The Many Faces Of Rna

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Author: D. S. Eggleston
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080542553
Size: 42.50 MB
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The Many Faces Of Rna by D. S. Eggleston

Original Title: The Many Faces Of Rna

The Many Faces of RNA is the subject for the eighth SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals Research Symposia. It highlights a rapidly developing area of scientific investigation. The style and format are deliberately designed to promote in-depth presentations and discussions and to facilitate the forging of collaborations between academic and industrial partners. This symposium focuses on several of the many fundamental, advancing strategies for exploring RNA and its functions. It emphasizes the interplay between biology, chemistry, genomics, and molecular biology which is leading to exciting new insights and avenues of investigation. The book explores RNA as a therapeutic target, RNA as a tool, RNA and its interactions, along with chemical, computational, and structural investigations.

The Many Faces Of Osteoarthritis

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Author: Vincent C. Hascall
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783764365813
Size: 65.65 MB
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The Many Faces Of Osteoarthritis by Vincent C. Hascall

Original Title: The Many Faces Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint pathology which primarily affects the older population. The disease is characterized by unique pathological changes in some synovial joints, predominantly affecting the articular cartilage, but also entire joints, including the synovial tissue and subchondral bone. The remarkable growth of research on normal and abnormal biology of tissues in the articulating joint, including the application of novel molecular biological approaches and new imaging techniques, is reflected in this volume. It describes the current state of knowledge and helps to further understand the etiopathology of osteoarthritis, hopefully leading to early detection of the disease and novel treatment modalities. The volume contains contributions and discussions from a select group of investigators, all experts in this field, who met at the conference "The Many Faces of Osteoarthritis", held in June 2001 at Lake Tahoe, to acknowledge Klaus E. Kuettner and his contributions to osteoarthritis...

Operators And Promoters

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Author: Harrison G. Echols
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520920767
Size: 62.90 MB
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Operators And Promoters by Harrison G. Echols

Original Title: Operators And Promoters

During the past four decades, molecular biology has dominated the life sciences. Curiously, no participant in this scientific revolution has previously attempted a book-length history of the development of this powerful science. Harrison ("Hatch") Echols provides such an account in Operators and Promoters. A gifted molecular biologist and talented raconteur, Echols relates the intellectual history of the most influential discoveries in molecular biology from his own experiences. Echols joins his vast knowledge of biology with personal interviews of the principal operators and promoters in the field to convey a captivating side of science--specifically, how the personalities of scientists and their competitive and collaborative relations affect new ideas and discoveries. The author reveals how logic and order often arise only in hindsight from the chaos of discovery; eventual solutions often come from experiments performed for entirely different reasons. Echols also shares his deep-seated feelings for the science itself, communicating his admiration, even awe, for the purity and simplicity with which life systems are organized. This gripping insider's account of the first fifty years of molecular biology ties together the biological questions with the scientific solutions of the people who established the field. It will appeal not only to students and those interested in the development of the discipline, but to anyone intrigued by the human side of science and the process of scientific inquiry and discovery.

Rna Binding Antibiotics

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Author: Renée Schroeder
Publisher: CRC Press
Size: 47.34 MB
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Rna Binding Antibiotics by Renée Schroeder

Original Title: Rna Binding Antibiotics

The past several years have seen a fundamental change in our perception of RNA. RNA was once regarded as a passive mediator of genetic information in mRNA and tRNA or as a mere scaffold for proteins in the ribosome. But the discovery of catalytic RNA, the development of SELEX, and dramatic improvements in RNA structure analysis have rather demonstrated that RNA is a highly versatile and dynamic molecule. Our increased understanding of the important role RNA plays in most, if not all, cellular processes has lead to the awareness that RNA represents a potential and prominent target for therapeutic intervention. On one hand, nature has "invented" an innumerable amount of small compounds which bind to RNA and modulate its function, on the other hand, the design and preparation of RNA molecules with defined properties is now within reach. This volume covers RNAs with known or proposed catalytic activity or functional importance whose behavior is affected by antibiotics. These include the peptidyl transferase and the decoding activities of the ribosome and the cleavage activities of several catalytic RNAs. Detailed discussion of the wide-spread effects of the tetracyclines, of the peptide antibiotic viomycin and of bleomycin on RNAs are presented. SELEX has provided a wealth of antibiotic-binding RNAs which are amenable to NMR structure determination. Detailed biophysical analyses on antibiotic-RNA interactions, and the design and synthesis of novel aminoglycosides suggest strategies for the pharmaceutical exploitation of RNA-binding drugs. On the verge of losing the battle against bacteria, which are acquiring resistance genes against all used antibiotics, it is mandatory to find new therapeutics. RNA-binding antibiotics are not only therapeutically valuable, they play a major role in the deciphering of RNA function and stimulate evolutionary thoughts about the origin of life.

Many Faces Many Microbes

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Author: Ronald M. Atlas
Publisher: Amer Society for Microbiology
ISBN: 9781555811907
Size: 61.31 MB
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Many Faces Many Microbes by Ronald M. Atlas

Original Title: Many Faces Many Microbes

A collection of down–to–earth personal essays fromcontemporary microbiologists about their lives and work. Interesting stories about becoming scientists and microbiologists. The authors represent the broad spectrum of microbiology.

Molecular Virology And Control Of Flaviviruses

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Author: Pei-Yong Shi
Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
ISBN: 1904455921
Size: 31.93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Molecular Virology And Control Of Flaviviruses by Pei-Yong Shi

Original Title: Molecular Virology And Control Of Flaviviruses

Flaviviruses are a diverse group of small RNA enveloped viruses, many of which are important human and animal pathogens. The best known include dengue virus, yellow fever virus, Japanese encephalitis virus, and West Nile virus. These viruses are endemic in many tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Dengue virus alone infects over 100 million people annually. In recent years, research on flaviviruses has progressed at a remarkable rate, leading to significant advances in our understanding of virus biology. This should ultimately lead to the development of better vaccine and antiviral strategies. This up-to-date and cutting-edge anthology contains contributions from the leading experts in the flavivirus field. Chapters are balanced by contributions from established investigators who have dedicated their careers to flavivirus research with those from newcomers who have recently made significant contributions to the flavivirus field. The book is divided into two sections: Molecular Virology and Virus Prevention. The first section on Molecular Virology covers: virion structure * virus replication * the NS1 glycoprotein * the NS3 protein * the NS5 protein * innate immunity and flavivirus infection * host responses to flavivirus infection * flavivirus fitness and transmission. The Virus Prevention section includes: vaccines * antibody therapy * small molecule antiviral development * flavivirus diagnostics * vector-virus interactions * vector control. The book represents an important update of flavivirus research and will serve as a reference to flavivirus researchers at the graduate level and beyond. It is a recommended text for all virology libraries.

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