The Last Frontier

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Author: Howard Fast
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9781563245930
Size: 70.97 MB
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The Last Frontier by Howard Fast

Original Title: The Last Frontier

North Castle Books are designed to bring the global variety of knowledge to a broader audience. Primarily aimed at the general reader through bookstore distribution, North Castle Books makes available, in handsomely bound paper editions, titles of literary and cultural significance that our editors have found to be of lasting importance. Spanning the range of fields from Asian Studies to American Studies, from short stories to scholarly treatises, from myth to memoirs, from Economics to Government, from Russian Politics to Recent History, North Castle Books will occupy an important place on bookshelves. Each edition will be reasonably priced, affording students, scholars, and serious readers the means to expand their horizons and broaden their aesthetic understanding.The story of the Cheyenne Indians in the 1870s, and their bitter struggle to flee from the Indian Territory in Oklahoma back to their home in Wyoming and Montana."Mr. Fast's novel will stand or fall upon its value as a dramatic, finely presented story. It is all of that: a model, which may easily become a classic example, of what to put in and what to leave out in the writing of a historical novel. ... I do not believe it is saying too much to suggest that in the person of Mr. Fast we may have the next really important American historical novelist". -- Joseph Henry Jackson, New York Herald Tribune Books"Fast's writing, austerely polished and austerely poetic, is admirably suited to this epic tale of a desperate effort for dignified survival. ... Fast has gotten to the core of this incident and made it into a rich American novel". -- New York Times Book Review"An amazing restoration and reconstruction. Thecharacters breathe, the landscape is solid ground and sky, and the story runs flexibly along the zigzag trail of a people driven by a deep instinct to their ancient home. I do not know any other episode in Western history that has been so truly and subtly perpetuated as this one. A great story lost has been found again, and as here told promises to live for generations". -- Carl Van Doren

Novel Insights In Rehabilitation Of Neglect 2nd Edition

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Author: Stefan Van Der Stigchel
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 2889194094
Size: 11.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Novel Insights In Rehabilitation Of Neglect 2nd Edition by Stefan Van Der Stigchel

Original Title: Novel Insights In Rehabilitation Of Neglect 2nd Edition

Hemispatial neglect is the failure to report, respond to, or orient to novel or meaningful stimuli presented in the contralesional visual field. It constitutes one of the most invalidating neurological disorders that can occur after stroke. It is therefore important to treat neglect as adequate as possible and much of the research dedicated to neglect therefore focuses on rehabilitation. In this special topic, you will find 29 articles on the rehabilitation of neglect. This Research Topic has opened new perspectives, and has given us an indication of where the field is going. Although some of the current rehabilitation techniques have proven to be beneficial, there is limited agreement on the most valuable technique or the mechanisms underlying the ameliorating effects.

Novel Roles Of Non Coding Brain Rnas In Health And Disease

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Author: Hermona Soreq
Publisher: Frontiers E-books
ISBN: 2889193098
Size: 77.91 MB
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Novel Roles Of Non Coding Brain Rnas In Health And Disease by Hermona Soreq

Original Title: Novel Roles Of Non Coding Brain Rnas In Health And Disease

Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), and in particular microRNAs are rapidly becoming the focus of research interest in numerous basic and translational fields, including brain research; and their importance for many aspects in brain functioning merits special discussion. The wide-scope, multi-targeted and highly efficient manner of ncRNA regulatory activities draws attention to this topic by many, but the available research and analysis tools and experimental protocols are still at their infancy, and calls for special discussion given their importance for many aspects in brain functioning. This eBook is correspondingly focused on the search for, identification and exploration of those non-coding RNAs whose activities modulate the multi-leveled functions of the eukaryotic brain. The different articles strive to cover novel approaches for identifying and establishing ncRNA-target relationships, provide state of the art reports of the affected neurotransmission pathways, describe inherited and acquired changes in ncRNA functioning and cover the use of ncRNA mimics and blockade tools for interference with their functions in health and disease of the brain. Non-coding RNAs are here to stay, and this exciting eBook provides a glimpse into their impact on our brain’s functioning at the physiology, cell biology, behavior and immune levels.

An Open Book What And How Young Children Learn From Picture And Story Books

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Author: Jessica S. Horst
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 288919728X
Size: 41.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An Open Book What And How Young Children Learn From Picture And Story Books by Jessica S. Horst

Original Title: An Open Book What And How Young Children Learn From Picture And Story Books

Looking at and listening to picture and story books is a ubiquitous activity, frequently enjoyed by many young children and their parents. Well before children can read for themselves they are able to learn from books. Looking at and listening to books increases children’s general knowledge, understanding about the world and promotes language acquisition. This collection of papers demonstrates the breadth of information pre-reading children learn from books and increases our understanding of the social and cognitive mechanisms that support this learning. Our hope is that this Research Topic/eBook will be useful for researchers as well as educational practitioners and parents who are interested in optimizing children’s learning.

Westward Expansion

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Author: Ray Allen Billington
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 9780826319814
Size: 46.67 MB
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Westward Expansion by Ray Allen Billington

Original Title: Westward Expansion

When it appeared in 1949, the first edition of Ray Allen Billington'sWestward Expansionset a new standard for scholarship in western American history, and the book's reputation among historians, scholars, and students grew through four subsequent editions. This abridgment and revision of Billington and Martin Ridge's fifth edition, with a new introduction and additional scholarship by Ridge, as well as an updated bibliography, focuses on the Trans-Mississippi frontier. Although the text sets out the remarkable story of the American frontier, which became, almost from the beginning, an archetypal narrative of the new American nation's successful expansion, the authors do not forget the social, environmental, and human cost of national expansion. While most Americans take pride in the nation's frontier heritage and its associated myths, they also share that history with others--especially with people of color--in whose collective memories the story of the American west is rendered both dark and painful.Westward Expansionencourages an understanding of American "westering" that is mindful of the racism and excessive nationalism that frequently marred the Western frontier experience. At the same time, the authors understand a sense of optimism, a profound faith in individuals' own abilities, the willingness to innovate, and an abiding trust in democracy to be the transcendent values of the frontier experience, traits that continue to influence the character of America's people long after the close of the western frontier.

Frontiers In Drug Design And Discovery

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Author: Atta-ur- Rahman
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers
ISBN: 1608052028
Size: 56.32 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Frontiers In Drug Design And Discovery by Atta-ur- Rahman

Original Title: Frontiers In Drug Design And Discovery

"Frontiers in Drug Design and Discovery" is an Ebook series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in drug design and discovery. Eminent scientists write contributions on all areas of rational drug design and drug discovery including medicinal chemistry, in-silico drug design, combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening, drug targets, and structure-activity relationships. the Ebook series should prove to be of interest to all the pharmaceutical scientists involved in research in drug design and discovery. Each volume is devoted to the major advances in drug design and discovery. the Ebook series is essential reading to all scientists involved in drug design and discovery who wish to keep abreast of rapid and important developments in the field.

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