three kingdoms of life (Archea, Eubacteria and Eukarya) from molecular evolutionary levels to ecological aspects in enigmatic habitats, including general reviews of puzzling pro-and eukaryotic organisms and their domains. We discuss dry habitats, thermophilic (cells in hot springs and undersea thermal vents up to 110°C), psychrophilic (cryophiles) and halophilic (high salt concentrations) niches which among the harshest conditions found on Earth where microbial life is frequently detected. Some chapters deal with the organisms which grow in extreme pH conditions (acidity vs. alkalinity), and under hydrostatic pressure in the deep sea, and microbial growth on petroleum. Audience: Students, lecturers and researchers; scholars in the fields of biology, evolutionary biology and chemistry, and other evolutionary fields, and the intelligent layman.

Microbial Mats

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Author: Joseph Seckbach
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789048137992
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Microbial Mats by Joseph Seckbach

Original Title: Microbial Mats

This book provides information about microbial mats, from early fossils to modern mats located in marine and terrestrial environments. Microbial mats – layered biofilms containing different types of cells – are most complex systems in which representatives of various groups of organisms are found together. Among them are cyanobacteria and eukaryotic phototrophs, aerobic heterotrophic and chemoautotrophic bacteria, protozoa, anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria, and other types of microorganisms. These mats are perfect models for biogeochemical processes, such as the cycles of chemical elements, in which a variety of microorganisms cooperate and interact in complex ways. They are often found under extreme conditions and their study contributes to our understanding of extremophilic life. Moreover, microbial mats are models for Precambrian stromatolites; the study of modern microbial mats may provide information on the processes that may have occurred on Earth when prokaryotic life began to spread.

Adaption Of Microbial Life To Environmental Extremes

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Author: Helga Stan-Lotter
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319483277
Size: 10.55 MB
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Adaption Of Microbial Life To Environmental Extremes by Helga Stan-Lotter

Original Title: Adaption Of Microbial Life To Environmental Extremes

This entirely updated second edition provides an overview on the biology, ecology and biodiversity of extremophiles. Unusual and less explored ecosystems inhabited by extremophiles such as marine hypersaline deeps, extreme cold, desert sands, and man-made clean rooms for spacecraft assembly are presented. An additional focus is put on the role of these highly specialized microorganism in applied research fields, ranging from biotechnology and nanotechnology to astrobiology. Examples such as novel psychrophilic enzymes, compounds from halophiles, and detection strategies for potential extraterrestrial life forms are discussed in detail. The book addresses researchers and advanced students in the fields of microbiology, microbial ecology and biotechnology.

Links Between Geological Processes Microbial Activities Evolution Of Life

Download Read Online Links Between Geological Processes Microbial Activities Evolution Of Life book
Author: Yildirim Dilek
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402083068
Size: 14.46 MB
Format: PDF
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Links Between Geological Processes Microbial Activities Evolution Of Life by Yildirim Dilek

Original Title: Links Between Geological Processes Microbial Activities Evolution Of Life

Microbial systems in extreme environments and in the deep biosphere may be analogous to potential life on other planetary bodies and hence may be used to investigate the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. This book examines the mode and nature of links between geological processes and microbial activities and their significance for the origin and evolution of life on the Earth and possibly on other planets. This is a truly interdisciplinary science with societal relevance.

Life In Extreme Environments

Download Read Online Life In Extreme Environments book
Author: Ricardo Amils Pibernat
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402062850
Size: 14.29 MB
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Life In Extreme Environments by Ricardo Amils Pibernat

Original Title: Life In Extreme Environments

This book provides an intriguing look at how life can adapt to many different extreme environments. It addresses the limits for life development and examines different strategies used by organisms to adapt to different extreme environments.

Life In Ancient Ice

Download Read Online Life In Ancient Ice book
Author: John D. Castello
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691074757
Size: 74.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Life In Ancient Ice by John D. Castello

Original Title: Life In Ancient Ice

Based on a National Science Foundation-sponsored symposium organized by the editors in 2001, it comprises twenty chapters by internationally renowned scientists, including Russian experts whose decades of work has been rarely available in English."--Jacket.

Drilling In Extreme Environments

Download Read Online Drilling In Extreme Environments book
Author: Yoseph Bar-Cohen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527626638
Size: 53.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Drilling In Extreme Environments by Yoseph Bar-Cohen

Original Title: Drilling In Extreme Environments

Uniquely comprehensive and up to date, this book covers terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial drilling and excavation, combining the technology of drilling with the state of the art in robotics. The authors come from industry and top ranking public and corporate research institutions and provide here real-life examples, problems, solutions and case studies, backed by color photographs throughout. The result is a must-have for oil companies and all scientists involved in planetary research with robotic probes. With a foreword by Harrison "Jack" Schmitt -- the first geologist to drill on the moon.

Systems Biology And Ecology Of Microbial Mat Communities

Download Read Online Systems Biology And Ecology Of Microbial Mat Communities book
Author: Martin G. Klotz
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 288919793X
Size: 31.42 MB
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Systems Biology And Ecology Of Microbial Mat Communities by Martin G. Klotz

Original Title: Systems Biology And Ecology Of Microbial Mat Communities

Microbial mat communities consist of dense populations of microorganisms embedded in exopolymers and/or biomineralized solid phases, and are often found in mm-cm thick assemblages, which can be stratified due to environmental gradients such as light, oxygen or sulfide. Microbial mat communities are commonly observed under extreme environmental conditions, deriving energy primarily from light and/or reduced chemicals to drive autotrophic fixation of carbon dioxide. Microbial mat ecosystems are regarded as living analogues of primordial systems on Earth, and they often form perennial structures with conspicuous stratifications of microbial populations that can be studied in situ under stable conditions for many years. Consequently, microbial mat communities are ideal natural laboratories and represent excellent model systems for studying microbial community structure and function, microbial dynamics and interactions, and discovery of new microorganisms with novel metabolic pathways potentially useful in future industrial and/or medical applications. Due to their relative simplicity and organization, microbial mat communities are often excellent testing grounds for new technologies in microbiology including micro-sensor analysis, stable isotope methodology and modern genomics. Integrative studies of microbial mat communities that combine modern biogeochemical and molecular biological methods with traditional microbiology, macro-ecological approaches, and community network modeling will provide new and detailed insights regarding the systems biology of microbial mats and the complex interplay among individual populations and their physicochemical environment. These processes ultimately control the biogeochemical cycling of energy and/or nutrients in microbial systems. Similarities in microbial community function across different types of communities from highly disparate environments may provide a deeper basis for understanding microbial community dynamics and the ecological role of specific microbial populations. Approaches and concepts developed in highly-constrained, relatively stable natural communities may also provide insights useful for studying and understanding more complex microbial communities.

Lakes And Rivers

Download Read Online Lakes And Rivers book
Author: Trevor Day
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438100639
Size: 42.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Lakes And Rivers by Trevor Day

Original Title: Lakes And Rivers

The geography and geology of lakes and rivers is a fascinating subject. From plankton to larger fishes and wildlife, rivers and lakes are rich with biodiversity. The earliest civilizations were based around rivers, including the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, and Indus and Huang Ho valleys. Illustrating the physical geography, hydrology, ecology, and human use of these areas, Lakes and Rivers provides an excellent overview of the past, present, and future of these habitats. This volume concludes with a discussion of threats to rivers and lakes, such as overharvesting, effects of damming, pollution, and climate change, as well as ways to manage and protect these habitats.

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