Physics 1901 1921

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Author: Yong Zhou
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483222470
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Physics 1901 1921 by Yong Zhou

Original Title: Physics 1901 1921

Progress in Surface and Membrane Science, Volume 13 covers the progress in understanding certain aspects of surface and membrane science, including catalysis, permeability, and biomembranes. This book is composed of six chapters. The opening chapter deals with the factors responsible for the selectivity of metal and alloy catalysts, as well as some information on the electronic structure of metals and alloys. The next chapter considers the theories, characteristics, natural membranes, and macroscopic processes of monolayer permeation. These topics are followed by discussions on the mechanism of structure formation and the rheological properties of interfacial adsorption layers of biopolymers. Other chapters explore lipid-associated thermal processes in biomembranes and the molecular structure, properties, and interactions of polar group region of the phospholipid bilayer. The final chapter is a summary of numerous experimental and theoretical studies on the Gibb's elasticity f liquid films, threads, and foams. This book will prove useful to surface and membrane scientists and researchers.


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Author: Damien Alloyeau
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1447140141
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Nanoalloys by Damien Alloyeau

Original Title: Nanoalloys

Bimetallic nanoparticles, also called nanoalloys, are at the heart of nanoscience because of their ability to tune together composition and size for specific purposes. By approaching both their physical and chemical properties, Nanoalloys: Synthesis, Structure & Properties provides a comprehensive reference to this research field in nanoscience by addressing the subject from both experimental and theoretical points of view, providing chapters across three main topics: Growth and structural properties Thermodynamics and electronic structure of nanoalloys Magnetic, optic and catalytic properties The growth and elaboration processes which are the necessary and crucial part of any experimental approach are detailed in the first chapter. Three chapters are focused on the widely used characterization techniques sensitive to both the structural arrangements and chemistry of nanoalloys. The electronic structure of nanoalloys is described as a guide of useful concepts and theoretical tools. Chapters covering thermodynamics begin with bulk alloys, going to nanoalloys via surfaces in order to describe chemical order/disorder, segregation and phase transitions in reduced dimension. Finally, the optical, magnetic and catalytic properties are discussed by focusing on nanoparticles formed with one element to track the modifications which occur when forming nanoalloys. The range and detail of Nanoalloys: Synthesis, Structure & Properties makes it an ideal resource for postgraduates and researchers working in the field of nanoscience looking to expand and support their knowledge of nanoalloys.

Surface Chemistry And Catalysis

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Author: Albert F. Carley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780306473937
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Surface Chemistry And Catalysis by Albert F. Carley

Original Title: Surface Chemistry And Catalysis

In 2001 Wyn Roberts celebrated both his 70th birthday and 50 years of working in surface science, to use the term "surface science" in its broadest meaning. This book aims to mark the anniversary with a contribution of lasting value, something more than the usual festschrift issue of a relevant journal. The book is divided into three sections: Surface Science, Model Catalysts and Catalysis, topics in which Wyn has always had interests. The authors for each chapter were chosen from some of the many eminent scientists who have worked with Wyn in various ways and are all internationally acknowledged as leaders in their field. The authors have produced authoritative reviews of their own specialties which together result in a book with an unrivalled combination of breadth and depth exploring the most recent developments in surface chemistry and catalysis.

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