Weather Forecasting Red Book

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Author: Tim Vasquez
ISBN: 9780970684066
Size: 44.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Weather Forecasting Red Book by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Weather Forecasting Red Book

The Weather Forecasting Red Book is a groundbreaking reference that breaks away from theory and helps forecasters tackle everyday prediction problems. The book contains a wealth of information on real-life techniques, methods, and forecast systems. It draws upon a wealth of experience collected by the weather services of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The first section deals with observational systems, explaining what quantities of wind, temperature, and pressure really mean. The analysis section defines standards and conventions for weather maps. The forecasting section has over a hundred pages of techniques, methods, patterns, and basic ideas and principles. And in the numerical model section, key details of the latest models are explained. It's written by a forecaster for forecasters. If it's needed at the forecast desk, it's in here.

Storm Chasing Handbook

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Author: Tim Vasquez
ISBN: 9780970684035
Size: 79.30 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Storm Chasing Handbook by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Storm Chasing Handbook

The Storm Chasing Handbook is the definitive bible on storm chasing, packed with nearly 300 pages of storm chase history, philosophy, technique, and travel information. Learn about tornadoes, hail, gustnadoes, lightning, thunderstorms, and much more. Using key findings from the past four decades of scientific literature, readers learn the inner workings of severe weather and dabble with the fundamentals of forecasting techniques, blended with wisdom from the author?s own experiences. Many skilled chasers contribute their own wisdom in the form of anecdotes, tales, and funny stories. From target area and storm type prediction to successful, safe navigation, the Storm Chasing Handbook has it covered. A large appendix features a Great Plains travel guide covering local history, culture, meteorology, and geology for nearly 100 chase routes, as well as broadcast radio and NOAA weather maps, a summary of past chase years, and much more! Includes nearly a dozen illustrations and cartoons by pioneer and storm artist David Hoadley, some of which were commissioned especially for this book. Contains great photographs by Roger Hill, Gene Rhoden, Karen Leszke, Roger Edwards, and the author himself. Perfect for new chasers looking for a good start, seasoned veterans looking for travel information, chase tour customers, weather hobbyists, and anyone who deals with severe weather on a regular basis.

Weather Map Handbook

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Author: Tim Vasquez
ISBN: 9780970684073
Size: 75.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Weather Map Handbook by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Weather Map Handbook

The science of forecasting has not changed, but the Internet and new marvels of technology have completely redefined the process. It s not a rare thing for weather hobbyists and National Weather Service forecasters to get a product from the very same site. With more and more charts and tools appearing on the Internet by the week, how do you make sense of the avalanche of weather imagery and data? Using a double-page format, the Weather Map Handbook demonstrates nearly every type of weather map, image, and product in common use. An overview of each item s origin, purpose, shortfalls, and tips are outlined. Standards for analysis symbology and chart markings are summarized. The surface, 850 mb, 700 mb, 500 mb, and 300-200 mb charts get two pages each, complete with philosophy, objectives, and techniques for each chart. Thickness, isentropic, and Q vector products get their own sections. The WSR-88D doppler radar, in use by the United States weather services, has played a vast part in the weather information revolution. In the Weather Map Handbook, it gets thirty pages packed with the fundamentals and algorithms of the WSR-88D. Much of this information is obscure and nearly impossible to find. From the workings of the Composite Reflectivity product to the exact process used by the Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm to deconstruct a radar scan, any NEXRAD radar product on the Internet can be understood. From the WRF to the NGM, from the GFS to the GEM, each numerical forecast model is revealed in incredible detail. Ensemble forecasts are highlighted. The satellite chapter explains visible, infrared, and water vapor imagery, how it is created, and how to interpret it. Even the METAR, TAF, SYNOP, and radiosonde formats get their own sections, complete with decoding instructions. Topping off the book is an appendix with surface and upper-level station plot models, a vast technical glossary compiled from the depths of the NWS, SPC, and NCEP, and much more! Whether you re a hobbyist, private forecaster, a professional, or a student, the Weather Map Handbook is the book you can t be without.

