Frozen Food Technology

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Author: C.P. Mallett
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780751400724
Size: 77.59 MB
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Frozen Food Technology by C.P. Mallett

Original Title: Frozen Food Technology

This book on frozen food, as its title suggests, is written for the food technologist and food scientist in the frozen food industry, which includes both food and equipmentmanufacturers. The information will also be useful for otherdisciplines within the food industry as awhole, and for studentsoffood technology. The book, the aimofwhich is to provide an up-to-date reviewofthe technologyofthe frozen food industry, has been divided into two parts, dealing with generic industry issues and specific product areas, respectively. The first section opens with a chapter on the physics and chemistryoffreezing, including a review ofglassy states. The practical realisationoffreezing is covered in the next chapter, which also covers frozen distribution and storage. Chapter 3 deals with packaging and packaging machinery, a sector where there has recently of product safety is been considerable technological progress. The key area discussed in detail in chapter 4, and includes microbiology and hygienic factory design, as well as consumer reheating, particularly microwave reheating. Health and dietary considerations have become much more important to consumers, and chapter 5 reviews the current nutritional status of frozen foods and their role in a modem diet. The driving force for scientific and technological change in frozen foods is the massive market for its products and the consequent competitive pressures, and the first part ofthe book concludes with a chapter on development ofnew frozen products, and how to apply the technical knowledge, both generic and product specific, to innovate in a consumer-driven market.

Quality In Frozen Food

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Author: Marilyn Erickson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461559758
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Quality In Frozen Food by Marilyn Erickson

Original Title: Quality In Frozen Food

This book presents a comprehensive, integrated view of quality in frozen foods. It addresses quality from a number of perspectives: technological (mechanical and cryogenic methods of freezing); categorical (classification of quality loss); analytical (measurement of quality); theoretical (model building); applied (preventative treatments), and administrative (policy). The book focuses on the principles of freezing and the concepts of quality, and is therefore applicable to research and development of all types of products. Features include: technological and fundamental features of freezing; types of deterioration that occur in frozen foods; treatment to minimize quality losses during freezing and storage; methods to assess quality losses; strategies that impact a frozen product's quality and ultimate consumer acceptance.

Frozen Food Science And Technology

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Author: Judith A. Evans
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444302337
Size: 20.29 MB
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Frozen Food Science And Technology by Judith A. Evans

Original Title: Frozen Food Science And Technology

This book provides a comprehensive source of information on freezing and frozen storage of food. Initial chapters describe the freezing process and provide a fundamental understanding of the thermal and physical processes that occur during freezing. Experts in each stage of the frozen cold chain provide, within dedicated chapters, guidelines and advice on how to freeze food and maintain its quality during storage, transport, retail display and in the home. Individual chapters deal with specific aspects of freezing relevant to the main food commodities: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Legislation and new freezing processes are also covered. Frozen Food Science and Technology offers in-depth knowledge of current and emerging refrigeration technologies along the entire frozen food chain, enabling readers to optimise the quality of frozen food products. It is aimed at food scientists, technologists and engineers within the frozen food industry; frozen food retailers; and researchers and students of food science and technology.

Handbook Of Frozen Foods

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Author: Y. H. Hui
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780203022009
Size: 59.55 MB
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Handbook Of Frozen Foods by Y. H. Hui

Original Title: Handbook Of Frozen Foods

Hui, a technology consultant, presents material on frozen food science, technology, and engineering, describing the manufacture, processing, inspection, and safety of frozen foods. He outlines basic procedures for optimizing the quality and texture of frozen foods and includes and tables and examples that illustrate the effects of various chemical and biochemical reactions on the quality of frozen food. The book details methods for selecting the most appropriate packaging materials for frozen foods, and provides guidelines on ensuring product safety.

Freezing Effects On Food Quality

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Author: Jeremiah
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824793500
Size: 69.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Freezing Effects On Food Quality by Jeremiah

Original Title: Freezing Effects On Food Quality

This work presents a comprehensive overview of existing knowledge regarding the influence of freezing, frozen storage and thawing of specific food-stuffs. It delineates how freezing processes alter the colour, appearance, palatability, nutritional value, intrinsic chemical reactions, microbiological safety and consumer acceptance of foods. The fundamental concepts upon which food-freezing technologies are based, are reviewed.

