Common Sense

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Author: Sophia A. Rosenfeld
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674057813
Size: 35.76 MB
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Common Sense by Sophia A. Rosenfeld

Original Title: Common Sense

Common Sense reveals a political ideal so fundamental to American politics that we are unaware of its power and its myriad uses. Sophia Rosenfeld shows how common sense—the wisdom of ordinary people, self-evident truths—has been used to justify all political extremes, with a history that is anything but commonsensical.

Common Sense

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Author: Paula Sole
Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 9781458200297
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Common Sense by Paula Sole

Original Title: Common Sense

Most people, given the chance, just want to be happy and healthy, but getting there can be more than half the battle. Most people, given the choice, would want a friend to give them honest, reasonable, commonsense advice on how to be happier and healthier, but not everyone has a friend like that. Until now! Paula Sole is a forty-five-year-old housewife—domestic engineer, lover, artist, homemaker, chef, physician, and more—who wants to share just that sort of advice. Her book is filled with her down-to-earth, real-life advice on the things that matter to her: • Discovering the Fountain of Youth is possible—by following her simple “lifestyle theory.” • Saving money and time is possible—by learning the truth about expensive gym memberships and fad diets. • Raising wonderful, respectful children is possible—by following a few simple guidelines for shaping young lives. • Staying healthy is possible—by following these tips to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure low, your bones strong, and your body and spirit young. • Keeping a clean home is possible—by following these tips, you can eliminate the need for spring cleaning each year. • Staying beautiful at any age is possible—by learning how to care for your skin and use makeup to your advantage. • Cooking fun, delicious, and healthy food is possible—by using these simple recipes and tips in the kitchen. These tips and more await you in Common Sense.

The Common Sense

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Author: Rosemary Deen
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780867090796
Size: 42.14 MB
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The Common Sense by Rosemary Deen

Original Title: The Common Sense

The Common Sense is elemental and beautifully succinct. It focuses on the expository essay, which, despite its association with abominable teaching techniques and vapid results, is at its best the one form that reveals to students and teachers the power of writing. "It is not second-rate writing," Deen and Ponsot state, "nor is teaching it second-rate work." This is a commonsensical text that puts its principles directly at the service of upper secondary and college students of all abilities. It perceives the composing class as an active community of writers, stresses the uses of listening and reading aloud, and lays out a core of work that can't be done wrong.

Ramona S World

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Author: Beverly Cleary
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192750860
Size: 44.52 MB
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Ramona S World by Beverly Cleary

Original Title: Ramona S World

The latest book in the hugely popular series about Ramona Quimby. Ramona is just starting the fourth grade and believes this will be 'the best year of her life, so far.' As well as her older sister, Beezus, Ramona now has a new baby sister, Roberta. But best of all, she has a new best friend, Daisy. Beverly Cleary is one of America's most popular authors and has won many prestigious awards, including the American Library Association's Laura Ingalls Wilder Award. This new Ramona book is being published alongside the first two Ramona books, Beezus and Ramona and Ramona the Pest. The rest of Beverly Cleary's Ramona books will also be published in the near future.

Common Sense

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Author: Thomas Paine
Publisher: Broadview Press
ISBN: 9781551115719
Size: 71.85 MB
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Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Original Title: Common Sense

When Common Sense was published in January 1776, it sold, by some estimates, a stunning 150,000 copies in the colonies. What exactly made this pamphlet so appealing? This is a question not only about the state of mind of Paine’s audience, but also about the role of public opinion and debate, the function of the press, and the shape of political culture in the colonies. This Broadview edition of Paine’s famous pamphlet attempts to reconstruct the context in which it appeared and to recapture the energy and passion of the dispute over the political future of the British colonies in North America. Included along with the text of Common Sense are some of the contemporary arguments for and against the Revolution by John Dickinson, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson; materials from the debate that followed the pamphlet’s publication showing the difficulty of the choices facing the colonists; the Declaration of Independence; and the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776.

In Darkness

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Author: Nick Lake
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408819961
Size: 77.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Darkness by Nick Lake

Original Title: In Darkness

WINNER of the 2013 Printz Award. In darkness I count my blessings like Manman taught me. One: I am alive. Two: there is no two. In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake a boy is trapped beneath the rubble of a ruined hospital: thirsty, terrified and alone. 'Shorty' is a child of the slums, a teenage boy who has seen enough violence to last a lifetime, and who has been inexorably drawn into the world of the gangsters who rule Site Soleil: men who dole out money with one hand and death with the other. But Shorty has a secret: a flame of revenge that blazes inside him and a burning wish to find the twin sister he lost five years ago. And he is marked. Marked in a way that links him with Toussaint L'Ouverture, the Haitian rebel who two-hundred years ago led the slave revolt and faced down Napoleon to force the French out of Haiti. As he grows weaker, Shorty relives the journey that took him to the hospital, a bullet wound in his arm. In his visions and memories he hopes to find the strength to survive, and perhaps then Toussaint can find a way to be free . . .

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