The Sounds Of Early Cinema

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Author: Richard Abel
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253214799
Size: 14.59 MB
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The Sounds Of Early Cinema by Richard Abel

Original Title: The Sounds Of Early Cinema

The Sounds of Early Cinema is devoted exclusively to a little-known, yet absolutely crucial phenomenon: the ubiquitous presence of sound in early cinema. "Silent cinema" may rarely have been silent, but the sheer diversity of sound(s) and sound/image relations characterizing the first 20 years of moving picture exhibition can still astonish us. Whether instrumental, vocal, or mechanical, sound ranged from the improvised to the pre-arranged (as in scripts, scores, and cue sheets). The practice of mixing sounds with images differed widely, depending on the venue (the nickelodeon in Chicago versus the summer Chautauqua in rural Iowa, the music hall in London or Paris versus the newest palace cinema in New York City) as well as on the historical moment (a single venue might change radically, and many times, from 1906 to 1910). Contributors include Richard Abel, Rick Altman, Edouard Arnoldy, Mats Björkin, Stephen Bottomore, Marta Braun, Jean Châteauvert, Ian Christie, Richard Crangle, Helen Day-Mayer, John Fullerton, Jane Gaines, André Gaudreault, Tom Gunning, François Jost, Charlie Keil, Jeff Klenotic, Germain Lacasse, Neil Lerner, Patrick Loughney, David Mayer, Domi-nique Nasta, Bernard Perron, Jacques Polet, Lauren Rabinovitz, Isabelle Raynauld, Herbert Reynolds, Gregory A. Waller, and Rashit M. Yangirov.

Evaluating Heart And Breath Sounds

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Author: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9780781792035
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Evaluating Heart And Breath Sounds by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Original Title: Evaluating Heart And Breath Sounds

Written in paragraph and bullet format, this volume offers how-to guidance on the latest techniques for evaluating heart and breath sounds and features numerous illustrations and flow charts.

Making Music With Sounds

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Author: Leigh Landy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136322507
Size: 17.66 MB
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Making Music With Sounds by Leigh Landy

Original Title: Making Music With Sounds

Making Music with Sounds offers a creative introduction to the art of making sound-based music. It introduces the elements of making compositions with sounds and facilitates creativity in school age children, with the activities primarily for 11-14 year old students. It can also be used by people of all ages becoming acquainted with this music for the first time. Sound-based music is defined as the art form in which the sound, rather than the musical note, is the basic unit and is closely related to electronic music and the sonic arts. The art of sound organisation can be found in a number of forms of music--in film, television, theatre, dance, and new media. Despite this, there are few materials available currently for young people to discover how to make sound-based music. This book offers a programme of development starting from aural awareness, through the discovery and organisation of potential sounds, to the means of generating and manipulating sounds to create sequences and entire works. The book’s holistic pedagogical approach to composition also involves aspects related to musical understanding and appreciation, reinforced by the author’s online pedagogical ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS II).

Breath Sounds Made Incredibly Easy

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Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9781582553542
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Breath Sounds Made Incredibly Easy by

Original Title: Breath Sounds Made Incredibly Easy

This book/CD-ROM package covers key information that will help novice and experienced nurses gain competence in assessing the respiratory system. The text begins with an overview of anatomy and physiology concepts, then outlines steps of clinical assessment and describes how normal breath sounds are produced, what they sound like, and how they are classified. Breath sounds are correlated with common physiological conditions, linking material to ambulatory care and bedside practice. Margin tips and quizes are included, and the CD-ROM contains examples of breath sounds. Annotation : 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ([source inconnue].

Sounds And Society

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Author: Peter J. Martin
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719032240
Size: 50.69 MB
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Sounds And Society by Peter J. Martin

Original Title: Sounds And Society

In this pioneering new book, Dr Martin presents a lively and accessible introduction to the social analysis of music. Dr Martin argues that musical meaning must be understood as socially constructed, rather than inherent, and that the notion of a correspondence between social and musical structures is highly problematic. An alternative approach, based on the ‘social action’ pespective is outlined, and the book concludes with a discussion of the social situation of music in advanced capitalist society. Along the way, leading thinkers are introduced: Adorno, Weber and Schntz as well as, more recently, John Shepherd and the feminist musicologists. The book draws on studies spanning the whole spectrum of Western music - rock bands to symphony orchestras, medieval plainchant to avant-garde jazz and concludes with a discussion of the social situation of music in advanced capitalist society.

The Sounds Of Language

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Author: Elizabeth C. Zsiga
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118340604
Size: 46.81 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Sounds Of Language by Elizabeth C. Zsiga

Original Title: The Sounds Of Language

The Sounds of Language is an introductory guide to the linguistic study of speech sounds, which provides uniquely balanced coverage of both phonology and phonetics. Features exercises and problem sets, as well as supporting online resources at, including additional discussion questions and exercises, as well as links to further resources such as sound files, video files, and useful websites Creates opportunities for students to practice data analysis and hypothesis testing Integrates data on sociolinguistic variation, first language acquisition, and second language learning Explores diverse topics ranging from the practical, such as how to make good digital recordings, make a palatogram, solve a phoneme/allophone problem, or read a spectrogram; to the theoretical, including the role of markedness in linguistic theory, the necessity of abstraction, features and formal notation, issues in speech perception as distinct from hearing, and modelling sociolinguistic and other variations Organized specifically to fit the needs of undergraduate students of phonetics and phonology, and is structured in a way which enables instructors to use the text both for a single semester phonetics and phonology course or for a two-course sequence

Sounds Of Our Times

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Author: Robert T. Beyer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387984353
Size: 15.65 MB
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Sounds Of Our Times by Robert T. Beyer

Original Title: Sounds Of Our Times

In 1800, the study of acoustics consisted of z number of isolated areas-music, the ear and the voice, vibrations, and the passage of sound through air. In the years that have followed, the field has expanded enormously. Legendary for its interdisciplinary character, the field today ranges across and draws upon the disciplines of physics, geology, engineering, physiology, and now includes such varied areas of study as medical diagnosis and treatment, music and the design of musical instruments and listening spaces, and the passage of sound waves through every conceivable medium. Sounds of Our Times : Two Hundred Years of Acoustics, the first complete history of acoustics over the past two hundred years, described by one of the preeminent members of today's acoustical community, presents a fascinating portrait of the work of brilliant individuals, the development and use of technology, in the interactions of different parts of the field. The author steers a course between the largely anecdotal history of Dayton C Miller (Anecdotal History of the Science of Sound, 1935) and the meticulously researched effort of F.V. Hunt (Origins in Acoustics, published posthumously in 1978). Sounds of Our Times : Two Hundred Years of Acoustics begins after the period covered by Hunt and follows new developments in the subject almost up to the present day. It also chronicles the development of organizations of acousticians, especially that of the Acoustical Society of America, and contains many historical illustrations never before available in a single volume.

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