Functional Dyes

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Author: Sung-Hoon Kim
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080465623
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Functional Dyes by Sung-Hoon Kim

Original Title: Functional Dyes

In the last 10 years organic dyes, traditionally used for coloring textiles and other materials, have become increasingly important in the hi-tech industries of electronics and optoelectronics. They can be used in optical data storage, new solar cells and biomedical sensors. Functional Dyes discusses the synthesis of these new, high-value dyes and pigments as well as their applications and performance. The chapters are arranged so that the reader logically advances from the fundamental concepts to more practical aspects of the technology in which they are used. In providing the reader with current information on functional dye chemistry, as well as important developments within the field, Functional Dyes is a valuable information source for dye and material chemists, researchers and graduates, who want a summary of the key advances in the field over the last 10 years and an authoritative view on future developments. * Provides a broad introduction to the science technology of the functional dye application * Reviews recent advances on synthesis and characteristics of the functional dyes and their applications * Is a valuable information source for dye and material chemists and researchers

Industrial Dyes

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Author: Klaus Hunger
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527606068
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Industrial Dyes by Klaus Hunger

Original Title: Industrial Dyes

What would life be like without color? Ever since one can think back, color has always accompanied mankind. Dyes - originally obtained exclusively from natural sources - are today also produced synthetically on a large scale and represent one of the very mature and traditional sectors of the chemical industry. The present reference work on Industrial Dyes provides a comprehensive review of the chemistry, properties and applications of the most important groups of industrial dyes, including optical brighteners. It also outlines the latest developments in the area of functional dyes. Renowned experts in their respective fields have contributed to the chapters on chemical chromophores, synthesis and application of the various dye classes, textile dyeing and non-textile dyeing. The book is aimed at all professionals who are involved in the synthesis, production, manufacture or application of dyes and will prove to be an indispensable guide to all chemists, engineers and technicians in dye science and industry.

Colour Chemistry

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Author: Robert Christie
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1782625313
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Colour Chemistry by Robert Christie

Original Title: Colour Chemistry

This revised and up-dated second edition provides a current insight into how the fundamental principles of the chemistry of colour are applied in dyes and pigments. The text has been expanded and re-written throughout, while largely maintaining the structure of the first edition. In particular, the chapter on functional dyes has been substantially re-written to embrace the significant developments in chemistry and technology that this area has experienced in the last decade. As industry and society have become increasingly sensitive towards environmental issues, the chapter describing how the colour industry has been responding is expanded to reflect this growing importance. A new chapter is introduced on colour in cosmetics, with particular emphasis on hair dyes, reflecting the growing international, industrial significance of this topic. This chapter is co-written with Dr Olivier Morel. Colour Chemistry will be of interest to academics and industrialists who are specialists in colour science or who have involvement with the diverse range of coloured materials, for example traditional application in textiles, paints, printing inks, plastics and cosmetics, and functional applications in electronics and biology. Broad and balanced in its coverage, this book provides an introduction to the chemistry of colour that is ideal for students, graduates and those in industry and academia seeking an introduction to the topic.

Color Chemistry

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Author: Heinrich Zollinger
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783906390239
Size: 11.27 MB
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Color Chemistry by Heinrich Zollinger

Original Title: Color Chemistry

In the ten years since publication of the second edition of Heinrich Zollinger's "Color Chemistry", significant trends in colorant research and application have become important. Particular emphasis is given to the discussion of the synthesis, properties, and application of pigments.

Advances In The Dyeing And Finishing Of Technical Textiles

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Author: N. Sekar
Publisher: Elsevier Inc. Chapters
ISBN: 0128089288
Size: 39.51 MB
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Advances In The Dyeing And Finishing Of Technical Textiles by N. Sekar

Original Title: Advances In The Dyeing And Finishing Of Technical Textiles

The chemistry of synthetic dyes having functions other than color, such as better light-fastness, antimicrobial activity, water repellency, biodegradability, fluorescence and phosphorescence, is described. These dyes belong to the azo, cyanine, coumarin, xanthene, naphthalimide, perylene, thioxanthone, quinonoid, and naphtholactam classes.

