Practical Mathematical Optimization

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Author: Jan Snyman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387243481
Size: 44.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Practical Mathematical Optimization by Jan Snyman

Original Title: Practical Mathematical Optimization

It is intended that this book be used in senior- to graduate-level semester courses in optimization, as offered in mathematics, engineering, com puter science and operations research departments. Hopefully this book will also be useful to practising professionals in the workplace. The contents of the book represent the fundamental optimization mate rial collected and used by the author, over a period of more than twenty years, in teaching Practical Mathematical Optimization to undergradu ate as well as graduate engineering and science students at the University of Pretoria. The principal motivation for writing this work has not been the teaching of mathematics per se, but to equip students with the nec essary fundamental optimization theory and algorithms, so as to enable them to solve practical problems in their own particular principal fields of interest, be it physics, chemistry, engineering design or business eco nomics. The particular approach adopted here follows from the author's own personal experiences in doing research in solid-state physics and in mechanical engineering design, where he was constantly confronted by problems that can most easily and directly be solved via the judicious use of mathematical optimization techniques. This book is, however, not a collection of case studies restricted to the above-mentioned specialized research areas, but is intended to convey the basic optimization princi ples and algorithms to a general audience in such a way that, hopefully, the application to their own practical areas of interest will be relatively simple and straightforward.

Practical Python Ai Projects

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Author: Serge Kruk
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484234235
Size: 42.60 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Practical Python Ai Projects by Serge Kruk

Original Title: Practical Python Ai Projects

Discover the art and science of solving artificial intelligence problems with Python using optimization modeling. This book covers the practical creation and analysis of mathematical algebraic models such as linear continuous models, non-obviously linear continuous models,and pure linear integer models. Rather than focus on theory, Practical Python AI Projects, the product of the author's decades of industry teaching and consulting, stresses the model creation aspect; contrasting alternate approaches and practical variations. Each model is explained thoroughly and written to be executed. The source code from all examples in the book is available, written in Python using Google OR-Tools. It also includes a random problem generator, useful for industry application or study. What You Will Learn Build basic Python-based artificial intelligence (AI) applications Work with mathematical optimization methods and the Google OR-Tools (Optimization Tools) suite Create several types of projects using Python and Google OR-Tools Who This Book Is For Developers and students who already have prior experience in Python coding. Some prior mathematical experience or comfort level may be helpful as well.

Mathematical Optimization Terminology

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Author: Andre A. Keller
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128052953
Size: 63.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mathematical Optimization Terminology by Andre A. Keller

Original Title: Mathematical Optimization Terminology

Mathematical Optimization Terminology: A Comprehensive Glossary of Terms is a practical book with the essential formulations, illustrative examples, real-world applications and main references on the topic. This book helps readers gain a more practical understanding of optimization, enabling them to apply it to their algorithms. This book also addresses the need for a practical publication that introduces these concepts and techniques. Discusses real-world applications of optimization and how it can be used in algorithms Explains the essential formulations of optimization in mathematics Covers a more practical approach to optimization

Engineering Optimization

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Author: S. S. Rao
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471550341
Size: 57.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Engineering Optimization by S. S. Rao

