The Choice

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Author: Dan M. Appel
Publisher: Autumn House Publishing
ISBN: 0812704630
Size: 66.50 MB
Format: PDF
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The Choice by Dan M. Appel

Original Title: The Choice

Life in Gentry County looks ideal on the surface . . . but as shocking secrets are exposed, a battle line is drawn, and everyone is forced to choose a side. Brenda?s husband had been dead four years. Then he came home again. Just like that. He unlocked the door with his keys, hung his coat in the closet, and began to visit her every night. Young and fearless, nightclub singer Cindy lives alone. But someone keeps lighting the candle on her dining room table. And the footsteps in the living room are not the searching steps of a burglar, but the steps of someone who has made himself at home. As encounters with the spiritual world increase, people in Gentry County start searching for the truth: Are the dead really dead? Or are they alive in another form? Everyone in the community?from the pastors and church members to the coven of witches?must examine what they believe. One by one, each person is swept into the middle of a spiritual battle more intense than they ever imagined.

Thought And Choice In Chess

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Author: Adriaan D. de Groot
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9053569987
Size: 41.94 MB
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Thought And Choice In Chess by Adriaan D. de Groot

Original Title: Thought And Choice In Chess

Annotation. What does a chessmaster think when he prepartes his next move? How are his thoughts organized? Which methods and strategies does he use by solving his problem of choice? To answer these questions, the author did an experimental study in 1938, to which famous chessmasters participated (Alekhine, Max Euwe and Flohr). This book is still usefull for everybody who studies cognition and artificial intelligence. This title can be previewed in Google Books -


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Author: Richard Sakwa
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134133456
Size: 75.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Putin by Richard Sakwa

Original Title: Putin

The new edition of this extremely well-received political biography of Vladimir Putin builds on the strengths of the first edition to provide the most detailed and nuanced account of the man, his politics and his profound influence on Russian politics, foreign policy and society. New to this edition: analysis of Putin's second term as President more biographical information in the light of recent research detailed discussion of changes to the policy process and the élites around Putin developments in state-society relations including the conflicts with oligarchs such as Khodorkovsky review of changes affecting the party system and electoral legislation, including the development of federalism in Russia details on economic performance under Putin, including more discussion of the energy sector and pipeline politics Russia’s relationship with NATO after the ‘big bang’ enlargement, EU-Russian relations after enlargement, and Russia’s relations with other post-Soviet states the conclusion brings us up-to-date with debates over the question of democracy in Russia today and the nature of Putin’s leadership and his place in the world. Putin is essential reading for all scholars and students of Russian politics.

The Choice

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Author: Jessica Y. Sarabia
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462025838
Size: 76.12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Choice by Jessica Y. Sarabia

Original Title: The Choice

For Eva, known to her friends as E, every day is a battle. Her rare, degenerative health condition promises she will never live a normal life. Despite her limitations, E attends college and pursues her dream of becoming a doctor just like Dr. Steinberg, the man responsible for continuing to keep her alive. But one day, everything changes. E’s health takes a turn for the worse, and Dr. Steinberg consults another specialist, Dr. Reinhardt. E dislikes him on the spot, but Dr. Reinhardt discovers something that puts E’s illness in an entirely new light. Not only can her cells cure cancer, but they can prolong life. In short, she is the key to longevity. Dr. Steinberg encourages E to live her own life and find happiness, but Dr. Reinhardt has other ideas. E could make an invaluable contribution to science, and if she would only commit herself to his research facility, she could help save thousands of lives. It’s a choice E never wanted to make—but make it she must. A deeply haunting novel, The Choice touches upon subjects close to us all, and ultimately reveals the incredible power of the individual.

Freedom Of Choice

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Author: Yves R. Simon
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 9780823208418
Size: 40.83 MB
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Freedom Of Choice by Yves R. Simon

Original Title: Freedom Of Choice

From the Foreward by Mortimer J. Adler Of all the question or issues concerning human freedom, none is more fundamental in itself and in its consequences than the problem of free choice; and none has been the subject of more persistent and, at the same time, apparently irresolvable controversy.This the perfect antidote for the errors, the misunderstandings - or worse, the ignorances - that beset the modern discussion of free choice. Even the reader who comes to this book with little or no knowledge of the philosophical literature on the subjects that it treats cannot fail to appreciate its remarkable clarity, its felicitous combination of detailed concreteness with abstract precision, its exploration of common experience and its elucidation of common sense, and, above all, the intelligibility, reasonableness, and fairness of its exposition of free choice.

Degrees Of Choice

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Author: Diane Reay
Publisher: Trentham Books
ISBN: 9781858563305
Size: 37.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Degrees Of Choice by Diane Reay

Original Title: Degrees Of Choice

An account of the overlapping effects of social class, ethnicity and gender in the process of choosing which university to attend. The shift from an elite to a mass system has been accompanied by much political rhetoric about widening access, achievement-for-all and meritocratic equalisation.

Choice Parenting

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Author: Richard Primason
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595320252
Size: 42.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Choice Parenting by Richard Primason

Original Title: Choice Parenting

Forget the traditional child control techniques like rewards, punishment, and time-out. They create distance, and do nothing for your child's creativity or self-worth. With Choice Parenting you can stay emotionally connected with your child while teaching responsibility and limits. Five new behavioral tools allow you to protect the parent-child relationship, the key to resolving difficult behavior problems."Every parent can learn from this thoughtful book. Dr. Primason brings his creative, practical voice to the choice theory that I've been teaching for years. You'll do far better with your children, and all your relationships, if you replace external control with connection and encouragement. Choice Parenting tells you exactly how to do it."-William Glasser, M.D., Author of Reality Therapy, and Schools Without Failure "I highly recommend this book to anyone who chooses to be a happier and more effective parent. It is filled with loving guidance as well as practical, yet profound ideas and examples."-John Brickell, D.C., Director, Center for Reality Therapy, United Kingdom "I enthusiastically urge all parents, therapists and child care workers to read Choice Parenting. Dr. Primason presents a clear, respectful guide that can be referred to time and again."-Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D., Author of Peaceful Parenting

From Chance To Choice

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Author: Allen Buchanan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521669771
Size: 69.41 MB
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From Chance To Choice by Allen Buchanan

Original Title: From Chance To Choice

This book, written by four internationally renowned bioethicists and first published in 2000, was the first systematic treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to human beings. Probing the implications of the remarkable advances in genetics, the authors ask how should these affect our understanding of distributive justice, equality of opportunity, the rights and obligations as parents, the meaning of disability, and the role of the concept of human nature in ethical theory and practice. The book offers a historical context to contemporary debate over the use of these technologies by examining the eugenics movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The questions raised in this book will be of interest to any reflective reader concerned about science and society and the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as to professionals in such areas as philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, health management, law, and political science.

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