Thinking About Evolution

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Author: Rama S. Singh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521620703
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Thinking About Evolution by Rama S. Singh

Original Title: Thinking About Evolution

Originally published in 2001, this is the second of two volumes published by Cambridge University Press in honour of Richard Lewontin. This second volume of essays honours the philosophical, historical and political dimensions of his work. It is fitting that the volume covers such a wide range of perspectives on modern biology, given the range of Lewontin's own contributions. He is not just a very successful practitioner of evolutionary genetics, but a rigorous critic of the practices of genetics and evolutionary biology and an articulate analyst of the social, political and economic contexts and consequences of genetic and evolutionary research. The volume begins with an essay by Lewontin on Natural History and Formalism in Evolutionary Genetics, and includes contributions by former students, post-docs, colleagues and collaborators, which cover issues ranging from the history and conceptual foundations of evolutionary biology and genetics, to the implications of human genetic diversity.

Rapidly Evolving Genes And Genetic Systems

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Author: Rama S. Singh
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191640344
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Rapidly Evolving Genes And Genetic Systems by Rama S. Singh

Original Title: Rapidly Evolving Genes And Genetic Systems

Ever since the pioneering work of Darwin and Wallace, evolutionary biologists have attempted to understand the evolutionary dynamics of genetic systems. A range of theories on evolutionary ratesfrom static to gradual to punctuated to quantumhave been developed, primarily by comparing morphological changes over geological timescales as described in the fossil record. Recent studies, however, are beginning to change the way that we view evolutionary patterns and processes. New paleontological, experimental, molecular, and genomic investigations are providing a tremendous amount of novel data and fresh perspectives, offering valuable insights on the rates of evolutionary change, particularly in fast-evolving genetic systems. Rapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic Systems captures these recent exciting developments across a broad range of morphological, molecular, cellular, developmental, and genetic investigations in both natural and experimental populations over a diversity of life forms. The book provides a fascinating series of case studies that exemplify rapid evolution, and showcases the diversity of rapidly evolving genes and genetic systems, emphasizing the extremely important roles that they play in adaptation, speciation, and the generation and maintenance of a diversity of biological traits and properties. This exciting collection showcases the latest research of more than 50 eminent evolutionary biologists. It will be suitable for senior undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, and for all those interested in the study of evolution.

Herbal Medicine Science Embraces Tradition

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Author: Narendra Singh
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9783838321455
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Herbal Medicine Science Embraces Tradition by Narendra Singh

Original Title: Herbal Medicine Science Embraces Tradition

Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) offers one of the most coherent herbologic theories known to humankind. In spite of this fact, many scientists completely ignore the therapeutic potential of ayurvedic medicinal plants and remedies. From the opposed point of view, Ayurveda definitely needs scientific validation through modern tools. Its foundation in the present time will become wider as the dialogue with modern science will be more active. This book, therefore, tries to cover partially this gap between traditional and modern medicine, providing a new scientific approach of this ancient ayurvedic herbology. About 50 plants and herbal treatment of major diseases are described briefly using both modern and Ayurvedic concepts. The descriptions are based on authors' experience of modern medicine, Ayurveda, clinical studies, and observations of over four decades in the heart of herbs. The text should help shed some light on Ayurvedic principles, which still have unrevealed meanings for the scientific community, and should be especially useful to medical researchers, modern physicians, Ayurvedic practitioners, or anyone else who wants to know more about herbal treatment.

The Evolution Of Population Biology

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Author: Rama S. Singh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139449540
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The Evolution Of Population Biology by Rama S. Singh

Original Title: The Evolution Of Population Biology

This 2004 collection of essays deals with the foundation and historical development of population biology and its relationship to population genetics and population ecology on the one hand and to the rapidly growing fields of molecular quantitative genetics, genomics and bioinformatics on the other. Such an interdisciplinary treatment of population biology has never been attempted before. The volume is set in a historical context, but it has an up-to-date coverage of material in various related fields. The areas covered are the foundation of population biology, life history evolution and demography, density and frequency dependent selection, recent advances in quantitative genetics and bioinformatics, evolutionary case history of model organisms focusing on polymorphisms and selection, mating system evolution and evolution in the hybrid zones, and applied population biology including conservation, infectious diseases and human diversity. This is the third of three volumes published in honour of Richard Lewontin.

