Changing Physician Practice Patterns

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Author: Elaine Zablocki
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780834206885
Size: 13.44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Changing Physician Practice Patterns by Elaine Zablocki

Original Title: Changing Physician Practice Patterns

This resource provides a concise overview of the techniques used to change physician behavior in a health industry ruled by newly-formed networks & under increasing pressure to remain cost-efficient, often in a capitated environment.Techniques used by managed care organizations from across the country will be highlighted.Topical summaries on key issues will include how to develop practice guidelines, how to win physician support, data gathering, liability issues, & probably most important, how to get started.

Prescription For Heterosexuality

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Author: Carolyn Herbst Lewis
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807899540
Size: 71.76 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Prescription For Heterosexuality by Carolyn Herbst Lewis

Original Title: Prescription For Heterosexuality

In Prescription for Heterosexuality, Carolyn Herbst Lewis explores how medical practitioners, especially family physicians, situated themselves as the guardians of Americans' sexual well-being during the early Cold War years. She argues that many doctors believed that a satisfying sexual relationship with very specific attributes and boundaries was the foundation of a successful marriage, a source of happiness in the American family, and a crucial building block of a secure nation. Drawing on hundreds of articles and editorials in both medical journals and popular and professional literature, Lewis traces how medical professionals affirmed certain heterosexual desires and acts while labeling others as unhealthy or deviant.

Unhealed Wounds

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Author: Neal C. Hogan
Publisher: LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9781931202428
Size: 55.35 MB
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Unhealed Wounds by Neal C. Hogan

Original Title: Unhealed Wounds

In 1900 medical malpractice was an obscure field, with few cases, small damages, and little case law. Across the century malpractice became a major component of tort litigation and created entire industries of insurance, expert witnesses, and dedicated malpractice attorneys. Concepts from the legal profession, such as "the standard of care" collided with medical practice. The introduction of new medical technologies led to dramatic breakthroughs in care but created confusion over what appropriate care entailed. New rulings on plaintiff's rights in tort law expanded a patient's ability to sue. Juries, courts, physicians, hospitals, medical societies, insurance firms, and legislators were caught in a collision of medicine, law, and technology. No single constituency presses malpractice forward, rather each constituency in turn drove the issue to a crisis in the 1970s.

Fundamental Otology Pediatric And Adult Practice

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Author: Quinton Gopen
ISBN: 9351520463
Size: 56.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fundamental Otology Pediatric And Adult Practice by Quinton Gopen

Original Title: Fundamental Otology Pediatric And Adult Practice

The goal of this textbook is to provide a substantive coverage of the fundamental aspects of otology. Although it is always difficult to determine the most appropriate scope of any textbook, a concerted effort to include pediatric otology in this textbook was considered a priority. The first 9 chapters include both pediatric and adult otology and are organized based on anatomic sub-sites. Each chapter includes a brief embryologic review, a more comprehensive anatomic review, and a discussion of pathologic disease processes. Although skull base surgery is certainly a complicated and expansive field, some of the basic principles and fundamental surgical techniques regarding skull base surgery are an important part of otology and are consequently included here in Chapter 9. Chapter 10 is a thorough review of common and uncommon systemic diseases focusing on their otologic manifestations. The subsequent chapter on radiology focuses on normal anatomy as seen on CT scans and MR images. Finally, Chapter 12, Surgical Procedures, is an overview of the common surgical procedures performed in the practice of otology as well as some of the essential skull base procedures. More than 550 coloured images and illustration describing step-by-step presentations of the principal of otological operations.


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Author: Matthew Smallman-Raynor
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199244744
Size: 14.97 MB
Format: PDF
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Poliomyelitis by Matthew Smallman-Raynor

Original Title: Poliomyelitis

This book is a world geography of poliomyelitis from antiquity to the present day. In the twentieth century, poliomyelitis emerged to become a global crippler and killer. But with the development of preventive vaccines in the 1950s poliomyelitis looks set to be the first disease since smallpox in 1979 to be eliminated by direct human intervention.

A Marketing Approach To Physician Recruitment

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Author: James O. Hacker
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9781560248989
Size: 12.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Marketing Approach To Physician Recruitment by James O. Hacker

Original Title: A Marketing Approach To Physician Recruitment

A Marketing Approach to Physician Recruitment is a how-to manual designed to assist hospitals in the physician recruitment process, or to enhance already existing recruitment programs. Given the ever-changing status on health care reform, hospital administrators and physicians are faced with the challenge of meeting the growing needs of patients, as well as their own internal priorities. In order to survive, the medical profession as a whole must make the commitment to identify the needs of the community it serves, while integrating the activities and roles of departments, boards and staff. In the past, physician recruitment has tended to itself. As part of a competitive system, neither the individual provider nor the medical group can afford to ignore its physician profile. This book is aware of the needs of today's hospitals and presents a program to facilitate the process of recruiting physicians. The authors provide the reader with a step-by-step physician recruiting process. They include additional materials to support the recruiting process. The book is comprised of four sections. The process section provides organization for the recruitment program by assisting readers with creating a written plan. The resources section facilitates that plan's effectiveness by providing information for developing pro forms, community support, letters, tracking forms, incentive packages, and legal documents. The reference section lists organizations, contact names, addresses, and phone numbers needed for recruiting.A Marketing Approach to Physician Recruitment is the only book of its kind. Hospitals can use it to develop a practical and proven process for recruiting physicians. It is an effective tool for meeting the needs of patients and physicians alike.

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