Fundamental Bacterial Genetics

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Author: Nancy Trun
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444311557
Size: 24.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Fundamental Bacterial Genetics by Nancy Trun

Original Title: Fundamental Bacterial Genetics

Fundamental Bacterial Genetics presents a concise introduction to microbial genetics. The text focuses on one bacterial species, Escherichia coli, but draws examples from other microbial systems at appropriate points to support the fundamental concepts of molecular genetics. A solid balance of concepts, techniques and applications makes this book an accessible, essential introduction to the theory and practice of fundamental microbial genetics. FYI boxes - feature key experiments that lead to what we now know, biographies of key scientists, comparisons with other species and more. Study questions - at the end of each chapter, review and test students' knowledge of key chapter concepts. Key references - included both at chapter end and in a full reference list at the end of the book. Full Chapter on Genomics, Bioinformatics and Proteomics - includes coverage of functional genomics and microarrays. Dedicated website – animations, study resources, web research questions and illustrations downloadable for powerpoint files provide students and instructors with an enhanced, interactive experience.

Anno Domini Book I Coventon

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Author: Christopher Young
ISBN: 1411606388
Size: 29.47 MB
Format: PDF
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Anno Domini Book I Coventon by Christopher Young

Original Title: Anno Domini Book I Coventon

Paper Back: Jack Coventon, a philandering young man of the 1880s, disgraces his father and is sent to his wealthy uncle. Jack marries into the Vanderbilt family. Tangeline, his bride is killed on their honeymoon, Jack wanders Paris alone. Asteria, a soul from Jack’s past overpowers him in grief and turns him into a blood hunter of the primeval variety. Their family starts with Loral, who unknown to them is the fallen angel of mercy sent to live as a human. Loral touches many lives including her first love, Katlin, but his resolves to make her life with Matthew and continue the line. Loral gives birth to Stormy, and Loral is subsequently offered to return the appointment as the angel of mercy, as the world is falling into chaos, and the sanctified relics of power threatened by those fallen angels that would seek to rule the earth. Leaving her new baby Loral abandons her family for crusade of her fellow arch angels. Jack alone, missing his family walks home in the snow, and into the next book.

Drain S Perianesthesia Nursing

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Author: Jan Odom-Forren
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455751499
Size: 56.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drain S Perianesthesia Nursing by Jan Odom-Forren

Original Title: Drain S Perianesthesia Nursing

Drain's Perianesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach, 6th Edition is the most comprehensive book on the market specifically tailored to perianesthesia nurses. The book features five distinct sections – the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations. Nursing and pharmacologic interventions are integrated with in-depth coverage of pathophysiology. This edition expands coverage of evidence based research and adds a new chapter on care of the obese patient undergoing bariatric surgery. Written by Jan Odom-Forren, an expert in the anesthesia and post-operative fields, Drain's Perianesthesia Nursing is also an excellent study tool for ASPAN certification. Five separate sections provide coverage including the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations. An overview of essential PACU concepts section covers issues such as patient safety, evidence-based research, and legal/ethical considerations Anatomy and physiology chapters cover physiologic considerations for each body system Pharmacology chapters cover basic principles as well as types of anesthetic agents such as intravenous anesthetics and regional anesthesia, including the physiology of action and the appropriate nursing interventions to prepare you for common situations in the PACU. Nursing care chapters cover assessment, patient education, complications, pain management, and care of specialty-surgery patients. A section on special considerations covers the care of patients of different ages and those with conditions such as malignant hyperthermia, substance abuse, and cardiac arrest. Coverage of current policies and issues affecting perianesthesia nursing practice includes patient safety, infection control, managed care implications, pain management, and bioterrorism. Nursing and pharmacologic interventions are integrated with in-depth coverage of pathophysiology for a comprehensive look at disease and treatment. NEW Evidence Based Research boxes are added to all the chapters in Section IV and Section V. NEW! Care of the Obese Patient Undergoing Bariatric Surgery chapter discusses the challenges that weight-loss surgery presents to the patient and perianesthesia nurse. Streamlined format includes an overview, chapter summary, and references for each chapter. More than 275 illustrations show key concepts and principles of care. Updated The Changing Health Care System and Its Implications for the PACU chapter includes content on healthcare reform. Revised Patient Safety and Legal Issues in the PACU chapter includes content on patient safety. Expanded Evidence-based Practice and Research and Bioterrorism and Its Impact on the PACU chapters include coverage of new developments and practices.

The Television Crime Fighters Factbook

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Author: Vincent Terrace
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786415339
Size: 31.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Television Crime Fighters Factbook by Vincent Terrace

Original Title: The Television Crime Fighters Factbook

Did you know that detective Adrian Mont (Monk) is afraid of milk? That Pinky's real first name on The Roaring '20s is Delaware? That on Charlie's Angels, Sabrina was the only Angel who was never seen in a bikini or swimsuit? These are only a few of the more than 9,800 facts readers will find in this work, which presents detailed information on 134 syndicated and cable series broadcast from 1948 to 2003, plus six experimental programs broadcast from 1937 to 1946 and 204 unsold pilots broadcast from 1948 to 1996, that featured the work of television's law enforcers who risk their lives to solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. The entries are arranged alphabetically and provide such details as character names, addresses, names of pets, telephone numbers, and license plate numbers--in short, anything and everything that adds interest to a program and its characters. Many of the entries contain information about related projects, including TV movies and pilots that were broadcast as part of a series (for example, Sharon Stone's appearance as detective Dani Starr on the "Hollywood Starr" episode of T.J. Hooker).

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