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Author: John Fraser
ISBN: 1456622129
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Thrillers by John Fraser

Original Title: Thrillers

After years of intellectual nourishment from thrillers, along with the delights of suspense, Fraser explores the thought-processes of representative thriller characters coping with high-tension situations that require intelligent problem-solving and bring their values into a sharper focus. With alert empathy, he follows Jack Carter as he hunts down his brother's killers in Ted Lewis's masterpiece Jack's Return Home ("a kind of dark English Gatsby") ; suffers along with violence-averse Rae Ingram coping alone on a small yacht with a dangerous paranoid in Dead Calm ("a philosophical thriller") by that fine Gold Medal novelist Charles Williams; and gives a lot of attention to Donald Hamilton's young professional men entangled with enigmatic young women in pre-Helm works like The Steel Mirror (1948) where he was learning his craft. In a fourth chapter, he hacks at the wall between "art" and "entertainment" and loose talk about the "world" of the thriller. Lastly, he reminiscences about a fascinating safari that he made into the sex-'n-violence "Mushroom Jungle" (British pulp fiction ca.1946-54), and offers conclusions about violence and peace. He avoids jargon, combines an aficionado's enthusiasm with a scholar's accuracy, quotes generously to convey the texture of a work, provides background information for readers new to the topic, and illuminates "craft" aspects of fiction in general. His emphasis throughout is positive.

Graham Greene S Thrillers And The 1930s

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Author: Brian Diemert
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 9780773514331
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Graham Greene S Thrillers And The 1930s by Brian Diemert

Original Title: Graham Greene S Thrillers And The 1930s

In Graham Greene's Thrillers and the 1930s Brian Diemert examines the first and most prolific phase of Graham Greene's career, demonstrating the close relationship between Greene's fiction and the political, economic, social, and literary contexts of the period. Situating Greene alongside other young writers who responded to the worsening political climate of the 1930s by promoting social and political reform, Diemert argues that Greene believed literature could not be divorced from its social and political milieu and saw popular forms of writing as the best way to inform a wide audience. Diemert traces Greene's adaptation of nineteenth-century romance thrillers and classical detective stories into modern political thrillers as a means of presenting serious concerns in an engaging fashion. He argues that Greene's popular thrillers were in part a reaction to the high modernism of writers such as James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and Virginia Woolf, whose esoteric experiments with language were disengaged from immediate social concerns and inaccessible to a large segment of the reading public.


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Author: Draco Spencer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781523942190
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Thrillers by Draco Spencer

Original Title: Thrillers

Love lost, marred bond, and a sudden death... As Butch Hutchinson strives to lead a silent albeit lackluster life as a private investigator, things get stirred up approaching his high school reunion. Not only do his former schoolmates' current achievements seem a lot more interesting than his own, he's also faced with the possibility of coming face to face with his high-school-buddy-turned-rival, Danny Sims - who also happens to be the husband of Bruce's former love interest, Lauren. The day of the reunion arrives and things escalate to a full shock as Bruce receives a heart-wrenching news over the phone: Lauren's dead. How does this news impact Bruce's life? Is it big enough to bring him back to the one place he's been avoiding for years now - his hometown? Homecoming Homicide is a gripping mystery about lost love and rivalry, murder, and redemption. Leaf through every page and be transported into the mysterious world of Bruce Hutchinson! Draco Spencer gives you another masterfully written thriller that will keep you, excited, intrigued, and mystified for days! Download NOW by clicking the orange "BUY NOW" button. Don't lose your chance and join thousands of readers today before the price becomes higher!

Writing Thrillers

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Author: Michael Newton
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
ISBN: 1599636492
Size: 63.23 MB
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Writing Thrillers by Michael Newton

Original Title: Writing Thrillers

In this invaluable guide, thriller master Michael Newton shows you how to develop compelling plots and intriguing characters that grab readers from page 1 and won’t let them go. You’ll learn how to craft heroes and villains that are both believable and original and ground them in situations that push them to the limits of physical, emotional, and mental endurance. You’ll also find details that will imbue your thriller with authenticity, from the specifics of using guns and knives to the inner workings of secret government agencies. From global conspiracies and knife-wielding psychopaths to ruthless cults and political schemers, Writing Thrillers will give you the tools you need to keep pulses racing, palms sweating, and readers on the edges of their seats.

Psycho Thrillers

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Author: William Indick
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476608768
Size: 16.25 MB
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Psycho Thrillers by William Indick

Original Title: Psycho Thrillers

Mind control, madness and altered states of reality can make for exciting nights at the movies--which explains the enduring popularity of a film genre that might be called the psycho thriller. Psychiatry and film came of age simultaneously, and characters such as the evil psychiatrist and the pathological killer were often developed in direct reference to the psychological themes that inspired them. For example, the penchants of Hitchcock's famously creepy Norman Bates represented real psychological disorders, and his actions were explained through psychoanalysis. The psycho thriller presents a world where psychology represents a dimension of supernatural and metaphysical wonders. The introduction analyzes what makes a psycho thriller, and subsequent chapters are devoted to each of the archetypal psycho thriller characters (the mad scientist, the psycho killer, the individual with psychic powers, and the psychiatrist) and themes (mind control, dreams, memory, and existential issues). The concluding chapter lists the top twenty psycho thrillers. Stills from classic films in the genre illustrate the text, which also includes filmography, bibliography, and index.

Hammer Films Psychological Thrillers 1950 1972

Download Read Online Hammer Films Psychological Thrillers 1950 1972 book
Author: David Huckvale
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786474718
Size: 73.95 MB
Format: PDF
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Hammer Films Psychological Thrillers 1950 1972 by David Huckvale

Original Title: Hammer Films Psychological Thrillers 1950 1972

"This book takes a chronological, film-by-film approach to all of Hammer's thrillers. Each chapter takes a particular theme around which to approach the films in question, exploring their literary ancestry, their reflection of British society and their relation to a wide range of other references, architectural metaphor, sexuality, religion, and even Nazi atrocities"--

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