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The field of phase transitions and critical phenomena continues to be active in research, producing a steady stream of interesting and fruitful results. It has moved into a central place in condensed matter studies. Statistical physics, and more specifically, the theory of transitions between states of matter, more or less defines what we know about 'everyday' matter and its transformations. The major aim of this serial is to provide review articles that can serve as standard references for research workers in the field, and for graduate students and others wishing to obtain reliable information on important recent developments.

Inorganic Reactions And Methods Cumulative Index Part 1

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Inorganic Reactions And Methods Cumulative Index Part 1 by J. J. Zuckerman

Original Title: Inorganic Reactions And Methods Cumulative Index Part 1

Here is the comprehensive two-volume index to all of the compounds, subjects, and authors featured in the eighteen-volume Inorganic Reactions and Methods series. Already deemed "invaluable" by the Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, the series becomes even more essential with the publication of these user-friendly, quick-reference companion indexes.


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Linguistics by Anna L. DeMiller

Original Title: Linguistics

Thoroughly revised and updated with some 500 new entries- including the addition of pertinent Internet sites-this is the only bibliographic guide to information sources for linguistics. Coverage spans from 1957 to the present, and DeMiller's detailed citations describe and evaluate each work, often offering comparisons to similar titles. Essential to the research and study of general or theoretical linguistics, the book is also indispensable in related areas.

Cumulative Subject And Author Indexes For

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As we approach the 21st century, the Advances in Computers serial remains the oldes continuously published anthology chronicling the evolution of the information technology field. Since 1960, this series has described the ever-changing nature of computing. In this volume, we will emphasize the major themes that have dominated computing in these latter days of the 1990s. Of course we mean the distributed nature of information technology. The growth of networking, the Internet and the World Wide Web have greatly changed the role of the computer, and in turn, our lives as well. Starting as a computer science research topic in 1969, the ARPANET, funded by the U.S. government's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), tied together university, research, and military computing centers. By the mid-1980s the ARPANET evolved into the Internet under funding by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). The computer experimenter, the so-called "computer geek," discovered the Internet and joined the fun. By the early 1990s, the World Wide Web (WWW) grew as a subnet of the Internet, and email and Web browsing became available to all. Today millions of "computer illiterate" individuals daily use these resources to send mail and search for online information. No longer is the Internet the domain of the serious computer researcher. In this volume we will describe some of the changes the Internet has brought us.

Residue Reviews

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Author: Francis A. Gunther
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Residue Reviews by Francis A. Gunther

Original Title: Residue Reviews

That residues of pesticide and other "foreign" chemicals in foodstuffs are of concern to everyone everywhere is amply attested by the reception accorded previous volumes of "Residue Reviews" and by the gratifying en thusiasm, sincerity, and efforts shown by all the individuals from whom manuscripts have been solicited. Despite much propaganda to the contrary, there can never be any serious question that pest-control chemicals and food additive chemicals are essential to adequate food production, manufacture, marketing, and storage, yet without continuing surveillance and intelligent control some of those that persist in our foodstuffs could at times conceivably endanger the public health. Ensuring safety-in-use of these many chemicals is a dynamic challenge, for established ones are continually being displaced by newly developed ones more acceptable to food technologists, pharma cologists, toxicologists, and changing pest-control requirements in progressive food-producing economies. These matters are also of genuine concern to increasing numbers of governmental agencies and legislative bodies around the world, for some of these chemicals have resulted in a few mishaps from improper use. Adequate safety-in-use evaluations of any of these chemicals persisting into our food stuffs are not simple matters, and they incorporate the considered judgments of many individuals highly trained in a variety of complex biological, chemi cal, food technological, medical, pharmacological, and toxicological dis ciplines.

Guide To Sources For Agricultural And Biological Research

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Author: J. Richard Blanchard
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Guide To Sources For Agricultural And Biological Research by J. Richard Blanchard

Original Title: Guide To Sources For Agricultural And Biological Research

A guide to information sources including abstracts and indexes, library catalogs, government publications, review literature, book reviews, congresses and conferences, dissertations, research in progress, translations, dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, abbreviations, directories, lists of periodicals, handbooks and yearbooks, works on experimental procedures, and classification systems.

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