Soil Quality For Crop Production And Ecosystem Health

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Author: E.G. Gregorich
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080541402
Size: 18.27 MB
Format: PDF
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Soil Quality For Crop Production And Ecosystem Health by E.G. Gregorich

Original Title: Soil Quality For Crop Production And Ecosystem Health

Soil is a complex body that exists as many types, each with diverse properties that may vary widely across time and space as a function of many factors. This complexity makes the evaluation of soil quality much more challenging than that of water or air quality. Evaluation of soil quality now considers environmental implications as well as economic productivity, seeking to be more holistic in its approach. Thus, soil quality research draws from a wide range of disciplines, blending the approaches of biologists, physicists, chemists, ecologists, economists and agronomists, among others. This book presents a broad perspective of soil quality that includes these various perspectives and gives a strong theoretical basis for the assessment of soil quality. A short glossary provides definitions for terms used throughout the book.

Soil Sampling And Methods Of Analysis Second Edition

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Author: M.R. Carter
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420005271
Size: 44.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Soil Sampling And Methods Of Analysis Second Edition by M.R. Carter

Original Title: Soil Sampling And Methods Of Analysis Second Edition

Thoroughly updated and revised, this second edition of the bestselling Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis presents several new chapters in the areas of biological and physical analysis and soil sampling. Reflecting the burgeoning interest in soil ecology, new contributions describe the growing number and assortment of new microbiological techniques, describe in-depth methods, and demonstrate new tools that characterize the dynamics and chemistry of soil organic matter and soil testing for plant nutrients. A completely new section devoted to soil water reviews up-to-date field- and laboratory-based methods for saturated and unsaturated soil hydraulic properties. Retaining the easy-to-follow, “cookbook” style of the original, this second edition provides a compilation of soil analytical techniques that are fast, straightforward, and relatively easy-to-use. Heavily referenced, peer-reviewed contributions from approximately 150 specialists make this a practical manual and resource handbook that describes a wide array of methods, both conventional and cutting-edge, for analyzing the chemical, biological, biochemical, and physical properties of many different soil types. Including several “primer” chapters that cover the overall principles and concepts behind the latest techniques, the book presents sufficient detail on the materials and procedures to characterize the potential and limitation of each method. It covers recent improvements in methodology, outlines current methods, and characterizes the best methods available for selecting the appropriate analysis technique. Promoting the research and practical application of findings in soil science, Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis, Second Edition continues to be the most current, detailed, comprehensive tool for researchers and practitioners working with soil.

Food Security And Soil Quality

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Author: Rattan Lal
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439800588
Size: 65.37 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Food Security And Soil Quality by Rattan Lal

Original Title: Food Security And Soil Quality

Just five years ago, it was generally believed that the number of food insecure people in the world was on continuous decline. Unfortunately, widespread soil degradation along with resistance to recommended agronomic practices, and little attempt to restore degraded soils have conspired with significant droughts (in regions that could least tolerate them) to swell the ranks of the food insecure to over a billion people. The U.N. Millennium Development Goals’ intent to halve hunger by 2015 will not be realized. Food Security and Soil Quality brings together leading experts from across the world to provide a concise and factually supported exploration of the problem at hand and the critical steps needed to reverse it. Edited by Rattan Lal, and B.A. Stewart, two of the world’s most respected soil scientists, this important work — Assesses farming systems and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa, with special emphasis on land degradation Examines concerns with and approaches to soil quality management in Brazil and China Details achievable methods for improving soil quality for sustainable production Provides an insightful comparison of temporal changes in agricultural systems productivity in Punjab, India and Ohio Discusses the human dimension of the crisis including the influence of culture and spiritual beliefs Dr. Lal himself writes that despite the existence of scientific data on sustainable management of soil and water resources, problems of soil and environmental degradation have persisted and have been aggravated. And that these problems are rooted in land misuse and soil mismanagement. This book does provide policymakers and others with an understanding of the depth, complexity, and immediacy of this crisis, but more than a call to action, it also offers soil scientists working in this area with an understanding of what is being done and what needs to be done. Most importantly, this book helps us understand that the situation is not beyond remediation were we to act with great resolve and a sense of urgency. A tree's leaves may be ever so good, So may its bark, so may its wood; But unless you put the right thing to its root, It never will show much flower or fruit. — from Leaves Compared With Flowers, by Robert Frost

Soil Health And Intensification Of Agroecosystems

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Author: Mahdi M. Al-Kaisi
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128054018
Size: 14.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Soil Health And Intensification Of Agroecosystems by Mahdi M. Al-Kaisi

Original Title: Soil Health And Intensification Of Agroecosystems

Soil Health and Intensification of Agroecosystems examines the climate, environmental, and human effects on agroecosystems and how the existing paradigms must be revised in order to establish sustainable production. The increased demand for food and fuel exerts tremendous stress on all aspects of natural resources and the environment to satisfy an ever increasing world population, which includes the use of agriculture products for energy and other uses in addition to human and animal food. The book presents options for ecological systems that mimic the natural diversity of the ecosystem and can have significant effect as the world faces a rapidly changing and volatile climate. The book explores the introduction of sustainable agroecosystems that promote biodiversity, sustain soil health, and enhance food production as ways to help mitigate some of these adverse effects. New agroecosystems will help define a resilient system that can potentially absorb some of the extreme shifts in climate. Changing the existing cropping system paradigm to utilize natural system attributes by promoting biodiversity within production agricultural systems, such as the integration of polycultures, will also enhance ecological resiliency and will likely increase carbon sequestration. Focuses on the intensification and integration of agroecosystem and soil resiliency by presenting suggested modifications of the current cropping system paradigm Examines climate, environment, and human effects on agroecosystems Explores in depth the wide range of intercalated soil and plant interactions as they influence soil sustainability and, in particular, soil quality Presents options for ecological systems that mimic the natural diversity of the ecosystem and can have significant effect as the world faces a rapidly changing and volatile climate

Digital Soil Mapping

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Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080468075
Size: 37.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Digital Soil Mapping by

Original Title: Digital Soil Mapping

The book compiles the main ideas and methodologies that have been proposed and tested within these last fifteen years in the field of Digital Soil Mapping (DSM). Begining with current experiences of soil information system developments in various regions of the world, this volume presents states of the art of different topics covered by DSM: Conception and handling of soil databases, sampling methods, new soil spatial covariates, Quantitative spatial modelling, Quality assessment and representation of DSM outputs. This book provides a solid support to students, researchers and engineers interested in modernising soil survey approaches with numerical techniques. It is also of great interest for potential soil data users. * A new concept to meet the worldwide demand for spatial soil data * The first compilation of ideas and methodologies of Digital Soil Mapping * Offers a variety of specialities: soil surveying, geostatistics, data mining, fuzzy logic, remote sensing techniques, Geographical Information Science,...* Written by 82 researchers from 13 different countries

Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 188

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Author: George Ware
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387329641
Size: 20.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 188 by George Ware

Original Title: Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 188

Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology attempts to provide concise, critical reviews of timely advances, philosophy and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of xenobiotics, in any segment of the environment, as well as toxicological implications.

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