Physicochemical And Environmental Plant Physiology

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Author: Park S. Nobel
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 032313761X
Size: 69.35 MB
Format: PDF
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Physicochemical And Environmental Plant Physiology by Park S. Nobel

Original Title: Physicochemical And Environmental Plant Physiology

This text is the successor volume to Biophysical Plant Physiology and Ecology (W.H. Freeman, 1983). The content has been extensively updated based on the growing quantity and quality of plant research, including cell growth and water relations, membrane channels, mechanisms of active transport, and the bioenergetics of chloroplasts and mitochondria. One-third of the figures are new or modified, over 190 new references are incorporated, the appendixes on constants and conversion factors have doubled the number of entries, and the solutions to problems are given for the first time. Many other changes have emanated from the best laboratory for any book, the classroom. · Covers water relations and ion transport for plant cells; diffusion, chemical potential gradients, solute movement in and out of plant cells · Covers interconnection of various energy forms; light, chlorophyll and accessory photosynthesis pigments, ATP and NADPH · Covers forms in which energy and matter enter and leave a plant; energy budget analysis, water vapor and carbon dioxide, water movement from soil to plant to atmosphere

Plants And Microclimate

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Author: Hamlyn G. Jones
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521425247
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Plants And Microclimate by Hamlyn G. Jones

Original Title: Plants And Microclimate

This book attempts to provide a soundly based introduction to those features of the atmospheric environment of particular relevance to plants; it also describes the physical and physiological principles required for understanding how these factors affect plants. The underlying biophysics and biochemistry are explained in the context of plants growing in their natural environment. For example, gas exchange and diffusion are considered in relation to the control both of evaporation from vegetation and of photosynthesis and productivity, while energy exchanges are examined in relation to plant temperature regulation. Throughout the text a quantitative approach is adopted and the use of mathematical models is described with some examples. Physiological and ecological aspects of adaptation to different natural environments, including mechanisms of drought tolerance, are considered, as are possible ways in which this information can be used for improving crop plants for selective breeding. Practical aspects of important measurement techniques are discussed. There is a comprehensive reference list giving an introduction to recent literature, together with appendixes listing useful physical qualities. The presentation adopted is designed to emphasize the close relationship among the biophysical, physiological, and ecological aspects of the adaptation of higher plants to their aerial environment. This second edition has been fully updated and includes information on novel techniques such as chlorophyll-a fluorescence and carbon isotope discrimination, which can be applied to plants in the field, as well as coverage of topics of current concern such as global warming and atmospheric pollution.

Perspectives In Biophysical Plant Ecophysiology

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Author: Erick De La Barrera
Publisher: UNAM
ISBN: 0578004216
Size: 75.92 MB
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Perspectives In Biophysical Plant Ecophysiology by Erick De La Barrera

Original Title: Perspectives In Biophysical Plant Ecophysiology

Park S. Nobel pioneered the coupling of cellular physical chemistry with plant physiology, providing a sound physicochemical interpretation of the laws of diffusion to a rapidly expanding field of plant physiological ecology. His classical textbook is the only one of its kind to provide an extensive array of quantitative problems and solutions in the field of plant biophysics and ecophysiology, extending from the molecular to the ecological level. In this festschrift, former graduate students and postdocs, as well as colleagues of Prof. Nobel present a series of reviews that include scales from sub-cellular to global, and topics that range from desert succulent biology to the physiology of alpine plants, encompassing basic research and applications in agronomy and conservation biology. This state-of-the-field survey provides current and useful information for professionals and graduate students, while illustrating the broad span of the influence that Nobel's career has had on modern ecophysiology.

Handbook Of Photosynthesis Third Edition

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Author: Mohammad Pessarakli
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482230755
Size: 68.27 MB
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Handbook Of Photosynthesis Third Edition by Mohammad Pessarakli

Original Title: Handbook Of Photosynthesis Third Edition

Since the publication of the previous editions of the Handbook of Photosynthesis, many new ideas on photosynthesis have emerged in the past decade that have drawn the attention of experts and researchers on the subject as well as interest from individuals in other disciplines. Updated to include 37 original chapters and making extensive revisions to the chapters that have been retained, 90% of the material in this edition is entirely new. With contributions from over 100 authors from around the globe, this book covers the most recent important research findings. It details all photosynthetic factors and processes under normal and stressful conditions, explores the relationship between photosynthesis and other plant physiological processes, and relates photosynthesis to plant production and crop yields. The third edition also presents an extensive new section on the molecular aspects of photosynthesis, focusing on photosystems, photosynthetic enzymes, and genes. New chapters on photosynthesis in lower and monocellular plants as well as in higher plants are included in this section. The book also addresses growing concerns about excessive levels and high accumulation rates of carbon dioxide due to industrialization. It considers plant species with the most efficient photosynthetic pathways that can help improve the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Completely overhauled from its bestselling predecessors, the Handbook of Photosynthesis, Third Edition provides a nearly entirely new source on the subject that is both comprehensive and timely. It continues to fill the need for an authoritative and exhaustive resource by assembling a global team of experts to provide thorough coverage of the subject while focusing on finding solutions to relevant contemporary issues related to the field.

The Handbook Of Groundwater Engineering Third Edition

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Author: John H. Cushman
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315354535
Size: 41.41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Handbook Of Groundwater Engineering Third Edition by John H. Cushman

Original Title: The Handbook Of Groundwater Engineering Third Edition

This new edition adds several new chapters and is thoroughly updated to include data on new topics such as hydraulic fracturing, CO2 sequestration, sustainable groundwater management, and more. Providing a complete treatment of the theory and practice of groundwater engineering, this new handbook also presents a current and detailed review of how to model the flow of water and the transport of contaminants both in the unsaturated and saturated zones, covers the protection of groundwater, and the remediation of contaminated groundwater.

