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Author: H. Ronald Miller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118031180
Size: 10.89 MB
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Optimization by H. Ronald Miller

Original Title: Optimization

A thorough and highly accessible resource for analysts in a broad range of social sciences. Optimization: Foundations and Applications presents a series of approaches to the challenges faced by analysts who must find the best way to accomplish particular objectives, usually with the added complication of constraints on the available choices. Award-winning educator Ronald E. Miller provides detailed coverage of both classical, calculus-based approaches and newer, computer-based iterative methods. Dr. Miller lays a solid foundation for both linear and nonlinear models and quickly moves on to discuss applications, including iterative methods for root-finding and for unconstrained maximization, approaches to the inequality constrained linear programming problem, and the complexities of inequality constrained maximization and minimization in nonlinear problems. Other important features include: More than 200 geometric interpretations of algebraic results, emphasizing the intuitive appeal of mathematics Classic results mixed with modern numerical methods to aid users of computer programs Extensive appendices containing mathematical details important for a thorough understanding of the topic With special emphasis on questions most frequently asked by those encountering this material for the first time, Optimization: Foundations and Applications is an extremely useful resource for professionals in such areas as mathematics, engineering, economics and business, regional science, geography, sociology, political science, management and decision sciences, public policy analysis, and numerous other social sciences. An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available upon request from the Wiley editorial department.


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Author: Charles E.M. Pearce
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387980962
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Optimization by Charles E.M. Pearce

Original Title: Optimization

The 21 self-contained chapters in this book, include recent developments in several optimization-related topics such as decision theory, linear programming, turnpike theory, duality theory, convex analysis, and queueing theory. This work will be a valuable tool not only to specialists interested in the technical detail and various applications presented, but also to researchers interested in building upon the book’s theoretical results.


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Author: Jan Brinkhuis
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400829361
Size: 58.77 MB
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Optimization by Jan Brinkhuis

Original Title: Optimization

This self-contained textbook is an informal introduction to optimization through the use of numerous illustrations and applications. The focus is on analytically solving optimization problems with a finite number of continuous variables. In addition, the authors provide introductions to classical and modern numerical methods of optimization and to dynamic optimization. The book's overarching point is that most problems may be solved by the direct application of the theorems of Fermat, Lagrange, and Weierstrass. The authors show how the intuition for each of the theoretical results can be supported by simple geometric figures. They include numerous applications through the use of varied classical and practical problems. Even experts may find some of these applications truly surprising. A basic mathematical knowledge is sufficient to understand the topics covered in this book. More advanced readers, even experts, will be surprised to see how all main results can be grounded on the Fermat-Lagrange theorem. The book can be used for courses on continuous optimization, from introductory to advanced, for any field for which optimization is relevant.

Optimization And Related Topics

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Author: Alexander M. Rubinov
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792367321
Size: 60.39 MB
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Optimization And Related Topics by Alexander M. Rubinov

Original Title: Optimization And Related Topics

This volume contains, in part, a selection of papers presented at the sixth Australian Optimization Day Miniconference (Ballarat, 16 July 1999), and the Special Sessions on Nonlinear Dynamics and Optimization and Operations Re search - Methods and Applications, which were held in Melbourne, July 11-15 1999 as a part of the Joint Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and Australian Mathematical Society. The editors have strived to present both con tributed papers and survey style papers as a more interesting mix for readers. Some participants from the meetings mentioned above have responded to this approach by preparing survey and 'semi-survey' papers, based on presented lectures. Contributed paper, which contain new and interesting results, are also included. The fields of the presented papers are very large as demonstrated by the following selection of key words from selected papers in this volume: • optimal control, stochastic optimal control, MATLAB, economic models, implicit constraints, Bellman principle, Markov process, decision-making under uncertainty, risk aversion, dynamic programming, optimal value function. • emergent computation, complexity, traveling salesman problem, signal estimation, neural networks, time congestion, teletraffic. • gap functions, nonsmooth variational inequalities, derivative-free algo rithm, Newton's method. • auxiliary function, generalized penalty function, modified Lagrange func tion. • convexity, quasiconvexity, abstract convexity.

