Emotion In Education

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Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080475042
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Emotion In Education by

Original Title: Emotion In Education

This edited book examines some of the current inquiry related to the study of emotions in educational contexts. There has been a notable increased interest in educational research on emotions. Emotion in Education represents some of the most exciting and current research on emotions and education, and has the potential to impact research in this area. This combination of variety, timeliness, potential for transformation of the field, and uniqueness make this a "must-have" resource for academics in the fields of education, educational psychology, emotion psychology, cultural psychology, sociology, and teacher education. The chapters have been written for scholars in the area, but authors also wrote with graduate students in mind. Therefore, the book is also be a great volume for graduate seminars. Provides in-depth examination of emotions in educational contexts Includes international roster of contributors who represent a variety of disciplines Represents a number of different research approaches

Methodological Advances In Research On Emotion And Education

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Author: Michalinos Zembylas
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319290495
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Methodological Advances In Research On Emotion And Education by Michalinos Zembylas

Original Title: Methodological Advances In Research On Emotion And Education

This volume presents different conceptual and theoretical frameworks as well as research methods that have helped educational researchers to study emotions. It includes innovative approaches that push the methodological boundaries that have served educational researchers until now and proposes new ways of researching emotions in educational contexts. In particular, this edited volume provides a historical frame for studying emotions. It connects theoretical/epistemological views with choice of research methods and describes specific methods helpful in doing research on emotions as they are grounded in different theoretical and disciplinary traditions such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, history, political science, cultural studies, and feminist studies. Finally, it appreciates the contextual and international dimensions of studying emotions in education and contributes to ongoing debates about the implications of our methodological choices for understanding emotion in education. This combination of variety, timeliness, potential for transformation of the field, and uniqueness make this a very valuable resource to introduce new scholars in the field alongside established scholars.

Empathy Emotion And Education

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Author: Helen Demetriou
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137548444
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Empathy Emotion And Education by Helen Demetriou

Original Title: Empathy Emotion And Education

This book explores the construct of empathy and its connection with education. Charting literature on the origins and evolution of the concept of empathy, the author examines the multifaceted nature of empathy and the external and internal influences behind this concept. The relationship between empathy and education is examined through the impact they have on each other for the development of social and emotional understanding, positive social behaviours and effective teaching and learning. In doing so, the author emphasises that empathy apparent in the early years of life is invaluable for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in future, and should be elicited from pupils and teachers alike. This book will be of interest to practitioners, educational psychologists, and researchers in empathy and its effect on education.

International Handbook Of Emotions In Education

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Author: Reinhard Pekrun
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136512632
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International Handbook Of Emotions In Education by Reinhard Pekrun

Original Title: International Handbook Of Emotions In Education

For more than a decade, there has been growing interest and research on the pivotal role of emotions in educational settings. This ground-breaking handbook is the first to highlight this emerging field of research and to describe in detail the ways in which emotions affect learning and instruction in the classroom as well as students’ and teachers’ development and well-being. Informed by research from a number of related fields, the handbook includes four sections. Section I focuses on fundamental principles of emotion, including the interplay among emotion, cognition, and motivation, the regulation of emotion, and emotional intelligence. Section II examines emotions and emotion regulation in classroom settings, addressing specific emotions (enjoyment, interest, curiosity, pride, anxiety, confusion, shame, and boredom) as well as social-emotional learning programs. Section III highlights research on emotions in academic content domains (mathematics, science, and reading/writing), contextual factors (classroom, family, and culture), and teacher emotions. The final section examines the various methodological approaches to studying emotions in educational settings. With work from leading international experts across disciplines, this book synthesizes the latest research on emotions in education.

Teaching With Emotion

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Author: Michalinos Zembylas
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1607526727
Size: 19.34 MB
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Teaching With Emotion by Michalinos Zembylas

Original Title: Teaching With Emotion

The purpose of this book is to provide new theoretical, methodological and empirical directions in research on teacher emotion. An attempt is made to encourage a missing conversation in the area of emotions in teaching, by invoking a discussion of ideas that explore how discursive, political and cultural aspects define the experience of teacher emotion. I begin to build an analysis upon which the role of emotion, emotional rules and emotional labor in curriculum and teaching might be investigated. This book includes both conceptual chapters and chapters based on empirical work—and, in particular, a threeyear ethnographic study with an early childhood teacher in the context of science teaching—that together illustrate new approaches and perspectives in researching and theorizing about emotion in teaching Essentially, then, there are two overlapping aims in this book. First, to critically examine some of the contemporary ways in which emotions have been conceptualized and understood in teaching; and second, to explore the role of emotion in teaching through different methodologies and theorizations.

