Biodiversity And Human Health

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Author: Francesca Grifo
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781559635004
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Biodiversity And Human Health by Francesca Grifo

Original Title: Biodiversity And Human Health

The implications of biodiversity loss for the global environment have been widely discussed, but only recently has attention been paid to its direct and serious effects on human health. Biodiversity loss affects the spread of human diseases, causes a loss of medical models, diminishes the supplies of raw materials for drug discovery and biotechnology, and threatens food production and water quality.Biodiversity and Human Health brings together leading thinkers on the global environment and biomedicine to explore the human health consequences of the loss of biological diversity. Based on a two-day conference sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Smithsonian Institution, the book opens a dialogue among experts from the fields of public health, biology, epidemiology, botany, ecology, demography, and pharmacology on this vital but often neglected concern.Contributors discuss the uses and significance of biodiversity to the practice of medicine today, and develop strategies for conservation of these critical resources. Topics examined include: the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss emerging infectious diseases and the loss of biodiversity the significance and use of both prescription and herbal biodiversity-derived remedies indigenous and local peoples and their health care systems sustainable use of biodiversity for medicine an agenda for the future In addition to the editors, contributors include Anthony Artuso, Byron Bailey, Jensa Bell, Bhaswati Bhattacharya, Michael Boyd, Mary S. Campbell, Eric Chivian, Paul Cox, Gordon Cragg, Andrew Dobson, Kate Duffy-Mazan, Robert Engelman, Paul Epstein, Alexandra S. Fairfield, John Grupenhoff, Daniel Janzen, Catherine A. Laughin, Katy Moran, Robert McCaleb, Thomas Mays, David Newman, Charles Peters, Walter Reid, and John Vandermeer.The book provides a common framework for physicians and biomedical researchers who wish to learn more about environmental concerns, and for members of the environmental community who desire a greater understanding of biomedical issues.

Biodiversity And Health

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Author: Serge Morand
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0081011679
Size: 45.15 MB
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Biodiversity And Health by Serge Morand

Original Title: Biodiversity And Health

Biodiversity and Health: Linking Life, Ecosystems and Societies fills the gap between the ecology of health and the concepts supported by international organizations, such as EcoHealth and One Health. The book provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate how ecological sciences, environmental sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences may contribute to improve human health through conserving biodiversity and the services it provides to societies. Presents the first book to give a broad and integrated overview of the scientific disciplines that contribute to health From evolutionary ecology, to laws and policies, this book explores the links between health and biodiversity Demonstrates how ecological sciences, environmental sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences may contribute to improve human health

Eco Degradation Biodiversity And Health

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Author: Birendra Nath Pandey
Publisher: Daya Books
ISBN: 9788170352716
Size: 22.94 MB
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Eco Degradation Biodiversity And Health by Birendra Nath Pandey

