The Clinician S Handbook Of Natural Medicine

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Author: Joseph E. Pizzorno Jr.
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702055131
Size: 41.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Clinician S Handbook Of Natural Medicine by Joseph E. Pizzorno Jr.

Original Title: The Clinician S Handbook Of Natural Medicine

Written by leading authorities in complementary and integrative medicine, this convenient, quick-reference handbook provides clear and rational directives on diagnosing and treating specific diseases and disorders with natural medicine. You'll get concise summaries of diagnostic procedures, general considerations, therapeutic considerations, and therapeutic approaches for 84 of the most commonly seen conditions, 12 of which are new to this edition, plus naturopathic treatment methods and easy-to-follow condition flowcharts. Based on Pizzorno's trusted Textbook of Natural Medicine and the most current evidence available, it's your key to accessing reliable, natural diagnosis and treatment options in any setting. Expert authorship lends credibility to information. Scientifically verified content assures the most reliable coverage of diagnostic and natural treatment methods. Over 80 algorithms synthesize therapeutic content and provide support for your clinical judgment with a conceptual overview of case management. The book's compact size makes it portable for easy reference in any setting. A consistent organization saves you time and helps you make fast, accurate diagnoses. 12 NEW chapters enhance your treatment knowledge and understanding with information on important and newly emerging treatments and areas of interest, including: Cancer Endometriosis Fibromyalgia Hair Loss in Women Hyperventilation Syndrome Infectious Diarrhea Intestinal Protozoan Infestation Lichen Planus Parkinson's Disease Porphyrias Proctological Conditions Uterine Fibroids Each chapter is fully updated to reflect the content of the latest edition of Pizzorno's Textbook of Natural Medicine and keep you current on the safest and most effective natural interventions.

Case Studies For Complementary Therapists

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Author: Kelly Galvin
Publisher: Elsevier Australia
ISBN: 0729539555
Size: 60.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Case Studies For Complementary Therapists by Kelly Galvin

Original Title: Case Studies For Complementary Therapists

This book provides support at curriculum level for developing the complementary potential which exists between complementary and conventional western medicine. It provides students, teachers and practitioners with a framework within which they can effectively analyse and classify the extensive amount of information gathered in a CAM consultation and help them develop effective and appropriate treatment programmes within the time constraints of a busy clinic. It provides an insight into the initial CAM consultation process, offering possible treatment and collaborative referral options for indi

The Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine Third Edition

Download Read Online The Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine Third Edition book
Author: Michael T. Murray
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451687346
Size: 35.41 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine Third Edition by Michael T. Murray

Original Title: The Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine Third Edition

Features up-to-date coverage of holistic remedies for more than eighty common ailments, drawing on research in naturopathy to provide recommendations for topics ranging from prevention and safety to herbs and supplements.

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine

Download Read Online Clinical Naturopathic Medicine book
Author: Leah Hechtman
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0729582264
Size: 14.24 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Clinical Naturopathic Medicine by Leah Hechtman

Original Title: Clinical Naturopathic Medicine

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is a foundation clinical text integrating the holistic traditional principles of naturopathic philosophy with the scientific rigour of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to support contemporary practices and principles. The text addresses all systems of the body and their related common conditions, with clear, accessible directions outlining how a practitioner can understand health from a naturopathic perspective and apply naturopathic medicines to treat patients individually. These treatments include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle recommendations. All chapters are structured by system and then by condition, so readers are easily able to navigate the content by chapter and heading structure. The content is designed for naturopathic practitioners and students (both undergraduate and postgraduate levels) and for medical and allied health professionals with an interest in integrative naturopathic medicine. detailed coverage of naturopathic treatments provides readers with a solid understanding of the major therapeutic modalities used within naturopathic medicine each system is reviewed from both naturopathic and mainstream medical perspectives to correlate the variations and synergies of treatment only clinically efficacious and evidence-based treatments have been included information is rigorously researched (over 7500 references) from both traditional texts and recent research papers the content skilfully bridges traditional practice and EBM to support confident practitioners within the current health care system

Using The Bowen Technique To Address Complex And Common Conditions

Download Read Online Using The Bowen Technique To Address Complex And Common Conditions book
Author: John Wilks
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857011294
Size: 39.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Using The Bowen Technique To Address Complex And Common Conditions by John Wilks

Original Title: Using The Bowen Technique To Address Complex And Common Conditions

The Bowen technique resets and repairs the body, restoring balance to relieve pain and improve energy. This book shows how it can be particularly effective at alleviating conditions that are renowned for being difficult to treat, as well as at enhancing performance in dance and other sports. Covering lower back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, hayfever, asthma, diabetes (type 2), migraines, stress and tension disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, palliative care, performance enhancement, and in pre and post-natal care, clinical case studies reveal Bowen technique in action along with detailed explanations of how and why Bowen is so effective for each of these different situations. This is the perfect book for Bowen practitioners, and other complementary and alternative health practitioners and medical professionals wanting to know how and why the Bowen technique can help their patients, as well as patients interested in learning about what Bowen can do for them.

