Bacterial And Bacteriophage Genetics

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Author: Edward A. Birge
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475732589
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Bacterial And Bacteriophage Genetics by Edward A. Birge

Original Title: Bacterial And Bacteriophage Genetics

A comprehensive introduction to this rapidly advancing subject. This fourth edition has been extensively revised and reorganized to reflect advances in the field. All of the major topics in modern bacterial and bacteriophage genetics are presented, including mutations and mutagenesis; genetics of lytic and temperate bacterial viruses; transduction; genetic transformation; conjugation and plasmids; regulatory systems; recombination and repair; probability analysis in bacterial genetic experiments; applied basic genetics; evolutionary genetics. This new edition includes a greater discussion of evolutionary issues and contains problem sets at the ends of each chapter to test students'understanding.


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Author: Stephen Mc Grath
Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
ISBN: 190445514X
Size: 28.91 MB
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Bacteriophage by Stephen Mc Grath

Original Title: Bacteriophage

Bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria) are fascinating organisms that have played and continue to play a key role in bacterial genetics and molecular biology. Phage can confer key phenotypes on their host - for example, converting a non-pathogenic strain into a pathogen - and they play a key role in regulating bacterial populations in all sorts of environments. The phage-bacterium relationship varies enormously, from the simple predator-prey model to a complex, almost symbiotic relationship that promotes the survival and evolutionary success of both. While infection of bacteria used in the fermentation industry can be very problematic and result in financial losses, in other scenarios, phage infection of bacteria can be exploited for industrial and/or medical applications. Interest in phage and phage gene products as potential therapeutic agents is increasing rapidly and is likely to have a profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology in general over the coming years. One potential application is the use of phage to combat the growing menace of antibiotic-resistant infections. Written by eminent international researchers actively involved in the disparate areas of bacteriophage research, this book focuses on the current rapid developments in this exciting field. The book opens with an excellent chapter that provides a broad overview of the topics and also highlights the multifaceted nature of bacteriophage research. This is followed by a series of reviews that focus on the current, most cutting-edge topics including bioinformatics and genomics, phage in the environment, bacteriophage in medicine, transfer of phage DNA to the host, contribution to host phenotype, and much more. The book will be essential reading for all phage researchers and of interest to molecular biologists and microbiologists working on bacteria in academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as in the food industry.

Genetics Of Bacteria

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Author: Sheela Srivastava
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 8132210905
Size: 61.18 MB
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Genetics Of Bacteria by Sheela Srivastava

Original Title: Genetics Of Bacteria

Described as the earliest, simplest life forms, with unlimited metabolic versatility, bacteria are ideally suited to answer some very fundamental questions on life and its processes. They have been employed in almost all fields of biological studies, including Genetics. The whole edifice of science of Genetics centers around three processes: the generation, expression, and transmission of biological variation, and bacteria offer immediate advantages in studying all the three aspects of heredity. Being haploid and structurally simple, it becomes easy to isolate mutations of various kinds and relate them to a function. The availability of such mutants and their detailed genetic and biochemical analyses lead to a gamut of information on gene expression and its regulation. While studying the transmission of biological variation, it is clear that unlike their eukaryotic counterpart, a more genetic approach needs to be employed. Transmission of genetic information in most eukaryotic organisms rests on sexual reproduction that allows the generation of genetically variable offspring through the process of gene recombination. Even though bacteria show an apparent preference for asexual reproduction, they too have evolved mechanisms to trade their genetic material. In fact, bacteria not only could acquire many genes from close relatives, but also from entirely distant members through the process of horizontal gene transfer. Their success story of long evolutionary existence will stand testimony to these mechanisms. While teaching a course on Microbial Genetics to the post-graduate students at Delhi University, it was realized that a book devoted to bacterial genetics may be very handy to the students, researchers, and teachers alike. A strong foundation in genetics also helps in comprehending more modern concepts of molecular biology and recombinant DNA technology, always a favorite with the students and researchers. Planning the format of the book, emphasis has been laid on the generation and transmission of biological variability. The omission of expression part is indeed intentional because lots of information is available on this aspect in any modern biology book. The contents are spread over seven chapters and the text is supported with figures/tables wherever possible. The endeavor has been to induce the readers to appreciate the strength of bacterial genetics and realize the contribution of these tiny organisms to the growth of biological sciences as a whole and genetics in particular.