Original Title: Engineering Optimization

A rigorous mathematical approach to identifying a set of design alternatives and selecting the best candidate from within that set, engineering optimization was developed as a means of helping engineers to design systems that are both more efficient and less expensive and to develop new ways of improving the performance of existing systems. Thanks to the breathtaking growth in computer technology that has occurred over the past decade, optimization techniques can now be used to find creative solutions to larger, more complex problems than ever before. As a consequence, optimization is now viewed as an indispensable tool of the trade for engineers working in many different industries, especially the aerospace, automotive, chemical, electrical, and manufacturing industries. In Engineering Optimization, Professor Singiresu S. Rao provides an application–oriented presentation of the full array of classical and newly developed optimization techniques now being used by engineers in a wide range of industries. Essential proofs and explanations of the various techniques are given in a straightforward, user–friendly manner, and each method is copiously illustrated with real–world examples that demonstrate how to maximize desired benefits while minimizing negative aspects of project design. Comprehensive, authoritative, up–to–date, Engineering Optimization provides in–depth coverage of linear and nonlinear programming, dynamic programming, integer programming, and stochastic programming techniques as well as several breakthrough methods, including genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and neural network–based and fuzzy optimization techniques. Designed to function equally well as either a professional reference or a graduate–level text, Engineering Optimization features many solved problems taken from several engineering fields, as well as review questions, important figures, and helpful references. An indispensable working resource for practicing engineers Engineering Optimization Providing engineers with a rigorous, systematic method for rapidly zeroing in on the most innovative, cost–effective solutions to some of today′s most challenging engineering design problems, optimization is a powerful tool of the trade for engineers in virtually every discipline. Now, in his latest book, Engineering Optimization, Singiresu S. Rao provides you with the most practical, up–to–date, and comprehensive coverage of new and classical optimization techniques currently in use throughout a wide range of industries. Designed to serve as both a daily working resource and an excellent graduate–level text, Engineering Optimization gives you: ∗ In–depth coverage of linear and nonlinear programming, dynamic programming, integer programming, and stochastic programming techniques ∗ New or recently developed methods, including genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, neural network–based and fuzzy optimization techniques ∗ Dozens of real–world design optimization examples taken from a wide range of industries ∗ Numerous solved problems and review questions ∗ An extensive bibliography Engineering Optimization is a valuable working resource for engineers employed in practically all technological industries. It is also a superior didactic tool for graduate students of mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, and aerospace engineering.

Data Mining Algorithms

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Author: Pawel Cichosz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118950801
Size: 49.61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Data Mining Algorithms by Pawel Cichosz

Original Title: Data Mining Algorithms

Data Mining Algorithms is a practical, technically-oriented guide to data mining algorithms that covers the most important algorithms for building classification, regression, and clustering models, as well as techniques used for attribute selection and transformation, model quality evaluation, and creating model ensembles. The author presents many of the important topics and methodologies widely used in data mining, whilst demonstrating the internal operation and usage of data mining algorithms using examples in R.

Numerical Methods Of Mathematical Optimization

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Author: Hans P. Künzi
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483264718
Size: 14.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Numerical Methods Of Mathematical Optimization by Hans P. Künzi

Original Title: Numerical Methods Of Mathematical Optimization

Numerical Methods of Mathematical Optimization: With ALGOL and FORTRAN Programs reviews the theory and the practical application of the numerical methods of mathematical optimization. An ALGOL and a FORTRAN program was developed for each one of the algorithms described in the theoretical section. This should result in easy access to the application of the different optimization methods. Comprised of four chapters, this volume begins with a discussion on the theory of linear and nonlinear optimization, with the main stress on an easily understood, mathematically precise presentation. In addition to the theoretical considerations, several algorithms of importance to the numerical application of optimization theory are described. The next chapter explains the computer programs used in actual optimization, which have the form of procedures or subroutines. The book concludes with an analysis of ALGOL and FORTRAN, paying particular attention to their use in global optimization procedures as well as for the simplex and duoplex methods and the decomposition, Gomory, Beale, and Wolfe algorithms. This monograph will be helpful to students and practitioners of computer science and applied mathematics.

Optimization Modelling

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Author: Ruhul Amin Sarker
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420043112
Size: 69.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Optimization Modelling by Ruhul Amin Sarker

