Foam And Foam Films

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Author: D. Exerowa
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080531809
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Foam And Foam Films by D. Exerowa

Original Title: Foam And Foam Films

The main physicochemical aspects of foam and foam films such as preparation, structure, properties, are considered, giving a special emphasis on foam stability. It is shown that the foam and foam films are an efficient object in the study of various surface phenomena and in establishing regularities common for different interfaces, in particular, water/oil interface. The techniques and results on foam films have an independent meaning and involve the latest achievement in this field, with a focus on authors' results. The book has an expressed monographic character. It reveals joint ideas, i.e. the quantitative approach in treating foams is based on foam film behaviour and the techniques for controlling the foam liquid content, developed by the authors. A major contribution represents the independent consideration of formation and stability of foam films in theoretical and experimental aspects. No monograph published so far reveals these topics in the mentioned manner. Data and information about foams, physicochemical characterization of surfactants, phospholipids and polymers can also be found. Furthermore, the book provides information about: techniques involved in the study of foam films and foam structure and properties; foam drainage; processes of destruction in gravitational and centrifugal fields; reasons for stability of films and their role in the processes running in the foam; mechanical, rheological, optical, thermophysical, electrical properties; foam destruction upon addition of antifoams (mechanism of destruction, techniques, application); scientific principles of controlling foam properties and their application in foam separation and concentration; enhanced oil recovery; thermodynamic and non-equilibrium properties of foam films, stabilized by surfactants, phospholipids and polymers; techniques for the study of surface forces; formation and stability of foam films; black films, including bilayers; new theories of stability of amphiphile bilayer; experiments involved in this stability; application in biology and medicine.


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Author: J.J. Bikerman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642867340
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Foams by J.J. Bikerman

Original Title: Foams

The book Foams: Theory and Industrial Applications, written by the undersigned and three collaborators and published in 1953, is still the only monograph on liquid foam in the English language. Naturally the science of foams had advanced in the intervening years so that a practically new book had to be prepared to give justice to the present state of our know ledge. This monograph has only one author and does not deal with solid foams, fire-fighting foams, and flotation, on which information is available elsewhere. The other applications of foam and its fundamental properties are reviewed at length and, whenever possible, attempts are made to reach the truth through a maze of conflicting evidence. February 1973 J. J. BIKERMAN Contents page Preface . v 1. General. Foam Films (Sections 1-22) 1 Foam Films 5 References 30 2. Formation and Structure (Sections 23-42) 33 Dispersion Methods 33 Condensation Methods 51 Foam Structure 59 References 62 3. Measurement of Foaminess (Sections 43-62) 65 Films and Bubbles 66 Foams. 76 References 94 4. Results of Foaminess Measurements (Sections 63-84) . 98 Poorly Foaming Liquids . 98 Strongly Foaming Liquids 108 Other Systems 132 References 140 5. Three-phase Foams (Sections 85-90) 149 References 157 6. Foam Drainage (Sections 91-106) 159 Experimental Data . 173 References 181 7. Mechanical Properties of Foams (Sections 107-122) 184 References 211 8. Optical Properties of Foams (Sections 123 -127) . 214 References 222 vii viii Contents 9.

Foams And Emulsions

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Author: J.F. Sadoc
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401591571
Size: 41.29 MB
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Foams And Emulsions by J.F. Sadoc

Original Title: Foams And Emulsions

A general and introductory survey of foams, emulsions and cellular materials. Foams and emulsions are illustrations of some fundamental concepts in statistical thermodynamics, rheology, elasticity and the physics and chemistry of divided media and interfaces. They also give rise to some of the most beautiful geometrical shapes and tilings, ordered or disordered. The chapters are grouped into sections having fairly loose boundaries. Each chapter is intelligible alone, but cross referencing means that the few concepts that may not be familiar to the reader can be found in other chapters in the book. Audience: Research students, researchers and teachers in physics, physical chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering and geometry.

Adsorption And Aggregation Of Surfactants In Solution

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Author: K.L. Mittal
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780203910573
Size: 56.92 MB
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Adsorption And Aggregation Of Surfactants In Solution by K.L. Mittal

Original Title: Adsorption And Aggregation Of Surfactants In Solution

Offering the latest research and developments in the understanding of surfactant behavior in solutions, this reference investigates the role and dynamics of surfactants and their solution properties in the formulation of paints, printing inks, paper coatings, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cosmetics, liquid detergents, and lubricants. Exploring the science behind techniques from oil recovery to drug delivery, the book covers surfactant stabilized particles; solid particles at liquid interfaces; nanocapsules; aggregation behavior of surfactants; micellar catalysis; vesicles and liposomes; the clouding phenomena; viscoelasticity of micellar solutions; and more.


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Author: RobertK. Prud'homme
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351447769
Size: 62.25 MB
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Foams by RobertK. Prud'homme

Original Title: Foams

This volume discusses the physics and physical processes of foam and foaming. It delineates various measurement techniques for characterizing foams and foam properties as well as the chemistry and application of foams. The use of foams in the textile industry, personal care products, enhanced oil recovery, firefighting and mineral floatation are highlighted, and the connection between the microstructure and physical properties of foam are detailed. Coverage includes nonaqueous foams and silicone antifoams, and more.

Bubble And Foam Chemistry

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Author: Robert J. Pugh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107090571
Size: 46.42 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Bubble And Foam Chemistry by Robert J. Pugh

Original Title: Bubble And Foam Chemistry

Combining academic and industrial viewpoints, this is the definitive stand-alone resource for researchers, students and industrialists. With the latest on foam research, test methods and real-world applications, it provides straightforward answers to why foaming occurs, how it can be avoided, and how different degrees of antifoaming can be achieved.

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