Weather Analysis And Forecasting Handbook

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Author: Tim Vasquez
ISBN: 9780983253303
Size: 24.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Weather Analysis And Forecasting Handbook by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Weather Analysis And Forecasting Handbook

This is the ultimate guidebook for anyone who needs to know the details of operational weather analysis and forecasting, not just theoretical aspects and basic concepts. It is geared toward meteorology professionals, students, pilots, flight dispatchers, amateurs, storm chasers, and spotters. Basic physical concepts are reviewed, and then the book covers thermodynamics, surface analysis, and upper analysis. There is a thorough overview of weather systems, including their thermal structure, dynamics, and effects. Special problems such as thunderstorms, winter weather, and tropical weather are treated in detail. The margins are filled with forecasting facts, hard-hitting quotes, educational stories, and even a few fun weather jokes. With added emphasis on analysis, visualization, and awareness of model limitations, readers learn to use tools properly and are always a step ahead.

Severe Storm Forecasting 1st Ed Color

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Author: Tim Vasquez
ISBN: 9780996942300
Size: 30.16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Severe Storm Forecasting 1st Ed Color by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Severe Storm Forecasting 1st Ed Color

With Internet weather data growing at exponential rates, dual-polarization radar systems coming online, enthusiasts flocking to storm chasing by the hundreds, and great strides being made in storm forecasting, the time has come for a comprehensive book on predicting these dangerous weather occurrences. Severe Storm Forecasting is the perfect title for the forecast desk. Examine the latest in storm structure, look up the ideal precursors for hail and tornadoes, study up on hodographs and soundings, and take a close look at weather analysis and diagnosis. There's no calculus in this book, no fanciful tornado stories, and no oversimplification of advanced concepts. Pick up this book and step into the severe thunderstorm forecast office of the 2010s. Tim Vasquez is an experienced aviation weather and storm chase forecaster, works as an author, consultant, and programmer, and has appeared on CBS Evening News, BBC, and The Weather Channel as an expert on aviation weather.

Weather Radar Handbook

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Author: Tim Vasquez
ISBN: 9780983253327
Size: 74.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Weather Radar Handbook by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Weather Radar Handbook

"Weather Radar Handbook explains all the details of identifying severe storms, hurricanes, and everyday weather using conventional, Doppler, and the new dual-polarization radars which are coming online. Like our other books, this title is designed for operational forecasters and is written at the undergraduate level, avoiding the use of technical detail and math, describing the principles of radar technology in a clear and no-nonsense manner, with trivia, tips, and anecdotes. It also serves as a valuable quick-reference. Weather Radar Handbook will become the "orange book" in our Forecaster's Desk Reference series."

Forecasters Ref Workbk

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Author: Tim Vasquez
Publisher: Weather Graphics Technologies
ISBN: 9780996942324
Size: 71.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Forecasters Ref Workbk by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Forecasters Ref Workbk

Forecasters Reference Workbook provides operational forecasters with essential charts they need to complete the analysis, diagnosis, and forecast process. In this volume we collect all of the most essential charts in an economic color book and provide multiple copies in blank form.

Weather Radar Handbook 1st Ed Color

Download Read Online Weather Radar Handbook 1st Ed Color book
Author: Tim Vasquez
Publisher: Weather Graphics Technologies
ISBN: 9780996942317
Size: 10.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Weather Radar Handbook 1st Ed Color by Tim Vasquez

Original Title: Weather Radar Handbook 1st Ed Color

In 2013 the United States reached a new milestone in radar meteorology, one unsurpassed by any other country in the world due to the American government's transparency policies regarding weather data. All of the Doppler radars were upgraded to make polarimetric measurements, yielding quantities like differential reflectivity, correlation coefficient, and specific differential phase. The entire meteorological community from weather hobbyists all the way to research directors are finding themselves immersed in a deep ocean of new radar data and trying to keep up with the latest improvements. All of these quantities come with a learning curve. For those who don't have the skills to make sense of the journals and technical papers or who just want a reference for the forecast desk, Weather Radar Handbook is designed to provide an excellent summary of the current state of radar meteorology from an operational forecasting perspective.

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