Original Title: Optimization Modelling

Although a useful and important tool, the potential of mathematical modelling for decision making is often neglected. Considered an art by many and weird science by some, modelling is not as widely appreciated in problem solving and decision making as perhaps it should be. And although many operations research, management science, and optimization books touch on modelling techniques, the short shrift they usually get in coverage is reflected in their minimal application to problems in the real world. Illustrating the important influence of modelling on the decision making process, Optimization Modelling: A Practical Approach helps you come to grips with a wide range of modelling techniques. Highlighting the modelling aspects of optimization problems, the authors present the techniques in a clear and straightforward manner, illustrated by examples. They provide and analyze the formulation and modelling of a number of well-known theoretical and practical problems and touch on solution approaches. The book demonstrates the use of optimization packages through the solution of various mathematical models and provides an interpretation of some of those solutions. It presents the practical aspects and difficulties of problem solving and solution implementation and studies a number of practical problems. The book also discusses the use of available software packages in solving optimization models without going into difficult mathematical details and complex solution methodologies. The emphasis on modelling techniques rather than solution algorithms sets this book apart. It is a single source for a wide range of methods, classic theoretical and practical problems, data collection and input preparation, the use of different optimization software, and practical issues of modelling, model solving, and implementation. The authors draw directly from their experience to provide lessons learned when applying modelling techniques to practical problem solving and implementation difficulties.

Practical Optimization Methods

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Author: M. Asghar Bhatti
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387986319
Size: 72.96 MB
Format: PDF
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Practical Optimization Methods by M. Asghar Bhatti

Original Title: Practical Optimization Methods

This practical and intuitive introduction to optimization theory and computational algorithms features a cross-platform CD-ROM containing all the text, examples, "Mathematica 3.0" functions, and Notebooks. This is the first textbook to use "Mathematica" to develop a thorough understanding of optimization algorithms, fully exploiting "Mathematica's" symbolic, numerical, and graphical capabilities. 176 illus.

Mathematical Optimization Of Water Networks

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Author: Alexander Martin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3034804369
Size: 19.97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Mathematical Optimization Of Water Networks by Alexander Martin

Original Title: Mathematical Optimization Of Water Networks

Water supply- and drainage systems and mixed water channel systems are networks whose high dynamic is determined and/or affected by consumer habits on drinking water on the one hand and by climate conditions, in particular rainfall, on the other hand. According to their size, water networks consist of hundreds or thousands of system elements. Moreover, different types of decisions (continuous and discrete) have to be taken in the water management. The networks have to be optimized in terms of topology and operation by targeting a variety of criteria. Criteria may for example be economic, social or ecological ones and may compete with each other. The development of complex model systems and their use for deriving optimal decisions in water management is taking place at a rapid pace. Simulation and optimization methods originating in Operations Research have been used for several decades; usually with very limited direct cooperation with applied mathematics. The research presented here aims at bridging this gap, thereby opening up space for synergies and innovation. It is directly applicable for relevant practical problems and has been carried out in cooperation with utility and dumping companies, infrastructure providers and planning offices. A close and direct connection to the practice of water management has been established by involving application-oriented know-how from the field of civil engineering. On the mathematical side all necessary disciplines were involved, including mixed-integer optimization, multi-objective and facility location optimization, numerics for cross-linked dynamic transportation systems and optimization as well as control of hybrid systems. Most of the presented research has been supported by the joint project „Discret-continuous optimization of dynamic water systems“ of the federal ministry of education and research (BMBF).

Practical Methods Of Optimization

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Author: R. Fletcher
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111872318X
Size: 70.47 MB
Format: PDF
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Practical Methods Of Optimization by R. Fletcher

Original Title: Practical Methods Of Optimization

Fully describes optimization methods that are currently most valuable in solving real-life problems. Since optimization has applications in almost every branch of science and technology, the text emphasizes their practical aspects in conjunction with the heuristics useful in making them perform more reliably and efficiently. To this end, it presents comparative numerical studies to give readers a feel for possibile applications and to illustrate the problems in assessing evidence. Also provides theoretical background which provides insights into how methods are derived. This edition offers revised coverage of basic theory and standard techniques, with updated discussions of line search methods, Newton and quasi-Newton methods, and conjugate direction methods, as well as a comprehensive treatment of restricted step or trust region methods not commonly found in the literature. Also includes recent developments in hybrid methods for nonlinear least squares; an extended discussion of linear programming, with new methods for stable updating of LU factors; and a completely new section on network programming. Chapters include computer subroutines, worked examples, and study questions.

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