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Author: Xia-Ting Feng
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0128052058
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Rockburst by Xia-Ting Feng

Original Title: Rockburst

Rockburst: Mechanisms, Monitoring, Warning and Mitigation invites the most relevant researchers and practitioners worldwide to discuss the rock mechanics phenomenon related to increased stress and energy levels in intact rock introduced by drilling, explosion, blasting and other activities. When critical energy levels are reached, rockbursts can occur causing human and material losses in mining and tunneling environments. This book is the most comprehensive information source in English to cover rockbursts. Comprised of four main parts, the book covers in detail the theoretical concepts related to rockbursts, and introduces the current computational modeling techniques and laboratory tests available. The second part is devoted to case studies in mining (coal and metal) and tunneling environments worldwide. The third part covers the most recent advances in measurement and monitoring. Special focus is given to the interpretation of signals and reliability of systems. The following part addresses warning and risk mitigation through the proposition of a single risk assessment index and a comprehensive warning index to portray the stress status of the rock and a successful case study. The final part of the book discusses mitigation including best practices for distressing and efficiently supporting rock. Designed to provide the most comprehensive coverage, the book will provide practicing mining and tunneling engineers the theoretical background needed to better cope with the phenomenon, practical advice from case studies and practical mitigation actions and techniques. Academics in rock mechanics will appreciate this complete reference to rockburst, which features how to analyze stress signals and use computational modeling more efficiently. Offers understanding of the fundamental theoretical concepts of rockbursts Explores how to analyze signals from current monitoring systems Shows how to apply mitigating techniques in current work Identifies characteristics that should be measured in order to detect rockburst risk

Rock Burst

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Author: Bert Russell
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Rock Burst by Bert Russell

Original Title: Rock Burst

Readers will find much of interest, whether the interviewees are personally known to the reader or not, because of the wealth of information about how certain processes were performed: how ice was cut, stored, and sold for refrigeration; how to walk on floating logs and how to roll them (birling) in competitions; how various jobs in the mines were performed; or how logging crews were fed and their food prepared.

Evolution Monitoring And Predicting Models Of Rockburst

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Author: Chunlai Wang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811075484
Size: 26.86 MB
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Evolution Monitoring And Predicting Models Of Rockburst by Chunlai Wang

Original Title: Evolution Monitoring And Predicting Models Of Rockburst

This open access book focuses on investigating predicting precursor information and key points of rockburst in mining engineering through laboratory experiment, theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and case studies. Understanding the evolution patterns for the microstructure instability of rock is a prerequisite for rockburst prediction. The book provides a guide for readers seeking to understand the evolution patterns for the microstrucure of rock failure, the predicting key point of rock failure and the rockburst predicting model. It will be an essential reference to understand mechanism of rockburst and sheds new light on dynamic disasters prediction. Chapters are carefully developed to cover (1) The evolution patterns for the microstructure instability of rock; (2) Rockburst hazard monitoring and predicting criterion and predicting models. The book addresses the issue with a holistic and systematic approach that investigates the occurrence mechanism of rockburst based on the evolution patterns for the microstructure of rock failure and establishes the predicting model of rockburst. This book will be of interest to researchers of mining engineering, rock mechanics engineering and safety engineering.

Preconditioning An Entire Stope Block For Rock Burst Control

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Author: Wilson Blake
Size: 16.96 MB
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Preconditioning An Entire Stope Block For Rock Burst Control by Wilson Blake

Original Title: Preconditioning An Entire Stope Block For Rock Burst Control

Rock preconditioning in advance of mining has been an effective means of rock-burst control based on small-scale field demonstrations. The objective of this investigation was to test the effectiveness of rock preconditioning on a larger scale and to determine whethter the preconditioning would be effective over a specific period of time.

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