Insall Scott Surgery Of The Knee

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Author: W. Norman Scott
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323478549
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Insall Scott Surgery Of The Knee by W. Norman Scott

Original Title: Insall Scott Surgery Of The Knee

Now offered in 2 full volumes - both in print and online - Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee by Dr. W. Norman Scott remains the definitive choice for guidance on the most effective approaches for the diagnosis and management of the entire scope of knee disorders. This edition reflects a complete content overhaul, with more than 50 new chapters and over 400 contributors from around the world. The video program includes 70 new video clips, while new and expanded material covers a range of hot topics, including same-day surgery and hospital management of knee arthroplasty patients and anesthesia specific for knee surgery. Extensive visual elements and video program include nearly 70 new videos -- over 230 in total - as well as a Glossary of Implants featuring 160 demonstrative pictures. Over 50 new chapters and brand-new sections on Same Day Surgery and Hospital Management of Knee Arthroplasty Patients; Quality and Payment Paradigms for TKA; Anesthesia Specific for Knee Surgery; and Preoperative Assessment, Perioperative Management, and Postoperative Pain Control. An expanded Adult Reconstruction Section informs readers about Enhanced Primary Revision and the treatment of Peri-prosthetic fractures in TKA. Includes enhanced worldwide approaches for all aspects of disorders of the knee from nearly 400 contributors worldwide. Boasts updated pediatric knee considerations and updated tumor surgery principles for the treatment of tumors about the knee.

The Book Of The Proverbs

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Author: Roger Norman Whybray
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004103740
Size: 37.77 MB
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The Book Of The Proverbs by Roger Norman Whybray

Original Title: The Book Of The Proverbs

This book, the first of a series, describes the course of modern interpretation of the book of Proverbs. The topics covered include origins, background and dating, literary aspects and theological ideas. More than 350 books and articles are discussed.

Us Navy A 7 Corsair Ii Units Of The Vietnam War

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Author: Peter Mersky
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782005374
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Us Navy A 7 Corsair Ii Units Of The Vietnam War by Peter Mersky

Original Title: Us Navy A 7 Corsair Ii Units Of The Vietnam War

Arriving on station with the USS Ranger (CVA-61) in early December 1967, the first Corsair II squadron became operational immediatedly and sustained its first combat loss three weeks later. This book tells how the A-7 soon proved its worth supporting ground operations in South Vietnam. As it continued to serve in the ground support role, the navy swiftly introduced the A-7E which soon ran into difficulties with supply lines perhaps on account of what many perceived to have been a rushed introduction to service. Once these teething problems were resolved, the A-7E became the primary air-to-ground aircraft of the fleet.

Broken Eagles

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Author: Bill Norman
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
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Broken Eagles by Bill Norman

Original Title: Broken Eagles

This book is the first of a two-volume work recording all of the known losses of Luftwaffe aircraft (c.150 in total) over the north-east of England, from the Humber to the Tweed, during the Second World War. This first volume covers Yorkshire and its coastline, from the Humber to the Tees: it gives detailed descriptions of the nature and circumstances of the loss of each of the seventy aircraft and their crews, and tells the stories that lie behind the bald statistics. While he was researching material for this book, the author contacted in excess of fifty ex-Luftwaffe personnel who had operated over the north of England during the last war. Many of them provided recollections of operations over the north and these have been integrated into the text. The text is supported by some ninety photographs, many of which were made available to the author by ex-Luftwaffe personnel. Unlike many books written about the air war over Britain during the last war, Broken Eagles gives insights into what happened to men from the other side who were destined to meet their match in northern skies. Selling Points * Dramatic account of the German bombing campaign over Yorkshire. * Strong local and aviation interest. * Successor to Luftwaffe over The North. Author Profile Middlesborough born author Bill Norman is an aviation historian with a particular interest in the North Eastern counties. For many years he has been researching the air war over the North of England during World War II and a number of articles written by him on that theme have appeared in the northern press and in the aviation magazines Flypast and Aviation News. It was the public response to those articles which promoted him to compile Luftwaffe over the North. He is married, has four children and lives in Guisborough, Cleveland.

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