Neurobiology Of Hyperthermia

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Author: Hari Shanker Sharma
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080549993
Size: 79.67 MB
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Neurobiology Of Hyperthermia by Hari Shanker Sharma

Original Title: Neurobiology Of Hyperthermia

The effects of global warming on human health factors with special regards to our brain function are still not well understood. There is an urgent need to expand our knowledge on the effects of hot environment on our brain functions in healthy and in diseased populations. It is still unclear whether infectious events, traumatic injuries, metabolic diseases, carcinogenic events, cardiovascular and respiratory functions will be adversely affected by the rise in global temperature or whether environmental pollutants, such as nanoparticles entered into our body system will produce more damage at high ambient temperatures. This book aims to answer these questions based on recent research carried out by top experts in the field from the USA (11 chapters), Europe (8) chapters), the Middle East (3 chapters), Asia (2 chapters) and Canada (1). These chapters are written in review style and embedded with the author’s new and original data in relation to the current knowledge in the field. The book is highly interesting to the first time readers, beginners and students alike as well as provides in-depth knowledge to the professionals. In addition, prospects for future research and recommendations are clearly indicated in each chapter for future growth of the subject in this highly emerging new discipline. Describes the importance of brain temperature and hyperthermia in disease processes Presents research on the first observations on Nanoparticles that worsen the outcome of hyperthermia Discusses the effects of hyperthermia on the blood-brain and blood-cerebrospinal fluid barriers

Molecular Approaches To Neurobiology

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Author: Ian R. Brown
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483282295
Size: 35.33 MB
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Molecular Approaches To Neurobiology by Ian R. Brown

Original Title: Molecular Approaches To Neurobiology

Molecular Approaches to Neurobiology deals with molecular approaches to the analysis of the nervous system. This book surveys the current state of knowledge in a number of areas of molecular neurobiology that includes the subcellular level of chromatin structure, complexity of RNA synthesis, role of hormones in cell differentiation, and molecular correlates between neuropeptides and behavior. A comprehensive review of procedures for the isolation of specific brain cells and their experimental use is also provided at the end of this text. This publication is useful to those working in the field of neurochemistry and those engaged in morphological and physiological approaches to the analysis of the nervous system, as well as molecular biologists and biochemists working with non-neural tissues.

Cultural Neuroscience Cultural Influences On Brain Function

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Author: Juan Y. Chiao
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080952216
Size: 62.73 MB
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Cultural Neuroscience Cultural Influences On Brain Function by Juan Y. Chiao

Original Title: Cultural Neuroscience Cultural Influences On Brain Function

This volume presents recent empirical advances using neuroscience techniques to investigate how culture influences neural processes underlying a wide range of human abilities, from perception and scene processing to memory and social cognition. It also highlights the theoretical and methodological issues with conducting cultural neuroscience research. Section I provides diverse theoretical perspectives on how culture and biology interact are represented. Sections II –VI is to demonstrate how cultural values, beliefs, practices and experience affect neural systems underlying a wide range of human behavior from perception and cognition to emotion, social cognition and decision-making. The final section presents arguments for integrating the study of culture and the human brain by providing an explicit articulation of how the study of culture can inform the study of the brain and vice versa.

The Neurobiology Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

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Author: Peter W. Kalivas
ISBN: 9780897667111
Size: 46.16 MB
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The Neurobiology Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction by Peter W. Kalivas

Original Title: The Neurobiology Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

This text presents the proceedings of a New York Academy of Sciences conference, held in July 1991. Latest advances in chronic drug and alcohol use at molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive levels are comprehensively described including the state of knowledge, directions for future research and clinical applications.


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Author: Stanley N. Caroff
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 9781585627127
Size: 73.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Catatonia by Stanley N. Caroff

Original Title: Catatonia

During the 20th century, catatonia all but dropped off the agenda of mainstream psychiatric research. However, several dedicated research groups, represented in this volume, continued to report original data highlighting catatonia as a relevant and ideal subject for clinical study. This book, which exemplifies the unparalleled breadth of the knowledge gained, will benefit clinicians managing catatonic phenomena as well as researchers interested in pursuing further investigations. This book covers in great detail the psychopathology and neurobiology of catatonia, focusing on the history, epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of the disorder. This comprehensive volume Offers a wide representation of the historical and worldwide literature on the many variants of catatonia in a single, well-organized text. Includes work presented by the original investigators, many of whom work outside the United States and have had their previous studies published only in non-English journals. Covers alternative opinions and perspectives on catatonia, contributing novel and illuminating perspectives on the syndrome. Addresses areas of controversy -- including disagreements over treatment and the nosologic status of catatonia -- head-on, in a balanced, evidence-based presentation. Balances practical clinical material with the underlying neurobiology, presenting clinical aspects in the context of history, epidemiology, cross-cultural perspectives, and neurobiological findings and highlighting the richness and intellectual attraction of the study of the disorder. Catatonia is unique in offering a diverse, international group of contributors and such a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the clinical and scientific literature, spanning the breadth of contemporary understanding about the nature, meaning, and importance of the syndrome.

The Neurobiology Of Motivation And Reward

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Author: James Stellar
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461580323
Size: 44.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Neurobiology Of Motivation And Reward by James Stellar

Original Title: The Neurobiology Of Motivation And Reward

This book was conceived many years ago as an abstract goal for a father-son team when the father was working in university administration and the son was just getting into the academic business. Eventually, the father returned to the laboratory, the son began to get his feet on the ground, and the goal became concrete. Now the work is finished, and our book enters the literature as, we hope, a valuable contribution to understanding the terribly complex and subtle problem of the neuro biology of motivated behaviors. We would also like the book to stand as a personal mark of a cooperative relationship between father and son. This special relationship between the authors gave us an extra dimension of pleasure in writing the book, and it would delight us if it gave anyone else an extra dimension of enjoyment from reading it. One thing we hope happens is that anyone or simply considering entering similar considering a similar partnership, of this book as encouragement. Such re fields, will take the existence lationships are highly satisfying if both parties take care to protect the partnership. When we actually sat down to write the book, we were humbled by the immense literature and the smallness of both our conceived space for putting it down and of our brains for processing all the information.

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