Time To Talk

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Author: Jean Gross
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351986651
Size: 44.48 MB
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Time To Talk by Jean Gross

Original Title: Time To Talk

Time to Talk provides a powerful and accessible resource for practitioners working to improve children’s language and communication skills. Showcasing effective approaches in schools and settings across the country from the early years through primary and secondary education, it summarises research on what helps children and young people develop good communication skills, and highlights the importance of key factors: a place to talk, a reason to talk and support for talk. This timely second edition has been fully updated to reflect Pupil Premium, curriculum, assessment and special needs reforms, and can be used by individual practitioners as well as supporting a whole-school or setting approach to spoken language. It includes: whole-class approaches to developing all children and young people’s speaking and listening skills; ‘catch-up’ strategies for those with limited language; ways of differentiating the curriculum for those with difficulties; ways in which settings and schools can develop an effective partnership with specialists to help children with more severe needs; models schools can use to commission their own speech and language therapy services; examples of good practice in supporting parents/carers to develop their children’s language skills; and answers to practitioners’ most frequently asked questions about speech and language. Now in full-colour, this practical and engaging book is for all who are concerned about how to help children and young people with limited language and communication skills – school leaders, teachers, early-years practitioners, and the speech and language therapists they work with.

Medical Speech Language Pathology

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Author: Alex F. Johnson
Publisher: Thieme
ISBN: 1604066253
Size: 21.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Medical Speech Language Pathology by Alex F. Johnson

Original Title: Medical Speech Language Pathology

The second edition of Medical Speech--Language Pathology: A Practitioner's Guide presents the latest information on neurological communication disorders and swallowing and voice disorders in adults. The book features complete coverage of the pathophysiology of communication disorders, describing the underlying degenerative, neurogenic, and psychogenic causes of speech-language impairments. A thorough review of the theoretical issues involved provides practitioners with the conceptual framework needed to develop effective treatments that address both functionality and the quality of life of the patient.Features: Practical approaches to the diagnosis and management of common disorders such as aphasia, dysphagia, and more Strategies for rehabilitating patients with conditions such as head and neck cancer and dementia Comprehensive discussion of service delivery issues, such as the interface between speech--language pathology and psychiatry, and approaches to patient management in acute care and intensive care settings Study questions at the end of each chapter--ideal for reviewing key concepts Extensive lists of references to aid pursuit of topics in more depth Medical Speech--Language Pathology serves the needs of all speech--language pathologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, researchers, and students in these specialties for a single-volume reference on all aspects of care for patients with communication disorders.

Speech And Language Difficulties In The Classroom Second Edition

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Author: Deirdre Martin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113660751X
Size: 27.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Speech And Language Difficulties In The Classroom Second Edition by Deirdre Martin

Original Title: Speech And Language Difficulties In The Classroom Second Edition

Now fully updated and revised in the light of recent developments in practice, this book discusses children's language development and language difficulties in the context of the classroom. The book will help the practitioner to understand the range of language difficulties experienced by children and will assist them in planning appropriate activities with pupils, their parents and other education professionals. In particular, this second edition offers further guidance for teachers on observing children's communication skills in school; fully revised and updated chapters, in the light of recent research; advice for schools on the implications of the increased emphasis on language and communication needs in the revised SEN Code of Practice 2001; and discussion about the increasingly recognized links between communication difficulties and EBD.

Essentials Of Communication Sciences Disorders

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Author: Fogle
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 128412181X
Size: 79.36 MB
Format: PDF
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Essentials Of Communication Sciences Disorders by Fogle

Original Title: Essentials Of Communication Sciences Disorders

Fully revised and updated, Essentials of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Second Edition is an accessible and engaging introductory resource for students new to communication sciences and disorders. This text covers basic information about speech disorders in both children and adults, while numerous case scenarios and personal stories paint a vivid picture of the profession

Professional Communication In Speech Language Pathology

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Author: A. Embry Burrus
Publisher: Plural Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781597565059
Size: 21.88 MB
Format: PDF
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Professional Communication In Speech Language Pathology by A. Embry Burrus

Original Title: Professional Communication In Speech Language Pathology

The authors introduce student clinicians to the various kinds of professional communications they will be expected to write in professional practice, including diagnostic reports, documenting treatment planning, IEPs and IFSPs, short- and long-term progress reports, and multidisciplinary reports.

