The Soybean

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Author: Guriqbal Singh
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1845936442
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The Soybean by Guriqbal Singh

Original Title: The Soybean

The soybean is a crop of global importance and is one of most frequently cultivated crops worldwide. It is rich in oil and protein, used for human and animal consumption as well as for industrial purposes. Soybean plants also play an important role in crop diversification and benefit the growth of other crops, adding nitrogen to the soil during crop rotation. With contributions from eminent researchers from around the world, The Soybean provides a concise coverage of all aspects of this important crop, including genetics and physiology, varietal improvement, production and protection technology, utilization and nutritional value.

Know Soil Know Life

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Author: David L. Lindbo
Publisher: Soil Science Society of Amer
ISBN: 9780891189541
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Know Soil Know Life by David L. Lindbo

Original Title: Know Soil Know Life

Aflatoxin contamination represents a serious threat to a healthy food supply. Resulting from mold on corn, peanuts, and other grains and grain products, aflatoxins are extremely toxic. Understanding the nature of fungi infection and the factors that favor aflatoxin formation is important to grain producers, dealers, and other professionals who control grain from the field to the site of consumption to prevent serious loss of large quantities of grain or grain products. Producers of poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, and even pet food need to be aware of the threat of aflatoxin. Participants in the grain industry who grow, store, or process corn and other grains subject to potential infection by aflatoxin should be aware of the risks of fungal infection and aflatoxin contamination, and proper management strategies. The authors focus on the binding of aflatoxin in animal feeds by employing calcium smectite. Readers will be especially glad to know that aflatoxin can often be controlled with a natural mineral material to bind aflatoxin in animal feeds at a modest cost.--Back cover.

Advances In Soil Science

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Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461228204
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Advances In Soil Science by

Original Title: Advances In Soil Science

Soil degradation is clearly one of the most pressing problems facing man kind. A continuation of soil degradation will eventually lead to a loss in crop productivity even though fertilizers and other inputs often result in increased yields in the short term. Soil degradation also leads to environ mental pollution. A decrease in soil quality invariably leads to a decrease in water quality, and often in air quality. While there is a clear consensus that soil degradation is a major problem, the literature on this subject leaves numerous baffling questions. If statis tics on land degradation are correct, there is a definite cause for concern, and present a mammoth challenge for agricultural scientists. There are those that say the scientific community has over dramatized this issue, and created a credibility problem. Consequently; Volume 11 of Advances in Soil Science was organized by Dr. Rattan Lal who is recognized as a lead ing authority on the subject. The objective of Volume 11 was to assess the types and processes of soil degradation and establish some of the major cause-effect relationships. Volume II documented the seriousness of soil degradation in many parts of the world. Therefore, it seemed immediately important to devote a volume to the principles and technologies for restor ing degraded soils to a productive status. While the land resources are limited, world population is rapidly increasing, particularly in developing countries. Dr.

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