The Erotic Thriller In Contemporary Cinema

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Author: Linda Ruth Williams
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253347138
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The Erotic Thriller In Contemporary Cinema by Linda Ruth Williams

Original Title: The Erotic Thriller In Contemporary Cinema

This bold and original book examines in detail a relatively new genre of film—the erotic thriller. Linda Ruth Williams traces the genre’s exploitation of pornography and noir, discusses mainstream stars (including Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone) as well as genre-branded direct-to-video stars, charts the work of key producers and directors, and considers home videos as a distinct form of viewing pleasure. She maps the history of the genre, analyzing hundreds of movies from blockbusters such as Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, and In the Cut to straight-to-video film titles such as Carnal Crimes, Sins of Desire, and Night Eyes. Williams’s witty and illuminating readings tell the story of this sensational genre and contribute to the analysis of mainstream screen sex—and its censorship—at the beginning of the 21st century. She shows that as the erotic thriller plays out the sexual fantasies of contemporary America, it also provides a vehicle for marketing those fantasies globally.

Scotland Global Cinema Genres Modes And Identities

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Author: David Martin-Jones
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748686541
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Scotland Global Cinema Genres Modes And Identities by David Martin-Jones

Original Title: Scotland Global Cinema Genres Modes And Identities

Scotland: Global Cinema is the first book to focus exclusively on the unprecedented explosion of filmmaking in Scotland in the 1990s and 2000s. It explores the various cinematic fantasies of Scotland created by contemporary filmmakers from all over the world--including Scotland, England, France, the United States and India--who braved the weather to shoot in Scotland. Significantly broadening the scope of previous debates, Scotland: Global Cinema provides analysis of ten different genres and modes prevalent in the 1990s/2000s: the comedy, road movie, Bollywood extravaganza, (Loch Ness) monster movie, horror film, costume drama, gangster flick, social realist melodrama, female friendship/US indie movie, and art cinema. These various chapters suggest a wealth of different histories of cinema in Scotland, and uncover the numerous identities--national, transnational, diasporic, global/local, gendered, sexual, religious--created by these approaches. Cinema in Scotland is situated in a global context through analysis of the intersection of transversal flows of filmmaking, tourism, trade and transnational fantasy typical of globalization, as they meet and mingle against the world famous cinematic landscapes of Scotland.

The Dread Of Difference

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Author: Barry Keith Grant
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 1477302425
Size: 64.80 MB
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The Dread Of Difference by Barry Keith Grant

Original Title: The Dread Of Difference

"The Dread of Difference is a classic. Few film studies texts have been so widely read and so influential. It's rarely on the shelf at my university library, so continuously does it circulate. Now this new edition expands the already comprehensive coverage of gender in the horror film with new essays on recent developments such as the Hostel series and torture porn. Informative and enlightening, this updated classic is an essential reference for fans and students of horror movies."—Stephen Prince, editor of The Horror Film and author of Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: The Seduction of Reality "An impressive array of distinguished scholars . . . gazes deeply into the darkness and then forms a Dionysian chorus reaffirming that sexuality and the monstrous are indeed mated in many horror films."—Choice "An extremely useful introduction to recent thinking about gender issues within this genre."—Film Theory

Contemporary Cinema

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Author: John Orr
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 9780748608362
Size: 28.15 MB
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Contemporary Cinema by John Orr

Original Title: Contemporary Cinema

I think, therefore I am. The legendary pronouncement of philosopher René Descartes lingers as accepted wisdom in the Western world nearly four centuries after its author's death. But does thought really come first? Who actually runs the show: we, our thoughts, or the neurons firing within our brains? Walter J. Freeman explores how we control our behavior and make sense of the world around us. Avoiding determinism both in sociobiology, which proposes that persons' genes control their brains' functioning, and in neuroscience, which posits that their brains' disposition is molded by chemistry and environmental forces, Freeman charts a new course--one that gives individuals due credit and responsibility for their actions. Drawing upon his five decades of research in neuroscience, Freeman utilizes the latest advances in his field as well as perspectives from disciplines as diverse as mathematics, psychology, and philosophy to explicate how different human brains act in their chosen diverse ways. He clarifies the implications of brain imaging, by which neural activity can be observed during the course of normal movements, and shows how nonlinear dynamics reveals order within the fecund chaos of brain function.

Disposable Passions

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Author: David Church
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1501307541
Size: 34.36 MB
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Disposable Passions by David Church

Original Title: Disposable Passions

From early twentieth-century stag films to 1960s sexploitation pictures to the boom in 1970s "porno chic,†? adult cinema's vintage forms are now being reappraised by a new generation of historians, fans, preservationists, and home video entrepreneurs-all of whom depend on and help shape the archive of film history. But what is the present-day allure of these artifacts that have since become eroticized more for their "pastness†? than the explicit acts they show? And what are the political implications of recovering these rare but still-visceral films from a less "enlightened,†? pre-feminist past? Drawing on media industry analysis, archival theory, and interviews with adult video personnel, David Church argues that vintage pornography retains its retrospective fascination precisely because these culturally denigrated texts have been so poorly preserved on political and aesthetic grounds. Through these films' ongoing moves from cultural emergence to concealment to rediscovery, the archive itself performs a "striptease,†? permitting tangible contact with these corporeally stimulating forms at a moment when the overall physicality of media objects is undergoing rapid transformation. Disposable Passions explores the historiographic lessons that vintage pornography can teach us about which materials our society chooses to keep, and how a long-neglected genre is primed for serious rediscovery as more than mere autoerotic fodder.

Soft In The Middle

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Author: David Andrews
ISBN: 9780814210222
Size: 15.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Soft In The Middle by David Andrews

Original Title: Soft In The Middle

Soft in the Middle positions the contemporary softcore feature as a middlebrow form of pornography. In meticulous detail, Soft in the Middle demonstrates that softcore's under-the-radar success and pervasive cultural devaluation may be understood in terms of the "postfeminist" strategies employed by successive generations of producers and distributors, each intent on overcoming obstacles to the mainstream distribution of pornographic material. Softcore and its American precursors became more "feminized" and "female friendly" as their distribution widened, a process hastened in the 1980s by the industry's transition to private, non-theatrical modes of distribution and exhibition (e.g., home-video outlets and premium-cable networks). One of the byproducts of this development is that contemporary softcore has frequently resorted to what are arguably anti-male or "misandristic" attitudes and depictions. Clearly, the genre challenges traditional assumptions about pornography, including those held by feminists on both sides of "the porn debates." Drawing on original industrial research, extensive sampling, and wide-ranging scholarship, Soft in the Middle offers a nuanced look at a discreetly indecent genre whose central commodity has always been female nudity. Book jacket.

The Body S Perilous Pleasures

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Author: Michele Aaron
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748609611
Size: 54.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Body S Perilous Pleasures by Michele Aaron

Original Title: The Body S Perilous Pleasures

Drawing upon contemporary film and fiction, The Body's Perilous Pleasures is an investigation of the nature of the body and the manner in which it figures in transvestism, cyborgs and female desire, body piercing, AIDS and reincarnation.

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