Science And Technology In Catalysis 2002

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Author: Masakazu Anpo
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780444513496
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Science And Technology In Catalysis 2002 by Masakazu Anpo

Original Title: Science And Technology In Catalysis 2002

(Selected) -- Plenary Lecures: New Catalysts for Controlled/Living Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP; Catalysis and Applications of Gold Nanoparticles -- Oral Presentations: Ionic Liquids as New Solvents and Catalysis for Petrochemical and Refining Processes; High Throughput Experiment on the Investigation of Oxidation Catalysts with Gas Sensor System -- Poster Presentations: Development of a Low-Temperature Dioxin Decomposition Catalyst; Studies on Unique Properties of Polyolefins Prepared with Metallocene Catalyst Systems -- Index.

Natural Gas Conversion Viii

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Author: Fábio Bellot Noronha
Publisher: Elsevier Science
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Natural Gas Conversion Viii by Fábio Bellot Noronha

Original Title: Natural Gas Conversion Viii

This volume contains peer-reviewed manuscripts describing the scientific and technological advances presented at the 8th Natural gas Conversion Symposium held in Natal-Brazil, May 27-31, 2007. This symposium continues the tradition of excellence and the status as the premier technical meeting in this area established by previous meetings. The manuscripts have been divided into eight different topics, Industrial Processes, Economics, Technology Demonstration and Commercial Activities;, Production of Hydrogen from Methane, Methanol, and Other Sources; Production of Synthesis; Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Hydrocarbons; From Synthesis Gas to; Catalytic Combustion; From Natural Gas to Chemicals; Light Hydrocarbons; and Production and Conversion. These are the most interesting subjects in the utilization of natural gas with recent scientific innovation and technological advances. The book is of interest to all students and researchers active in utilization of natural gas. * Research comes from the most important industries and research centres in the field * Features new studies from all around the world * Important for consulting and updating research and development data

Nanoporous Materials

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Author: Abdelhamid Sayari
ISBN: 9780444517487
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Nanoporous Materials by Abdelhamid Sayari

Original Title: Nanoporous Materials

Nanoporous Materials IV contains the invited lectures and peer-reviewed oral and poster contributions to be presented at the 4th International Symposium on Nanoporous Materials, which will be hosted in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, June 7-10, 2005. This volume covers complementary approaches to and recent advances in the field of nanostructured materials with pore sizes larger than 1nm, such as periodic mesoporous molecular sieves (e.g., MCM-41 and SBA-15) and related materials including clays, ordered mesoporous carbons, colloidal crystal templated materials, porous polymers and sol gels. The broad range of topics covered in relation to the synthesis and characterization of ordered mesoporous materials are of great importance for advanced adsorption, catalytic, separation and environmental processes as well as for the development of nanotechnology. This volume contains over 120 contributions related to the synthesis of ordered mesoporous silicas, organosilicas, nonsiliceous inorganic materials, carbons, polymers and related materials, their characterization and applications in adsorption, catalysis and environmental clean up. * Unique contributions brings readers up-to-date on new research and application developments * Figures and tables supplement comprehensive topics * Extensive author and subject index.

Recent Advances In The Science And Technology Of Zeolites And Related Materials

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Author: Eric Van Steen
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
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Recent Advances In The Science And Technology Of Zeolites And Related Materials by Eric Van Steen

Original Title: Recent Advances In The Science And Technology Of Zeolites And Related Materials

Recent Advances in Science and Technology of Zeolites and Related Materials is a collection of oral and poster communications, presented during the 14th International Zeolite Conference (IZC). The conference was hosted by the Catalysis Society of South Africa. In the tradition of the IZC series, this Conference provides a forum for the presentation of new knowledge in the science and technology of zeolites and related materials. Papers presented cover a wide range of topics that include synthesis, structure determination, characterisation, modelling, and catalysis. This highly visual book is a must for readers looking to stay up-to-date on zeolite science. * This three-part volume provides valuable information on zeolites and related materials * Includes papers that cover topics such as structure determination, modelling and separation processes * Contains new and exciting developments in the field

Books In Print

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Original Title: Books In Print

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