Ssc Gk 12000 Mcqs Previous Year Papers Solved Cgl Cpo Mts Chsl

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Publisher: Mocktime
Size: 65.43 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Ssc Gk 12000 Mcqs Previous Year Papers Solved Cgl Cpo Mts Chsl by

Original Title: Ssc Gk 12000 Mcqs Previous Year Papers Solved Cgl Cpo Mts Chsl

SSC GK 12000+MCQs Previous year papers solved Important for SSC CGL/CPO/MTS/CHSL/OTHERS History – Page 3 India History - Ancient India - Medieval India - Modern India - Miscellaneous - - World History - History of Asia - History of Europe - History of America - History of Africa & Australia - World war I & II - Indian Art & Culture - Indian History & Culture,Languages Polity – Page 214 Indian Polity & Constitution - Evolution & Framing of the Constitution of India - Preamble , Fundamental Rights & duties , Citizenship and Directive Principles of state policy, writs - Union Executive & Legislative - State Executive & Legislative - Niti Ayyog,National Development Council,Finance Commission,Budget etc. - Judiciary - Local Adminstation & Panchayatiraj - Constituional Articles , Schedules & Amendments - Miscellaneous Geography - Page 346 Physical Geography - Universe and solar system - Earth landforms and Geomorphology - Atmosphere and Climatology - Hydrosphere & Oceanography - Pedology or Soil Geography - Ecology and Bio geography - Miscellaneous - - Geography of INdia - Physiography & Geomorphology & Indtroduction - Drainage , Irrisgation and Rivers & River Project of India - The climate of India - Ecology , Forest and Naturals vegetations of India & National park - Soil of India - Agriculture and Animal Husbandary in India - Mineral Resours of India - Industries and Trade in India - Transportation and ports of India - Political,Urban & Rural , Regional and Human Geography of India - States & Union Territories in India and population - Miscellaneous - - World Geopgraphy - Physical Geography - Human geograpy - Economic Geography - Political,Urban & Rural Geography - Country, Capital,Area , Currency , parliament and Religion , New & old name of country - Miscellaneous Economy – Page 536 Indian Economy - Economics - Micro Economics - Macro Economics - Growth & Development - Public Finance - Money & Banking - International Economics - Miscellaneous Physics – Page 681 Chemistry- Page 789 Biology – Page 907 Computer & IT - Page 1086 Miscellaneous- Science & Technology - Hounours & Awards - Books & Authors - UNO,Other International & National Organisations - Sports - National Events - International Events - Miscellaneous - Census 2011

Information Systems For Indian Languages

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Author: Chandan Singh
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642194028
Size: 58.89 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Information Systems For Indian Languages by Chandan Singh

Original Title: Information Systems For Indian Languages

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems for Indian Languages, ICISIL 2011, held in Patiala, India, in March 2011. The 63 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 126 paper submissions (full papers as well as poster papers) and 25 demo submissions. The papers address all current aspects on localization, e-governance, Web content accessibility, search engine and information retrieval systems, online and offline OCR, handwriting recognition, machine translation and transliteration, and text-to-speech and speech recognition - all with a particular focus on Indic scripts and languages.

Judaic Technologies Of The Word

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Author: Gabriel Levy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317543459
Size: 50.79 MB
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Judaic Technologies Of The Word by Gabriel Levy

Original Title: Judaic Technologies Of The Word

Judaic Technologies of the Word argues that Judaism does not exist in an abstract space of reflection. Rather, it exists both in artifacts of the material world - such as texts - and in the bodies, brains, hearts, and minds of individual people. More than this, Judaic bodies and texts, both oral and written, connect and feed back on one another. Judaic Technologies of the Word examines how technologies of literacy interact with bodies and minds over time. The emergence of literacy is now understood to be a decisive factor in religious history, and is central to the transformations that took place in the ancient Near East in the first millennium BCE. This study employs insights from the cognitive sciences to pursue a deep history of Judaism, one in which the distinctions between biology and culture begin to disappear.

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