Counseling In Communication Disorders

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Author: Audrey L. Holland
Publisher: Plural Publishing
ISBN: 1597569089
Size: 58.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Counseling In Communication Disorders by Audrey L. Holland

Original Title: Counseling In Communication Disorders

Counseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective, Second Edition is a highly regarded textbook for graduate counseling courses in speech-language pathology and audiology programs. The counseling skills introduced in this book are based on the model of positive psychology, a rapidly growing branch of psychology that focuses on mental health and well-being and how to achieve and maintain these states. By incorporating the key elements of positive psychology into clinical practice, speech pathologists and audiologists can more effectively help patients live productively and successfully with their communication problems. The authors offer examples, exercises, and specific techniques for working with individuals and families who have communication disorders acquired in adulthood, for working with parents of children with catastrophic conditions that are present at birth, and for working both with children and families of those whose communication disorders are incurred in childhood or adolescence. In addition, they also feature one-on-one activities and model workshop examples for use with groups. For the second edition, the authors have updated the literature on positive psychology and incorporated the importance of focusing on change into the text. In addition, they have: Expanded the coverage of child and school issues to make the content more relevant to parents and teachers.Devoted one chapter exclusively to addressing the unique needs of children or adolescents.Expanded the adult section to include recent information and interest in adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Language For Learning In The Primary School

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Author: Sue Hayden
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317482182
Size: 22.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Language For Learning In The Primary School by Sue Hayden

Original Title: Language For Learning In The Primary School

Language for Learning in the Primary School is the long awaited second edition of Language for Learning, first published in 2004 and winner of the NASEN/TES Book Award for Teaching and Learning in 2005. This handbook has become an indispensable resource, packed full of practical suggestions on how to support 5-11 year old children with speech, language and communication difficulties. Colour coded throughout for easy referencing, this unique book supports inclusive practice by helping teachers to: Identify children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) Understand speech, language and communication skills Consider roles and responsibilities at primary school Plan a differentiated and adapted curriculum Consider the language demands across subjects Adopt a whole school approach Make use of a wide range of positive strategies Empower children to access the curriculum Language for Learning in the Primary School comes complete with a wealth of photocopiable resources, giving teachers and teaching assistants the confidence to help children with SLCN more effectively in mainstream settings. It will also be an extremely useful resource for speech and language therapists, specialist teachers and educational psychologists.

Communication Difficulties In Childhood

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Author: James Law
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
ISBN: 9781857750980
Size: 73.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Communication Difficulties In Childhood by James Law

Original Title: Communication Difficulties In Childhood

For the vast majority of children acquiring speech and language skills is an effortless process. However there is a sizeable proportion of children for whom this is not true. Difficulties they experience may be associated with other conditions such as cleft palate or hearing loss or they may have no obvious cause. This book provides a comprehensive picture of the difficulties that occur when speech and language does not develop in the young child. Divided into two sections the first focuses on how such children should be identified and assessed. The second section provides specific insights into communication difficulties in different conditions. Each is written by an expert practitioner and is illustrated with specific examples. Based on best clinical practice and research-based evidence it is a practical guide fully referenced for those who wish to develop knowledge further. It is essential reading for all professionals who work with children particularly those who work in community settings.

Speech And Language Therapy

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Author: Myra Kersner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136451099
Size: 74.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Speech And Language Therapy by Myra Kersner

Original Title: Speech And Language Therapy

Now in its second edition, Speech and Language Therapy: the decision-making process when working with children reveals how recent research and changes in health and education services have affected the decision-making process in the assessment and management of children with speech and language problems. With individual chapters written by experts in their field, this book: Illustrates how the decisions made by practitioners may vary within different work settings Shows how these decisions may need to be adapted when working with specific client groups Explores how such decisions are part of effective evidence-based practice Offers an overview of the skills required by the developing professional Provides insight into working as a newly qualified therapist in the current job market. Rigorously underpinned with current research and revised legislation, this is an important textbook for speech and language therapy students, potential students and specialist teachers in training. Speech and Language Therapy: the decision-making process when working with children will also be relevant to newly qualified therapists, therapists returning to the profession, specialist teachers and Special Educational Needs Coordinators.

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