Modern Microbial Genetics

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Author: Uldis N. Streips
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471461083
Size: 40.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Modern Microbial Genetics by Uldis N. Streips

Original Title: Modern Microbial Genetics

In accordance with its predecessor, the completely revised and expanded Second Edition of Modern Microbial Genetics focuses on how bacteria and bacteriophage arrange and rearrange their genetic material through mutation, evolution, and genetic exchange to take optimal advantage of their environment. The text is divided into three sections: DNA Metabolism, Genetic Response, and Genetic Exchange. The first addresses how DNA replicates, repairs itself, and recombines, as well as how it may be manipulated. The second section is devoted to how microorganisms interact with their environment, including chapters on sporulation and stress shock, and the final section contains the latest information on classic exchange mechanisms such as transformation and conjugation. Chapters include: Gene Expression and Its Regulation Single-Stranded DNA Phages Genetic Tools for Dissecting Motility and Development of Myxococcus xanthus Molecular Mechanism of Quorum Sensing Transduction in Gram-Negative Bacteria Genetic Approaches in Bacteria with No Natural Genetic Systems The editors also cultivate an attention to global regulatory systems throughout the book, elucidating how certain genes and operons in bacteria, defined as regulons, network and cooperate to suit the needs of the bacterial cell. With clear appreciation for the impact of molecular genomics, this completely revised and updated edition proves that Modern Microbial Genetics remains the benchmark text in its field.

Fundamental Bacterial Genetics

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Author: Nancy Trun
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444311557
Size: 21.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Fundamental Bacterial Genetics by Nancy Trun

Original Title: Fundamental Bacterial Genetics

Fundamental Bacterial Genetics presents a concise introduction to microbial genetics. The text focuses on one bacterial species, Escherichia coli, but draws examples from other microbial systems at appropriate points to support the fundamental concepts of molecular genetics. A solid balance of concepts, techniques and applications makes this book an accessible, essential introduction to the theory and practice of fundamental microbial genetics. FYI boxes - feature key experiments that lead to what we now know, biographies of key scientists, comparisons with other species and more. Study questions - at the end of each chapter, review and test students' knowledge of key chapter concepts. Key references - included both at chapter end and in a full reference list at the end of the book. Full Chapter on Genomics, Bioinformatics and Proteomics - includes coverage of functional genomics and microarrays. Dedicated website – animations, study resources, web research questions and illustrations downloadable for powerpoint files provide students and instructors with an enhanced, interactive experience.

The Emergence Of Bacterial Genetics

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Author: Thomas D. Brock
Size: 57.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Emergence Of Bacterial Genetics by Thomas D. Brock

Original Title: The Emergence Of Bacterial Genetics

Brock (U. of Wisconsin) highlights and analyzes the experimental work that shaped and drove the field of bacterial genetics. Concentrating on the science rather than the personalities involved, he discusses key data from original sources, illustrating his analysis with unpublished material and conversations with surviving investigators. Annotation

Bacteriophage Ecology

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Author: Stephen T. Abedon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139471945
Size: 50.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Bacteriophage Ecology by Stephen T. Abedon

Original Title: Bacteriophage Ecology

Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses that infect bacteria and are believed to be the most abundant and genetically diverse organisms on Earth. As such, their ecology is vast both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Their abundance makes an understanding of phage ecology increasingly relevant to bacterial ecosystem ecology, bacterial genomics and bacterial pathology. Abedon provides the first text on phage ecology for almost 20 years. Written by leading experts, synthesizing the three key approaches to studying phage ecology, namely studying them in natural environments (in situ), experimentally in the lab, or theoretically using mathematical or computer models. With strong emphasis on microbial population biology and distilling cutting-edge research into basic principles, this book will complement other currently available volumes. It will therefore serve as an essential resource for graduate students and researchers, particularly those with an interest in phage ecology and evolutionary biology.

Advanced Bacterial Genetics Use Of Transposons And Phage For Genomic Engineering

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Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080475103
Size: 34.70 MB
Format: PDF
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Advanced Bacterial Genetics Use Of Transposons And Phage For Genomic Engineering by

Original Title: Advanced Bacterial Genetics Use Of Transposons And Phage For Genomic Engineering

The critically acclaimed laboratory standard for more than fifty years, Methods in Enzymology is one of the most highly respected publications in the field of biochemistry. Since 1955, each volume has been eagerly awaited, frequently consulted, and praised by researchers and reviewers alike. Now with over 400 volumes (all of them still in print), the series contains much material still relevant today—truly an essential publication for researchers in all fields of life sciences. This new volume presents methods related to the use of bacterial genetics for genomic engineering. The book includes sections on strain collections and genetic nomenclature; transposons; and phage.

Microbial Genetics

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Author: Keya Chaudhari
Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
ISBN: 8179933237
Size: 33.53 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Microbial Genetics by Keya Chaudhari

Original Title: Microbial Genetics

Microbial Genetics focuses on the current state of knowledge on the genetics of bacteria, bacteriophages, and recombinant DNA technology and its applications in a way understandable to the students, teachers, and scientists. The book expounds on the specialized aspects of microbial genetics and technologies, keeping in mind the syllabi of different Indian universities at the post-graduate level. Latest information on microbial genetics has been outlined in the book in a lucid manner.

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