Affect And Legal Education

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Author: Mrs Caroline Maughan
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409497771
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Affect And Legal Education by Mrs Caroline Maughan

Original Title: Affect And Legal Education

The place of emotion in legal education is rarely discussed or analysed, and we do not have to seek far for the reasons. The difficulty of interdisciplinary research, the technicisation of legal education itself, the view that affect is irrational and antithetical to core western ideals of rationality – all this has made the subject of emotion in legal education invisible. Yet the educational literature on emotion proves how essential it is to student learning and to the professional lives of teachers. This text, the first full-length book study of the subject, seeks to make emotion a central topic of research for legal educators, and restore the power of emotion in our teaching and learning. Part 1 focuses on the contribution that neuroscience can make to legal learning, a theme that is carried through other chapters in the book. Part 2 explores the role of emotion in the working lives of academics and clinical staff, while Part 3 analyses the ways in which emotion can be used in learning and teaching. The book, interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in its reference, breaks new ground in its analysis of the educational lifeworld of situations, communities, actors and interactions in legal education.

Aristotle Emotions And Education

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Author: Professor Kristján Kristjánsson
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409485277
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Aristotle Emotions And Education by Professor Kristján Kristjánsson

Original Title: Aristotle Emotions And Education

What can Aristotle teach us that is relevant to contemporary moral and educational concerns? What can we learn from him about the nature of moral development, the justifiability and educability of emotions, the possibility of friendship between parents and their children, or the fundamental aims of teaching? The message of this book is that Aristotle has much to teach us about those issues and many others. In a formidable display of boundary-breaking scholarship, drawing upon the domains of philosophy, education and psychology, Kristján Kristjánsson analyses and dispels myriad misconceptions about Aristotle’s views on morality, emotions and education that abound in the current literature – including the claims of the emotional intelligence theorists that they have revitalised Aristotle’s message for the present day. The book proceeds by enlightening and astute forays into areas covered by Aristotle’s canonical works, while simultaneously gauging their pertinence for recent trends in moral education. This is an arresting book on how to balance the demands of head and heart: a book that deepens the contemporary discourse on emotion cultivation and virtuous living and one that will excite any student of moral education, whether academic or practitioner.

Emotions At School

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Author: Reinhard Pekrun
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351741268
Size: 76.78 MB
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Emotions At School by Reinhard Pekrun

Original Title: Emotions At School

For more than a decade, there has been growing interest in the role of emotions in academic settings. Written by leading experts on learning and instruction, Emotions at School focuses on the connections between educational research and emotion science, bringing the subject to a wider audience. With chapters on how emotions develop and work, evidence-based recommendations about how to foster adaptive emotions, and clear explanations of key concepts and ideas, this concise volume is designed for?any?education course that includes emotions in the curriculum. It will be indispensable for student researchers and both pre- and in-service teachers alike.

Emotions In Education Settings

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Author: John Hurley
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1312195657
Size: 58.43 MB
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Emotions In Education Settings by John Hurley

Original Title: Emotions In Education Settings

A new field of research in education is emerging known as emotional intelligence. This book showcases the many contributions that emotional intelligence can make to education and to the wellbeing of schools as social communities. This book recognises the changing role of the teacher and acknowledges the new skills and ways of understanding that are required to deliver education in contemporary society and within the context of the ongoing development of the teacher. A number of approaches within the emotional intelligence field are explored in this book so as to enable readers to better understand the diverse needs of the student.

Emotion And School

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Author: Melissa Newberry
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1781906521
Size: 16.83 MB
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Emotion And School by Melissa Newberry

Original Title: Emotion And School

The book differs from other books on emotions in teaching by acknowledging all relationships within the complex system of schools and the ways that emotion influences the relationship and practice of the those working within schools- administration, teacher-peer, teacher- student, and veteran- novice.

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