Original Title: Eco Degradation Biodiversity And Health

Survival of any organism depends upon its surrounding environment. The relationship between man and his environment is never static. Man s extensive interaction with the environment has resulted in Eco-Degradation. The Eco-Degradation is pose to come up as one of the major concerns for the mankind. Increasing rate of Urbanisation, Industrialisation, Mining, Deforestation and Population explosion resulted in highly polluted milieu and formidable health hazards not only for the mankind but for the entire living beings. The present book deals with the impact of Eco-Degradation on Population Health as well as Aquatic Health. Actual scientific research articles/reviews were included in the book were written by the eminent scientists of the field. This book will be of great use as a reference book to students/research scholars/scientists working in the field of Environmental Studies, Life Sciences and Social Sciences. Contents Chapter 1: Eco-degradation: Its implications and management by Omkar and K C Pandey; Chapter 2: Eco-degradation, health and well-being and the future by Robert G Gregory; Chapter 3: Environment, disease pattern and health status in a primitive tribe of rajasthan by Pramod Misra and A K Kapoor; Chapter 4: Shift in socio-cultural patterns by deforestation by V K Sharma; Chapter 5: Foetal wastage, infant mortality and ecological and social factors in six tribal groups of jharkhand by B N Pandey, P K L Das, A K Jha and A K Ojha; Chapter 6: Modernization and demographic change: A study in a primitive tribe of madhya pradesh by G D Pandey and R S Tiwari; Chapter 7: Occupational health: An overview by P K Gangopadhyay; Chapter 8: Occupational impact on health of biri workers: A case study of simdega sub-division by U C N Tiwari; Chapter 9: Societal development in mining areas by Naresh C Saxena; Chapter 10: Coal mine spoils reclamation with legumes and grasses: An environmental field study by M P Singh and Namita Sinha; Chapter 11: Assessment of dust from opencast iron mine of kiriburu (Jharkhand) by Abhijit Dutta, Anjali Dutta, Sunuta Dutta and P N Pamdey; Chapter 12: Dust sources and control techniques in longwall panels by Sambhu Sharan; Chapter 13: Impact of dishwashing activity on health of housewives by Nutan R Biradar; Chapter 14: Incidence of consanguinity and its effects on fertility and child survival among muslims of ladakh in jammu and kashmir by M K Bhasin and Shampa Nag; Chapter 15: Rural economy, sanitation and health: A review and management by Nutan R Biradar; Chapter 16: Impact of industrialization on tribal groups of jharkhand by B N Pandey; Chapter 17: Preliminary phytochemical anlaysis of medicinal plants of south chotanagpur used against dysentery by R L Ram; Chapter 18: Drinking water quality of koshi zone (Bihar and its impact on population health by B N Pandey, P K L Das, A K Jha and A K Ojha; Chapter 19: Diurnal variations in physico-chemical parameters of bonal reservoir during post-monsoon season by K Vijaykumar, Halli Anjinappa, Ramesha, I, Virupanna and C Padmavathi; Chapter 20: Effect of physico-chemical factors on seasonal abundance of rotiferea in chandrampalli reservoir, Gulbarga district by K Vijaykumar, Virupanna, C Padmavathi, Halli Anjinappa and Ramesha I; Chapter 21: Variations in the physico-chemical characteristics of lentic water body of gulbarga by K Vijaykumar, C Padmavathi, Virupanna, Ramesha I and Halli Anjinappa; Chapter 22: Insect abundance in relation in physico-chemical characteristics of pond water at gulbarga, karnataka by K vijaykumar, Ramesha I, Halli Anjinappa, Virupanna and C Padmavathi; Chapter 23: A study of bioindicators in satluj river in the region of punjab by H Kaur, J Syal and S S Dhillon; Chapter 24: River water pollution and rural health: A review by B B Chanappagoudar and S S Salakinkop; Chapter 25: Histopathological manifestations of strigeoid infection in heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) by M M R Nomani and N K Dubey; Chapter 26: Actue toxicity of organo phosphorous and organo chlorine pesticides to the fresh water climbing perch, anabas testudineus by M M Jha and Ramesh Kumar; Chapter 27: Ionic imbalance as a consequence of chromium exposure in the catfish heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) by D N Roy and N K Dubey; Chapter 28: Anaerobic treatment of organic wastes by Ashutosh Gautam, D R Khanna and Parveen Sarkar; Chapter 29: Some ecofriendly approaches for integrated biomanagement of industrial waste water by Manish C Varma and Sunil K Singh; Chapter 30: Rotifera: Interaction with the atmosphere by S Kumar, P Kumari, Subrnodeo and Rajnish Kamal; Chapter 31: Studies on the primary productivity of a fresh water tropical pond on madhepura (Kosi-belt), Bihar by S Kumar, Punam Kumari, Rajnish Kamal and Subrnodeo.

Biodiversity Change And Human Health

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Author: Osvaldo E. Sala
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781610911252
Size: 33.19 MB
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Biodiversity Change And Human Health by Osvaldo E. Sala

Original Title: Biodiversity Change And Human Health

Biodiversity Change and Human Health brings together leading experts from the natural science and social science realms as well as the medical community to explore the explicit linkages between human-driven alterations of biodiversity and documented impacts of those changes on human health. The book utilizes multidisciplinary approaches to explore and address the complex interplay between natural biodiversity and human health and well-being. The five parts examine health trade-offs between competing uses of biodiversity (highlighting synergistic situations in which conservation of natural biodiversity actually promotes human health and well-being); relationships between biodiversity and quality of life that have developed over ecological and evolutionary time; the effects of changing biodiversity on provisioning of ecosystem services, and how they have affected human health; the role of biodiversity in the spread of infectious disease; native biodiversity as a resource for traditional and modern medicine Biodiversity Change and Human Health synthesizes our current understanding and identifies major gaps in knowledge as it places all aspects of biodiversity and health interactions within a common framework. Contributors explore potential points of crossover among disciplines (both in ways of thinking and of specific methodologies) that could ultimately expand opportunities for humans to both live sustainably and enjoy a desirable quality of life.