Modern Colorants Synthesis And Structure

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Author: A.T. Peters
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780751402094
Size: 63.27 MB
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Modern Colorants Synthesis And Structure by A.T. Peters

Original Title: Modern Colorants Synthesis And Structure

Although the research actIvItIes of dyestuff chemists worldwide have been influenced to a great extent, in recent years, by the need to respond to a variety of environmental issues associated with the manufacture and application of synthetic dyes and pigments, a significant level of targeted research continues to be devoted to new chemistry aimed at enhancing the technical properties of dyes in commerce. This book is a presentation of various aspects of basic research conducted during the past decade but not reported in the recent review literature. The coverage herein is unique in that it emphasizes systematic approaches commonly utilized in the design and synthesis of dyes and pigments and the required intermediates. While it is well known that certain transition metals are important in the synthesis of technically viable metallized dyes for polyamide and protein fibers, these metals are demonstrated in Chapter 1 also to be effective agents in the regiospecific placement of substituents into azo compounds. The scope and limitations of this chemistry are presented. In other synthetic work, a description of the different processes employed to produce the major families of reactive dyes is presented. In Chapter 4, special attention is given to reactive dyes containing more than one reactive group, and to the more recent developments in the field. The two chapters which follow provide a review of the recent literature pertaining to novel chromophores and dyes for the D2T2 process, respectively.

Comprehensive Nanoscience And Technology

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Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780123743961
Size: 45.68 MB
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Comprehensive Nanoscience And Technology by

Original Title: Comprehensive Nanoscience And Technology

From the Introduction: Nanotechnology and its underpinning sciences are progressing with unprecedented rapidity. With technical advances in a variety of nanoscale fabrication and manipulation technologies, the whole topical area is maturing into a vibrant field that is generating new scientific research and a burgeoning range of commercial applications, with an annual market already at the trillion dollar threshold. The means of fabricating and controlling matter on the nanoscale afford striking and unprecedented opportunities to exploit a variety of exotic phenomena such as quantum, nanophotonic and nanoelectromechanical effects. Moreover, researchers are elucidating new perspectives on the electronic and optical properties of matter because of the way that nanoscale materials bridge the disparate theories describing molecules and bulk matter. Surface phenomena also gain a greatly increased significance; even the well-known link between chemical reactivity and surface-to-volume ratio becomes a major determinant of physical properties, when it operates over nanoscale dimensions. Against this background, this comprehensive work is designed to address the need for a dynamic, authoritative and readily accessible source of information, capturing the full breadth of the subject. Its six volumes, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines including material sciences, chemistry, physics and life sciences, have been written and edited by an outstanding team of international experts. Addressing an extensive, cross-disciplinary audience, each chapter aims to cover key developments in a scholarly, readable and critical style, providing an indispensible first point of entry to the literature for scientists and technologists from interdisciplinary fields. The work focuses on the major classes of nanomaterials in terms of their synthesis, structure and applications, reviewing nanomaterials and their respective technologies in well-structured and comprehensive articles with extensive cross-references. It has been a constant surprise and delight to have found, amongst the rapidly escalating number who work in nanoscience and technology, so many highly esteemed authors willing to contribute. Sharing our anticipation of a major addition to the literature, they have also captured the excitement of the field itself in each carefully crafted chapter. Along with our painstaking and meticulous volume editors, full credit for the success of this enterprise must go to these individuals, together with our thanks for (largely) adhering to the given deadlines. Lastly, we record our sincere thanks and appreciation for the skills and professionalism of the numerous Elsevier staff who have been involved in this project, notably Fiona Geraghty, Megan Palmer and Greg Harris, and especially Donna De Weerd-Wilson who has steered it through from its inception. We have greatly enjoyed working with them all, as we have with each other.

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