Optimization And Nonlinear Equations

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Author: L. T. Watson
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780444505996
Size: 71.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Optimization And Nonlinear Equations by L. T. Watson

Original Title: Optimization And Nonlinear Equations

/homepage/sac/cam/na2000/index.html7-Volume Set now available at special set price ! In one of the papers in this collection, the remark that "nothing at all takes place in the universe in which some rule of maximum of minimum does not appear" is attributed to no less an authority than Euler. Simplifying the syntax a little, we might paraphrase this as Everything is an optimization problem. While this might be something of an overstatement, the element of exaggeration is certainly reduced if we consider the extended form: Everything is an optimization problem or a system of equations. This observation, even if only partly true, stands as a fitting testimonial to the importance of the work covered by this volume. Since the 1960s, much effort has gone into the development and application of numerical algorithms for solving problems in the two areas of optimization and systems of equations. As a result, many different ideas have been proposed for dealing efficiently with (for example) severe nonlinearities and/or very large numbers of variables. Libraries of powerful software now embody the most successful of these ideas, and one objective of this volume is to assist potential users in choosing appropriate software for the problems they need to solve. More generally, however, these collected review articles are intended to provide both researchers and practitioners with snapshots of the 'state-of-the-art' with regard to algorithms for particular classes of problem. These snapshots are meant to have the virtues of immediacy through the inclusion of very recent ideas, but they also have sufficient depth of field to show how ideas have developed and how today's research questions have grown out of previous solution attempts. The most efficient methods for local optimization, both unconstrained and constrained, are still derived from the classical Newton approach. As well as dealing in depth with the various classical, or neo-classical, approaches, the selection of papers on optimization in this volume ensures that newer ideas are also well represented. Solving nonlinear algebraic systems of equations is closely related to optimization. The two are not completely equivalent, however, and usually something is lost in the translation. Algorithms for nonlinear equations can be roughly classified as locally convergent or globally convergent. The characterization is not perfect. Locally convergent algorithms include Newton's method, modern quasi-Newton variants of Newton's method, and trust region methods. All of these approaches are well represented in this volume.


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Author: Van Hien Nguyen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540669050
Size: 27.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Optimization by Van Hien Nguyen

Original Title: Optimization

The 9th Belgian-French-German Conference on Optimization has been held in Namur (Belgium) on September 7-11, 1998. This volume is a collection of papers presented at this Conference. Originally, this Conference was a French-German Conference but this year, in accordance with the organizers' wishes, a third country, Belgium, has joined the founding members of the Conference. Hence the name: Belgian French-German Conference on Optimization. Since the very beginning, the purpose of these Conferences has been to bring together researchers working in the area of Optimization and partic ularly to encourage young researchers to present their work. Most of the participants come from the organizing countries. However the general ten dancy is to invite outside researchers to attend the meeting. So this year, among the 101 participants at this Conference, twenty researchers came from other countries. The general theme of the Conference is everything that concerns the area of Optimization without specification of particular topics. So theoretical as pects of Optimization, in addition to applications and algorithms of Opti mization, will be developed. However, and this point was very important for the organizers, the Conference must retain its convivial character. No more than two parallel sessions are organized. This would allow useful contacts between researchers to be promoted. The editors express their sincere thanks to all those who took part in this Conference. Their invaluable discussions have made this volume possible.

Optimization And Nonsmooth Analysis

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Author: Frank H. Clarke
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 0898712564
Size: 25.42 MB
Format: PDF
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Optimization And Nonsmooth Analysis by Frank H. Clarke

Original Title: Optimization And Nonsmooth Analysis

Mathematical Reviews said of this book that it was 'destined to become a classical reference.' This book has appeared in Russian translation and has been praised both for its lively exposition and its fundamental contributions. The author first develops a general theory of nonsmooth analysis and geometry which, together with a set of associated techniques, has had a profound effect on several branches of analysis and optimization. Clarke then applies these methods to obtain a powerful, unified approach to the analysis of problems in optimal control and mathematical programming. Examples are drawn from economics, engineering, mathematical physics, and various branches of analysis in this reprint volume.


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Author: Kenneth Lange
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461458382
Size: 69.90 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Optimization by Kenneth Lange

Original Title: Optimization

Finite-dimensional optimization problems occur throughout the mathematical sciences. The majority of these problems cannot be solved analytically. This introduction to optimization attempts to strike a balance between presentation of mathematical theory and development of numerical algorithms. Building on students’ skills in calculus and linear algebra, the text provides a rigorous exposition without undue abstraction. Its stress on statistical applications will be especially appealing to graduate students of statistics and biostatistics. The intended audience also includes students in applied mathematics, computational biology, computer science, economics, and physics who want to see rigorous mathematics combined with real applications. In this second edition the emphasis remains on finite-dimensional optimization. New material has been added on the MM algorithm, block descent and ascent, and the calculus of variations. Convex calculus is now treated in much greater depth. Advanced topics such as the Fenchel conjugate, subdifferentials, duality, feasibility, alternating projections, projected gradient methods, exact penalty methods, and Bregman iteration will equip students with the essentials for understanding modern data mining techniques in high dimensions.

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