Invariant Recognition Of Visual Objects

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Author: Evgeniy Bart
Publisher: Frontiers E-books
ISBN: 2889190765
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Invariant Recognition Of Visual Objects by Evgeniy Bart

Original Title: Invariant Recognition Of Visual Objects

This Research Topic will focus on how the visual system recognizes objects regardless of variations in the viewpoint, illumination, retinal size, background, etc. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles describing novel results, models, viewpoints, perspectives and/or methodological innovations relevant to this topic. The issues we wish to cover include, but are not limited to, perceptual invariance under one or more of the following types of image variation: • Object shape • Task • Viewpoint (from the translation and rotation of the object relative to the viewer) • Illumination, shading, and shadows • Degree of occlusion • Retinal size • Color • Surface texture • Visual context, including background clutter and crowding • Object motion (including biological motion). Examples of questions that are particularly interesting in this context include, but are not limited to: • Empirical characterizations of properties of invariance: does invariance always exist? How wide is its range and how strong is the tolerance to viewing conditions within this range? • Invariance in naïve vs. experienced subjects: Is invariance built-in or learned? How can it be learned, under which conditions and how effectively? Is it learned incidentally, or are specific task and reward structures necessary for learning? How is generalizability and transfer of learning related to the generalizability/invariance of perception? • Invariance during inference: Are there conditions (e.g. fast presentation time or otherwise resource-constrained recognition) when invariance breaks? • What are some plausible computational or neural mechanisms by which invariance could be achieved?

Toward Category Level Object Recognition

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Author: Jean Ponce
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540687955
Size: 40.99 MB
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Toward Category Level Object Recognition by Jean Ponce

Original Title: Toward Category Level Object Recognition

This volume is a post-event proceedings volume and contains selected papers based on presentations given, and vivid discussions held, during two workshops held in Taormina in 2003 and 2004. The 30 thoroughly revised papers presented are organized in the following topical sections: recognition of specific objects, recognition of object categories, recognition of object categories with geometric relations, and joint recognition and segmentation.

Rethinking Pragmatism

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Author: Robert Schwartz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118253698
Size: 56.57 MB
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Rethinking Pragmatism by Robert Schwartz

Original Title: Rethinking Pragmatism

Rethinking Pragmatism explores the work of the American Pragmatists, particularly James and Dewey, challenging entrenched views of their positions on truth, meaning, instrumentalism, realism, pluralism and religious beliefs. It clarifies pragmatic ideas and arguments spelling out the significant implications they have for present-day philosophical controversies. Explores the work of the American Pragmatists, especially James and Dewey, on the issues of truth, reference, meaning, instrumentalism, essences, realism, pluralism and religious beliefs. The only available publication to provide a detailed commentary on James's book, Pragmatism, while exploring the implications of the American Pragmatists' ideas and arguments for contemporary philosophical issues Challenges standard readings of the American Pragmatists' positions in a way that illuminates and questions the assumptions underlying current discussions of these topics. Coherently arranged by structuring the book around the themes discussed in each chapter of James's original work. Provides a new analysis and understanding of the pragmatic theory of truth and semantics.

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