Effects Of Air Pollution On Forest Health And Biodiversity In Forests Of The Carpathian Mountains

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Author: Robert C. Szaro
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 9781586032586
Size: 27.31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Effects Of Air Pollution On Forest Health And Biodiversity In Forests Of The Carpathian Mountains by Robert C. Szaro

Original Title: Effects Of Air Pollution On Forest Health And Biodiversity In Forests Of The Carpathian Mountains

The effects of air pollution on biota may be subtle and elusive because of their interactions with natural stresses. Studies based on a network of sites in the Carpathian Mountains form the core of the content presented during this workshop. To this core are added key components on ecological sustainability, overviews on forest health in Europe and the world and several in-depth case studies.

Invasive Species And Biodiversity Management

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Author: Odd Terje Sandlund
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792368762
Size: 19.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Invasive Species And Biodiversity Management by Odd Terje Sandlund

Original Title: Invasive Species And Biodiversity Management

The invasive species problem will become increasingly important in the years to come. Trade, travel and tourism are rapidly globalized, and border controls are reduced. This affects natural ecosystems in which aggressive invaders may have disastrous effects. `New' diseases affect human, animal and crop health. The Convention on Biological Diversity presents national authorities with a tall order in coping with this problem. For the first time in one volume, this book presents both ecological, biological and epidemiological aspects of invasive species, as well as the problem of disease organisms for agriculture and human health. The book constitutes a comprehensive background to the global strategy for managing invasive alien species which now is being developed by SCOPE and UNEP. The book is well suited for management staff in various environmental, economic and social sectors. It is essential for university and college teachers, researchers in ecology, natural resources management, and social sciences, as well as M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

Medicinal Plants

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Author: Timothy R. Tomlinson
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812292634
Size: 67.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Medicinal Plants by Timothy R. Tomlinson

Original Title: Medicinal Plants

From the beginning of human civilization, people have depended on plants to cure disease, promote healing of injuries, and alleviate pain. In many places that has changed very little. In the West, however, herbal and botanical cures have long been ignored in favor of "scientific medicine." But the benefits of medicinal plants are being rediscovered in many developed countries, where consumers are turning to such therapies in place of, and in addition to, Western medical treatments. And, all over the world, the drive to lower the cost of health care has made herbals and botanicals an attractive alternative to more expensive synthetic remedies. In 1978, the World Health Organization responded to increased interest in medicinal plants by convening a series of international consultations, seminars, and symposia to explore and promote the use of medicinal plants. Medicinal Plants presents the proceedings of the last of these symposia, held in 1993. It brings together an vast range of information and presents an overview of the use of medicinal plants that includes a discussion of a variety of issues—scientific, economic, regulatory, agricultural, cultural—focused on the importance of medicinal plants to primary health care and global health care reform.

Managing Biodiversity In Agricultural Ecosystems

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Author: Devra Ivy Jarvis
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231136488
Size: 35.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Managing Biodiversity In Agricultural Ecosystems by Devra Ivy Jarvis

Original Title: Managing Biodiversity In Agricultural Ecosystems

Describes how farmers manage, maintain, and benefit from biodiversity in agricultural production systems. Includes the most recent research and developments in the maintenance of local diversity at the genetic, species, and ecosystem levels.

Sustaining Life

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Author: Eric Chivian
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199721203
Size: 24.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sustaining Life by Eric Chivian

Original Title: Sustaining Life

The Earth's biodiversity-the rich variety of life on our planet-is disappearing at an alarming rate. And while many books have focused on the expected ecological consequences, or on the aesthetic, ethical, sociological, or economic dimensions of this loss, Sustaining Life is the first book to examine the full range of potential threats that diminishing biodiversity poses to human health. Edited and written by Harvard Medical School physicians Eric Chivian and Aaron Bernstein, along with more than 100 leading scientists who contributed to writing and reviewing the book, Sustaining Life presents a comprehensive--and sobering--view of how human medicines, biomedical research, the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, and the production of food, both on land and in the oceans, depend on biodiversity. The book's ten chapters cover everything from what biodiversity is and how human activity threatens it to how we as individuals can help conserve the world's richly varied biota. Seven groups of organisms, some of the most endangered on Earth, provide detailed case studies to illustrate the contributions they have already made to human medicine, and those they are expected to make if we do not drive them to extinction. Drawing on the latest research, but written in language a general reader can easily follow, Sustaining Life argues that we can no longer see ourselves as separate from the natural world, nor assume that we will not be harmed by its alteration. Our health, as the authors so vividly show, depends on the health of other species and on the vitality of natural ecosystems. With a foreword by E.O. Wilson and a prologue by Kofi Annan, and more than 200 poignant color illustrations, Sustaining Life contributes essential perspective to the debate over how humans affect biodiversity and a compelling demonstration of the human health costs. It is the winner of the Gerald L. Young Book Award in Human Ecology Best Sci-Tech Books of 2008 for Biology by Gregg Sapp of Library Journal

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