The Eradication Of Smallpox

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Author: H. Bazin
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The Eradication Of Smallpox by H. Bazin

Original Title: The Eradication Of Smallpox

Simply, and with great humanity, The Eradication of Smallpox tells the story of smallpox - it's origins, the horror of the disease, and the millions of people killed or disfigured by it. During the 18th and 19th centuries, it is estimated that one out of every ten people died from the disease; some say one out of every seven. Smallpox attacked very young children in particular. The story progresses with the practice of variolation, the life of Edward Jenner who first proposed 'vaccination' with cow pox vaccine (little James Phipps was the first person ever vaccinated in this way), the years of debate about the efficacy of this novel method, and the later worldwide initiatives to rid the planet of this horrific disease. In 1979, the story culminates in the only total eradication of an infectious disease that mankind has ever accomplished. This year celebrates the 20th anniversary of this momentous achievement. In the intervening years, debate has raged about what we should do with the remaining smallpox viral stocks. Do we destroy them, so they can't fall into the hands of bioterrorists, or do we maintain them, in case they may be of use in some unexpected way, for therapeutic purposes? These questions are thoroughly discussed in the book. Key Features * Covers the background, history and origin of smallpox, and brings the story up to the present day * Gives full and interesting details of Jenner's life, and tells how this humble country doctor brought about a revolution in vaccination * Includes many quotes from historical figures * Features 120 high quality photographs, many originating from unique historical plates in the author's private collection * Includes new research data * Provides new views on the eradication and destruction of smallpox

House On Fire

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Author: William H. Foege
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520268369
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House On Fire by William H. Foege

Original Title: House On Fire

“Bill Foege takes us inside the world's greatest public health triumph: the eradication of smallpox. It's a story of true determination, passion and courage. The story of smallpox should encourage all of us to continue the critical work of worldwide disease eradication.”--Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “Bill Foege is one of the public health giants of our times. He was responsible for the design of the campaign that eradicated smallpox—the most important global health achievement in history and possibly the greatest feat in any field of international cooperation. His insights into the nature of this major event will undoubtedly help to meet the global health challenges of the 21st century.”—Julio Frenk, M.D, PhD, Dean, Harvard School of Public Health “The eradication of a disease has long been the holy grail of global health and Bill Foege found it: more than any other person, he was responsible for the eradication of smallpox from the face of the earth. This is a story told by a remarkably humble man, about the extraordinary coalition that he helped to build, and the most impressive global health accomplishment the world has ever seen.”—Mark Rosenberg, author of Real Collaboration: What It Takes for Global Health to Succeed “I am thrilled that Bill Foege, one of the great heroes of the smallpox eradication campaign, has written this important book. It tells a beautiful human story of an incredible public health triumph, and is full of lessons that could be applied to many of the global challenges we face today.”—Helene D. Gayle MD, President and CEO, CARE USA “Bill Foege’s House on Fire is the first-hand account of how a revised strategy to eradicate smallpox was tested, validated, and applied. Without the global adoption of this new surveillance strategy, the final deathblow to this longtime global menace might never have been dealt.”—Adetokunbo O. Lucas, MD, DSc, author of It Was The Best of Times: From Local to Global Health “Smallpox is the most devastating disease the world has known, as it destroyed lives and shaped history over the centuries. House on Fire provides a day-to-day account by my friend Dr. Bill Foege of the battle required to defeat this wily and diabolic virus."--President Jimmy Carter

Expunging Variola

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Author: Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Publisher: Orient Blackswan
ISBN: 9788125030188
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Expunging Variola by Sanjoy Bhattacharya

Original Title: Expunging Variola

As A Crucial Component Of The Global Smallpox Eradication Programme, Which Has Been Widely Hailed As One Of The Greatest Public Health Successes In The Twentieth Century, The Indian Experience Has Some Important Stories To Tell. Expunging Variola Reveals These As It Chronicles The Last Three Decades Of The Anti-Smallpox Campaigns In India.This Wide-Ranging Study, Based On Extensive Archival Research In India, Britain, Switzerland And The United States Of America, Assesses The Many Complexities In The Formulation And Implementation Of The Smallpox Eradication Programme In The Subcontinent. Rather Than Merely Cataloguing The Developments Of This Extremely Complex Exercise Within The World Health Organisation Headquarters In Geneva And The Indian Central Government In New Delhi, This Book Adopts A Much Broader Perspective: It Makes A Conscious Effort To Provide A Detailed View By Including The Accounts Of Who, Governmental And Nongovernmental Personnel On The Ground. In This Manner, Nuanced Descriptions Of Important And Often Controversial Situations Are Provided. Thus, Apart From Acknowledging The Influence Of National-, State- And District-Level Political, Economic And Social Structures In Continually Reshaping The Contours Of The Smallpox Campaigns, This Work Also Emphasises The Crucial Role Played By Field Workers In Implementing And Often Reinterpreting Health Strategies Proposed By Geneva And New Delhi.Original Not Only In Perspective But In Material, Based As It Is On A Wide Range Of Sources Which Have Never Been Exploited By Academics Before, Expunging Variola Breaks New Ground In The Historiography Of Smallpox Eradication In The Subcontinent. The Book Serves As A Companion Volume To Fractured States Which Covers The Period 1800-1947.

The End Of A Global Pox

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Author: Bob H. Reinhardt
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469624109
Size: 73.18 MB
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The End Of A Global Pox by Bob H. Reinhardt

Original Title: The End Of A Global Pox

By the mid-twentieth century, smallpox had vanished from North America and Europe but continued to persist throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. In 1965, the United States joined an international effort to eradicate the disease, and after fifteen years of steady progress, the effort succeeded. Bob H. Reinhardt demonstrates that the fight against smallpox drew American liberals into new and complex relationships in the global Cold War, as he narrates the history of the only cooperative international effort to successfully eliminate a disease. Unlike other works that have chronicled the fight against smallpox by offering a "biography" of the disease or employing a triumphalist narrative of a public health victory, The End of a Global Pox examines the eradication program as a complex exercise of American power. Reinhardt draws on methods from environmental, medical, and political history to interpret the global eradication effort as an extension of U.S. technological, medical, and political power. This book demonstrates the far-reaching manifestations of American liberalism and Cold War ideology and sheds new light on the history of global public health and development.


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Author: David A. Koplow
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520237322
Size: 53.10 MB
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Smallpox by David A. Koplow

Original Title: Smallpox

A former legal advisor to the Pentagon looks at the history of the smallpox virus, providing an informative overview of the political, biological, environmental, medical, and legal issues surrounding the question of whether or not the virus should be exterminated.

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