Managing Frozen Foods

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Author: C J Kennedy
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1855736527
Size: 37.91 MB
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Managing Frozen Foods by C J Kennedy

Original Title: Managing Frozen Foods

The publication of this book has been perfectly timed to serve the needs of a rapidly expanding industry. Frozen foods have shed their associations with low quality convenience food and freezing is now recognised as one of the safest and most nutritionally valuable ways to store food. Quality is a fundamental competitive advantage. However, the quality of frozen foods is dependent upon the strength or weakness of each link in the supply chain. This book examines the key quality factors at each stage in the frozen food supply chain, from raw material selection through processing and storage to retail display. Managing frozen foods is a unique overview of this entire industry and provides frozen food manufacturers, distributors and retailers with: The book begins with a review of the safety of frozen foods in production and distribution. It then considers the selection of raw materials and pre-treatment before examining the range of physical and chemical factors affecting the sensory and nutritional quality of food during freezing. This is followed by a comprehensive review of freezer technology and identifies the essential selection criteria that food manufacturers need to consider. Further chapters discuss the selection of packaging, cold store design, equipment and maintenance as well as the key area of retail display equipment. Dr Christopher J Kennedy concludes the book by providing a valuable insight into the future of this industry, outlining the opportunities offered by latest developments such as anti-freeze proteins and ultrasonic techniques. A practical and authoritative guide to best practice in maximising quality An invaluable decision-making tool, including guidance on the selection of raw materials, freezer technology, packaging materials and retail display equipment The latest research into the frozen food industry from academic and industry experts

Handbook Of Frozen Food Processing And Packaging Second Edition

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Author: Da-Wen Sun
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439836051
Size: 42.32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Handbook Of Frozen Food Processing And Packaging Second Edition by Da-Wen Sun

Original Title: Handbook Of Frozen Food Processing And Packaging Second Edition

Consumer demand for a year-round supply of seasonal produce and ready-made meals remains the driving force behind innovation in frozen food technology. Now in its second edition, Handbook of Frozen Food Processing and Packaging explores the art and science of frozen foods and assembles essential data and references relied upon by scientists in universities and research institutions. Highlights in the Second Edition include: Original chapters revised and updated with the latest developments New section on Emerging Technologies in Food Freezing, with chapters on ultrasound accelerated freezing, high-pressure shift freezing, electrostatic field-assisted food freezing, and antifreeze proteins New section on Trends in Frozen Food Packaging, with chapters on active packaging, intelligent packaging, vacuum packaging, and edible coatings and films and their applications on frozen foods This volume continues the tradition of the benchmark first edition, capturing the latest developments on the cutting edge of frozen food science. In addition to updated coverage of quality and safety issues and monitoring and measuring techniques, it highlights emerging technologies and trends, all in the format that made the previous edition so popular. It offers the tools needed to develop new and better products, keeping up with consumer demand for safe and convenient frozen foods.

Principles Of Food Processing

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Author: Richard W Hartel
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461560934
Size: 16.55 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Principles Of Food Processing by Richard W Hartel

Original Title: Principles Of Food Processing

The approach to teaching the concepts of food processing to the undergrad uate food science major has evolved over the past 40 years. In most under graduate food science curricula, food processing has been taught on a commodity basis. In many programs, several courses dealt with processing with emphasis on a different commodity, such as fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, and eggs. In most situations, the emphasis was on the unique characteristics of the commodity and very little empha sis on the common elements associated with processing of the different commodities. Quite often the undergraduate student was allowed to select one or two courses from those offered in order to satisfy the minimum standards suggested by the Institute of Food Technologists. The current 1FT minimum standards suggest that the undergradu ate food science major be required to complete at least one food processing course. The description of this course is as follows: One course with lecture and laboratory which covers general characteristics of raw food materials, principles offood preserva tion, processing factors that influence quality, packaging, water and waste management, and sanitation. Prerequisites: general chemistry, physics, and general microbiology.

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