Handbook Of Multiple Sclerosis Third Edition

Download Read Online Handbook Of Multiple Sclerosis Third Edition book
Author: Stuart D. Cook
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824741846
Size: 63.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Handbook Of Multiple Sclerosis Third Edition by Stuart D. Cook

Original Title: Handbook Of Multiple Sclerosis Third Edition

Reporting on the latest advances made in treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and continuing the high standards set by earlier editions, the Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis, Third Edition examines a wide range of topics from etiology to treatment options. Analyzes recent developments in the natural history, immunopathology, lesion evolution, and therapy affecting MS treatment-including up-to-date research results from experimental therapies with t-cell vaccines, oral myelin, and monoclonal antibodies! Summarizing previous breakthroughs and pointing the way toward future research, the Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis, Third Edition provides a historical summary of the disease and examines the epidemiology and genetics of MS, including new evidence for and against an infectious etiology investigates virus-induced demyelination, emphasizing models such as canine distemper (CDV), corona, visna, and herpes simplex viruses; the semliki forest virus (SFV); and animal models of autoimmune demyelination notes the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in diagnosis, prognosis, natural history, and as a guide to therapy explores the growing evidence for axonal damage as a major cause of disability in MS summarizes the natural history of MS and delineates factors influencing exacerbations and progression of the disease assesses current clinical and biological prognostic indicators for accurate diagnoses of MS as opposed to other idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating diseases (IIDDs) and evaluates the growing number of therapies for treating MS and more!

Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook

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Author: Chris D. Meletis
ISBN: 9780913113448
Size: 43.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook by Chris D. Meletis

Original Title: Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook

"This comprehensive work examines the latest medical and scientific research conducted in the field of medicine with emphasis on therapeutic natural medicine approaches as applicable to common health conditions. Special attention is placed on therapeutic application of nutritional and botanical medicine in the clinical setting as specific interventions to regain biochemical preference towards a true wellness foundation."--Provided by publisher.

Pharmacodynamic Basis Of Herbal Medicine Second Edition

Download Read Online Pharmacodynamic Basis Of Herbal Medicine Second Edition book
Author: Manuchair Ebadi
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420006452
Size: 60.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Pharmacodynamic Basis Of Herbal Medicine Second Edition by Manuchair Ebadi

Original Title: Pharmacodynamic Basis Of Herbal Medicine Second Edition

Continuing in the tradition of the acclaimed first edition, Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine, Second Edition examines in extensive detail the physiologic effects of complimentary and alternative therapies, foods, supplements, vitamins, and traditional herbal remedies. The author considers the site, mode, and mechanism of action to explain the desired and adverse effects and interactions of each herb, drug, and food in an encyclopedic volume. Today’s Questions Devoting entire chapters to the most influential herbal remedies, the text either endorses or debunks popular conceptions with pure scientific data. The author provides answers to today’s naturopathic questions by paying particular attention to the chronic diseases engendered by obesity, as well as Alzheimer’s, cancer, imbalances of neurotransmitters such as Parkinson’s, and depression. The Latest Research Incorporating current research on the devastating role of chronic systemic inflammation and the cumulative effect of poor oxygen metabolism and free radicals on changes in mitochondrial DNA, enzyme activity, and accelerations in the aging process, the text bridges the gap between ancient remedies and modern knowledge. Effective Treatment Deconstructing the molecular mystery that is the interaction among herbal properties, physiology, and disease, Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine, Second Edition opens the door to successful herbal treatment.

Natural Forms Of Defense Against Biological Chemical And Nuclear Threats

Download Read Online Natural Forms Of Defense Against Biological Chemical And Nuclear Threats book
Author: John Brighton
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1553695933
Size: 47.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Natural Forms Of Defense Against Biological Chemical And Nuclear Threats by John Brighton

Original Title: Natural Forms Of Defense Against Biological Chemical And Nuclear Threats

The events that took place on September 11th caused Dr. John Brighton, a naturopathic health consultant, to ask himself questions about what role natural forms of healing might have in a scenario involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD). As he examined the issues and the nature of the threat, he felt assured that a naturalistic approach could make a significant contribution in conjunction with that offered by conventional medicine. Moreover, he felt that to use both would provide a more powerful deterrent than if either were used alone. The naturalistic approach would augment the use of drugs by adding 5 extra lines of defense aimed at supporting and strengthening the immune system to deal with such a dire event. These lines include: A psychological dimension A social dimension A preventative dimension An environmental dimension A specific dimension The whole idea of this holistic strategy is to employ prevention and immune-enhancing factors in order to reduce the level of crisis to begin with. As a result, the dependency on antibiotics (there are no effective antivirals) and other valuable medical resources can be considerably reduced, and, most importantly, preserved for when they would be needed most. Another benefit of integrating these two systems would add what Dr. Brighton calls "synergistic complexity" as a way to reduce the current crisis of germ resistance to many most potent antibiotics and to provide a holistic approach to all forms of WMD. The book clarifies the scope of the threat we face by examining: The variety of biological, chemical, and nuclear threats The factors involved in the creation of WMD The uncanny capacity of microbes to develop resistance to our medications The threat of bioengineering and the creation of superbugs How synergistic complexity could provide a possible solution A chapter is dedicated to focusing on the specific nature and challenges posed by each biological, chemical and nuclear agent. This includes: A description of the agent How it causes harm How it might be used as a weapon, and the possibility of it being used How it is detected diagnostically and in the field The conventional method of care and treatment The suggested natural forms of defense including herbs, vitamins & minerals, and other natural substances and healing therapies. The book ends with a forward-looking chapter on emerging technologies that have promise of increasing our level of defense against WMD. A bibliography and a full section on resources are available.

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