Plant Roots

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Author: Yoav Waisel
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824744748
Size: 16.87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Plant Roots by Yoav Waisel

Original Title: Plant Roots

The third edition of a standard resource, this book offers a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary presentation of plant roots. It examines structure and development, assemblage of root systems, metabolism and growth, stressful environments, and interactions at the rhizosphere. Reflecting the explosion of advances and emerging technologies in the field, the book presents developments in the study of root origin, composition, formation, and behavior for the production of novel pharmaceutical and medicinal compounds, agrochemicals, dyes, flavors, and pesticides. It details breakthroughs in genetics, molecular biology, growth substance physiology, biotechnology, and biomechanics.

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Of Tropical And Sub Tropical Forests

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Author: Margaret Kalacska
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420053432
Size: 66.18 MB
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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Of Tropical And Sub Tropical Forests by Margaret Kalacska

Original Title: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Of Tropical And Sub Tropical Forests

While frequently used in temperate environments, hyperspectral sensors and data are still a novelty in the tropics. Exploring the potential of hyperspectral remote sensing for assessing ecosystem characteristics, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Forests focuses on the complex and unique set of challenges involved in using this technology and the data it provides. Special Features A CD-ROM including hyperspectral color images Coverage of in situ spectroscopy, airborne and satellite-based remote sensing, and fusion with other forms of data such as LiDAR Peer-reviewed chapters that highlight the most innovative achievements Discussion of the potential of hyperspectral remote sensing to provide tools for assessing ecosystem characteristics at various spatial and temporal scales Experts from Diverse Backgrounds Share Their Successes The book explores a range of analysis techniques, including hyperspectral reflectance indices, spectral mixture analysis, pattern classification, band selection, partial least-squares, linear discriminant analysis, and radiative transfer models. The chapter authors present a comprehensive review of the current status and innovative achievements in the field, citing approximately six hundred studies. As illustrated by the diverse backgrounds of the contributors, the most successful use of hyperspectral data requires a multidisciplinary approach spanning a wide range of fields. Go Beyond the Basics to Actual Application Although it begins by touching on the basics, this book is not a tutorial in remote sensing, but a reference that illustrates the potential applications and analysis techniques that can be used when facing the unique challenge of working in the tropics. It presents real-world examples and a suite of analysis techniques for using hyperspectral remote sensing in complex and diverse regions.

Boreal Forest And Climate Change

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Author: Pertti Hari
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402087187
Size: 23.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Boreal Forest And Climate Change by Pertti Hari

Original Title: Boreal Forest And Climate Change

The Forest Primary Production Research Group was born in the Department of S- viculture, University of Helsinki in the early 1970s. Intensive ?eld measurements of photosynthesis and growth of forest vegetation and use of dynamic models in the interpretation of the results were characteristic of the research in the group. Electric instrumentation was based on analogue techniques and the analysis of the obtained measurements was based on self-written programs. Joint research projects with the Research Group of Environmental Physics at the Department of Physics, lead by Taisto Raunemaa (1939–2006) started in the late 1970s. The two research groups shared the same quantitative methodology, which made the co-operation fruitful. Since 1980 until the collapse of the Soviet Union the Academy of Finland and the Soviet Academy of Sciences had a co-operation program which included our team. The research groups in Tartu, Estonia, lead by Juhan Ross (1925–2002) and in Petrozawodsk, lead by Leo Kaipiainen (1932–2004) were involved on the Soviet side. We had annual ?eld measuring campaigns in Finland and in Soviet Union and research seminars. The main emphasis was on developing forest growth models. The research of Chernobyl fallout started a new era in the co-operation between forest ecologists and physicists in Helsinki. The importance of material ?uxes was realized and introduced explicitly in the theoretical thinking and measurements.

Photosynthesis In Silico

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Author: Agu Laisk
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402092377
Size: 41.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Photosynthesis In Silico by Agu Laisk

Original Title: Photosynthesis In Silico

Photosynthesis in silico: Understanding Complexity from Molecules to Ecosystems is a unique book that aims to show an integrated approach to the understanding of photosynthesis processes. In this volume - using mathematical modeling - processes are described from the biophysics of the interaction of light with pigment systems to the mutual interaction of individual plants and other organisms in canopies and large ecosystems, up to the global ecosystem issues. Chapters are written by 44 international authorities from 15 countries. Mathematics is a powerful tool for quantitative analysis. Properly programmed, contemporary computers are able to mimic complicated processes in living cells, leaves, canopies and ecosystems. These simulations - mathematical models - help us predict the photosynthetic responses of modeled systems under various combinations of environmental conditions, potentially occurring in nature, e.g., the responses of plant canopies to globally increasing temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration. Tremendous analytical power is needed to understand nature's infinite complexity at every level.

Advances In Botanical Research

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Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780123808691
Size: 41.44 MB
Format: PDF
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Advances In Botanical Research by

Original Title: Advances In Botanical Research

Edited by Jean-Claude Kader and Michel Delseny and supported by an international Editorial Board, Advances in Botanical Research publishes in-depth and up-to-date reviews on a wide range of topics in plant sciences. Currently in its 50th volume, the series features a wide range of reviews by recognized experts on all aspects of plant genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, physiology and ecology. This eclectic volume features six reviews on cutting-edge topics of interest to postgraduates and researchers alike. Multidisciplinary reviews written from a broad range of scientific perspectives For over 40 years, series has enjoyed a reputation for excellence Contributors internationally recognized authorities in their respective fields

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