The Road To Stockholm

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Author: István Hargittai
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198607854
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The Road To Stockholm by István Hargittai

Original Title: The Road To Stockholm

The Nobel Prize is by far the highest recognition a scientist may receive and the only one that the general public is familiar with. Its prestige has reached improbable heights. At the same time a lot of myth surrounds the Nobel Prize. This book introduces the process of selection of the laureates, discusses the ingredients for scientific discovery and for getting recognition for it. The Nobel Prize has served as inspiration for scientists and the general public for a hundred years, this book helps to appreciate its triumphs as well as its problems.

Is Science Necessary

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Author: Max F. Perutz
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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Is Science Necessary by Max F. Perutz

Original Title: Is Science Necessary

The double-edged sword modern science wields has excited controversy for years, and there is no end to the debate in sight. The genetic engineering that may one day cure cancer could also deprive the human race of its very individuality. Chemicals like DDT, which have increased food production the world over--saving millions from starvation--have also seriously polluted our environment. And most notoriously, the nuclear technology that provides us with cheap and efficient energy also fuels the horrifying weaponry of Armageddon. Such contradictions have prompted Nobel Prize-winning scientist Max F. Perutz to ask quite simply "Is science necessary?" Throughout this provocative collection of essays--a unique blend of history, criticism, philosophy, and memoir--Perutz answers his question with a resounding "yes." Ranging from the title piece, where he examines the crucial role science has played in every aspect of modern life, to striking portraits of such great scientists as Alexander Fleming, Ernest Rutherford, Max Planck, and Chaim Weizmann, Perutz's essays demonstrate how "the survival of nature and of civilization" depends upon an intelligent and scrupulous application of science, and an understanding--by all of us--of its basic ways and means. Some of the most compelling essays are of a personal nature. "Enemy Alien" tells the troubling story of Perutz's deportation from England as a German national during the Second World War. He provides fascinating insights into the secret military projects he worked on after the war, the most interesting of which a futuristic attempt to convert icebergs into aircraft carriers. And throughout Perutz writes of the excitement of discovery--whether of a revolutionary new medicine like penicillin or of theories such as quantum physics that forever changed the way we look at the world. Far from being "a soulless hermit toiling away at abstruse problems that he cannot explain except in incomprehensible gibberish," the scientist, as Perutz presents him, is as impassioned as the artist, and it is from his creative energies that the most important advances in science emerge. Moving, humorous, clearly written, and, above all, enlightening, these essays help readers become aware not only of the indispensable function of science in today's world, but of the very nature of scientific inquiry itself.

Mandated Science Science And Scientists In The Making Of Standards

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Author: L. Salter
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400927118
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Mandated Science Science And Scientists In The Making Of Standards by L. Salter

Original Title: Mandated Science Science And Scientists In The Making Of Standards

For a long time I would not eat strawberries. In 1977, a scandal broke about a testing laboratory having falsified the data that was used to register a large number of pesticides. The Canadian government, along with several others, began the process of re-evaluating both the procedures for testing and these specific chemicals. One chemical proved particularly controversial, the commonly-used pesticide named captan. In light of the controversy, which was manifest in a conflict between two government departments, in 1981, the Canadian government chose to appoint a special panel of experts to advise them. I was a member of this expert committee. The experience on the captan committee did little to reassure me, either about captan or about the way that decisions had been made about many pesticides in widespread use. Although it could not be demonstrated that captan was dangerous to people in the amounts to which they would likely be exposed, the animal studies provided the basis for concern. Prudence required at the very least that consumers take the precaution of washing their fruit, for captan is widely used on apples, cherries and berry fruits. Captan residues wash off apples relatively easily; they are less easily removed from berry fruits, such as straw berries.

The Threat And The Glory

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Author: Peter Brian Medawar
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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The Threat And The Glory by Peter Brian Medawar

Original Title: The Threat And The Glory

Sir Peter Medawar, as his many admirers know, was not only a great scientist but a great writer. The creative energy that earned him the 1960 Noble Prize for Medecine for his pathbreaking work in immunology also fueled his many and varied writings. Books such as Pluto's Republic, The Limits of Science, and The Hope of Progress (to name but a few) made the ever-changing world of modern science accessible to non-specialists, and have since become small classics of their kind. As Lewis Thomas writes in his foreword to this posthumous collection, "some of the wisest remarks of the twentieth century" come from the pen of Peter Medawar. The Threat and the Glory explores the twin nature of modern science; its ability to inspire both hope and fear in its professional and lay observers. Medawar, of course, says it best when he writes of science's ability to make the seemingly impossible a reality, "scientists may exult in the glory, but in the middle of the twentieth century the reaction of ordinary people is more often to cower at the threat." This theme runs throughout this collection of writings which cover a characteristically wide range of topics: genetic engineering, evolution, philosophy, creativity, scientific fraud, the medical community, and attitudes toward death. Ranging in tone from these serious reflections on the nature of science to more lighthearted pieces such as "Son of Stroke"--a guide for long-term hospital patients based on his own experience as the victim of a cerebral hemorrhage--The Threat and the Glory entertains as much as it educates. Selected by his close friend David Pyke, these essays--some previously unpublished, many appearing in book form for the first time--show Medawar to have been not only a tireless truth-seeker, but also a merciless debunker of myths. Reading Medawar, we come to understand and accept the indispensable role of science in our world. Witty, incisive, and above all compassionate, The Threat and the Glory will delight those who are familiar with Medawar's writing, and will be a special treat for those who are not.

Faith In Science

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Author: Mark Richardson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134516568
Size: 69.39 MB
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Faith In Science by Mark Richardson

Original Title: Faith In Science

Through intimate conversations with some of the world's most distinguished scientists (including two Nobel Laureates), Faith in Science invites us to explore the connections between scientific and religious approaches to truth. Subjects range from the existence and nature of God to the role of spirituality in modern science. The result is a clear account of how two major cultural forces can work together to offer unique insights into questions of existence.

The Representation Of Science And Scientists On Postage Stamps

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Author: Christopher B. Yardley
Publisher: ANU Press
ISBN: 1925021807
Size: 41.80 MB
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The Representation Of Science And Scientists On Postage Stamps by Christopher B. Yardley

Original Title: The Representation Of Science And Scientists On Postage Stamps

"For approaching two centuries, the images on postage stamps have been used to convey messages from the government of the day to the general public. Science has been used to enhance those messages for the past nine decades. In this book, I explore the ways in which science and scientists have been portrayed on stamps and look at the ideas and, in some cases, the propaganda that underpins them."--Page 1.

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