Practical Mathematical Optimization

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Author: Jan Snyman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387243481
Size: 66.22 MB
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Practical Mathematical Optimization by Jan Snyman

Original Title: Practical Mathematical Optimization

It is intended that this book be used in senior- to graduate-level semester courses in optimization, as offered in mathematics, engineering, com puter science and operations research departments. Hopefully this book will also be useful to practising professionals in the workplace. The contents of the book represent the fundamental optimization mate rial collected and used by the author, over a period of more than twenty years, in teaching Practical Mathematical Optimization to undergradu ate as well as graduate engineering and science students at the University of Pretoria. The principal motivation for writing this work has not been the teaching of mathematics per se, but to equip students with the nec essary fundamental optimization theory and algorithms, so as to enable them to solve practical problems in their own particular principal fields of interest, be it physics, chemistry, engineering design or business eco nomics. The particular approach adopted here follows from the author's own personal experiences in doing research in solid-state physics and in mechanical engineering design, where he was constantly confronted by problems that can most easily and directly be solved via the judicious use of mathematical optimization techniques. This book is, however, not a collection of case studies restricted to the above-mentioned specialized research areas, but is intended to convey the basic optimization princi ples and algorithms to a general audience in such a way that, hopefully, the application to their own practical areas of interest will be relatively simple and straightforward.

Namibian Cricketers

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Author: Books, LLC
Publisher: Books LLC
ISBN: 9781157333531
Size: 26.82 MB
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Namibian Cricketers by Books, LLC

Original Title: Namibian Cricketers

Chapters: Tatenda Taibu, Rudie Van Vuuren, Gerrie Snyman, Jan-Berrie Burger, Louis Burger, Danie Keulder, Sarel Burger, Stephan Swanepoel, Lennie Louw, Melt Van Schoor, Bjorn Kotze, Riaan Walters, Deon Kotze, Burton Van Rooi, Morne Karg, Gavin Murgatroyd, Gustav Pickering, Stefan Ludik, Ewaid Steenkamp, Werner Rademeyer, Johannes Van Der Merwe, Mark Barnard, Shawn Gericke, Wilbur Slabber, Gareth Cloete, Bernie Burger, Tiaan Louw, Tobias Verwey, Stephanus Ackermann, Louis Klazinga, Bernard Scholtz, Martin Van Niekerk, Hendrik Geldenhuys, Norman Curry, Ian Van Zyl, Gert Lotter, Kirsten Isaacs, Louis Van Der Westhuizen, Neil Rossouw, Andrew Louw, Michael Greeff, Bennie Myburgh, Hugo Ludik, Lowaldo Van Der Merwe, Marc Olivier, Pieter Burger, Martin Martins, Ian Van Schoor, Ettienne Brits, Johannes Nel, Michael Durandt, Willem Groeneveld, Nicolaas Scholtz, Pieter Grove, Pieter Rossouw, Dawid Botha, Keady Strauss, Rudi Scholtz, Hendrik Marx, Trevor Britten, Jason Bandlow, Darren Seager, Morne Engelbrecht, David Coetzee, Ronald Cloete, Andre Smith, Walter Rautenbach, Wessel Myburgh, Colin Steytler, Wian Van Vuuren, Wayne Ackerman, Nicolaas Smith, Floris Marx, Ruhann Burden, Henno Prinsloo, Paul Negongo, Ian Stevenson, Nasimabe Ambambi, Andy Fallis, Dirk Grobler, Duane Viljoen, Paul Steyn, John Glen-Spyron, Jackie Thirion. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 183. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Tatenda Taibu (born May 14, 1983, Harare, Zimbabwe) is a Zimbabwean cricketer. He is a wicketkeeper and batsman, and can also bowl right arm off spin. He became the youngest Test captain in history. Taibu made his first-class debut at the age of sixteen, and his debut for the national team in 2001, at the age of eighteen. In 2003, he was appointed vice-captain to Heath Streak on the team's tour of Eng...More: http: //

The Ju Hoan San Of Nyae Nyae And Namibian Independence

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Author: Megan Biesele
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845459970
Size: 20.12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Ju Hoan San Of Nyae Nyae And Namibian Independence by Megan Biesele

Original Title: The Ju Hoan San Of Nyae Nyae And Namibian Independence

The Ju/'hoan San, or Ju/'hoansi, of Namibia and Botswana are perhaps the most fully described indigenous people in all of anthropology. This is the story of how this group of former hunter-gatherers, speaking an exotic click language, formed a grassroots movement that led them to become a dynamic part of the new nation that grew from the ashes of apartheid South West Africa. While coverage of this group in the writings of Richard Lee, Lorna Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, and films by John Marshall includes extensive information on their traditional ways of life, this book continues the story as it has unfolded since 1990. Peopled with accounts of and from contemporary Ju>/'hoan people, the book gives newly-literate Ju/'hoansi the chance to address the world with their own voices. In doing so, the images and myths of the Ju/'hoan and other San (previously called "Bushmen") as either noble savages or helpless victims are discredited. This important book demonstrates the responsiveness of current anthropological advocacy to the aspirations of one of the best-known indigenous societies.

Coping With Continuous Change In The Business Environment

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Author: Antonie Botha
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1780632053
Size: 76.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Coping With Continuous Change In The Business Environment by Antonie Botha

Original Title: Coping With Continuous Change In The Business Environment

Aimed at knowledge management professionals and students in the field of knowledge management, information science, information systems and software engineering, the book provides answers to the ‘what-is’ and ‘why-is’ questions with regard to knowledge management. It investigates the concepts and elements, the drivers, and challenges involved in knowledge management. In the second part of the book the ‘how’ and ‘with-what’ characteristics of knowledge management are covered. Although knowledge management is primarily concerned with non-technical issues, this book concentrates on the technical issues and challenges. A new technology framework for knowledge management is proposed to position and relate the different knowledge management technologies as well as the two key applications of knowledge management, namely knowledge portals and knowledge discovery (including text mining). Best practices for a number of knowledge management issues are discussed A new technology framework for knowledge management is proposed to position and relate the different knowledge management technologies Written by internationally acknowledged KM researchers and practitioners

Projek Boontjierank

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Author: Maritha Snyman
Publisher: LAPA Uitgewers
ISBN: 079936097X
Size: 79.18 MB
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Projek Boontjierank by Maritha Snyman

Original Title: Projek Boontjierank

Daar is 'n diefstal in Ninapark! Iemand steel 'n baie kosbare armband uit die antiekwinkel. 'n Groot beloning word uitgeloof vir enige iemand wat kan help om die dief op te spoor en die armband terug te kry. Angelette, Soekie en Toni besluit om die raaisel te probeer oplos en die dief vas te trek. Maar dis glad nie so maklik nie ... en in die proses vind hulle meer geheime uit as waarop hulle gereken het ...

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