Vibration Of Mindlin Plates

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Author: K.M. Liew
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080543543
Size: 75.79 MB
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Vibration Of Mindlin Plates by K.M. Liew

Original Title: Vibration Of Mindlin Plates

Over the last several years, the four authors have jointly conducted research into the analysis of vibrating Mindlin plates as a collaborative project between Nanyang Technological University, The National University of Singapore, and The University of Queensland. The research was prompted by the fact that there is a dearth of vibration results for Mindlin plates when compared to classical thin plate solutions. To generate the vibration results, the authors have successfully employed the Ritz method for general plate shapes and boundary conditions. The Ritz method, once thought to be awkward for general plate analysis, can be automated through suitable trial functions (for displacements) that satisfy the geometric plate boundary conditions a priori. This work has been well-received by academics and researchers, as indicated by the continual requests for the authors' papers and the Ritz software codes. This monograph is written with the view to share this so-called p-Ritz method for the vibration analysis of Mindlin plates and its software codes with the research community. To the authors' knowledge, the monograph contains the first published Ritz plate software codes of its kind.

Vibration Analysis Of Plates By The Superposition Method

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Author: Daniel J Gorman
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814495468
Size: 67.64 MB
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Vibration Analysis Of Plates By The Superposition Method by Daniel J Gorman

Original Title: Vibration Analysis Of Plates By The Superposition Method

The elegance and logic of the superposition method have made it a highly attractive analytical procedure for obtaining accurate mathematical solutions to plate vibration problems. Its applicability to vast families of these problems, ranging from the dynamic behaviour of isotropic and orthotropic plates to laminated plate behaviour, is well demonstrated in the technical literature. Now, at last, a comprehensive book is made available to those who wish to use this powerful analytical technique. Beginning with a thorough and lucid introduction to the superposition method as it applies to free vibration of thin isotropic rectangular plates, with all combinations of classical boundary conditions, the book describes procedures for handling vast families of realistic practical plate vibration problems. These include orthotropic plates, point-supported plates, plates resting on elastic edge supports, plates with in-plane forces, buckling of plates, etc. The reader is subsequently introduced to utilization of the superposition method for the analysis of thick Mindlin plates as well as transverse-shear-deformable laminated plates. Particular emphasis is placed on plate free vibration analysis, with a list of pertinent publications attached to each chapter. The superposition method is unique in that all solutions obtained satisfy the governing differential equations exactly throughout the entire domain of the plate. The boundary conditions are satisfied to any desired degree of accuracy. Despite the attractive features of this analytical method, many researchers and designers have access only to published papers related to particular problems. With this new book, they have for the first time a comprehensive, illustrated description of the means of exploiting the superposition method. They will be able to prepare their own computer schemes and analyse any plate vibration problem of interest. Contents:Plate Vibration Analysis by the Method of SuperpositionThe Vibration of Orthotropic Rectangular PlatesPlates with Elastic Edge SupportPoint Supported Plates and Plates with Attached MassesVibration of Plates with Mixed Boundary ConditionsFree Vibration of Non-Rectangular Straight-Edged PlatesFree Vibration and Buckling of Plates with In-Plane ForcesThe Vibration of Mindlin PlatesFree Vibration of Laminated PlatesThe Forced Vibration of PlatesSome Additional Applications of the Superposition Method Readership: Civil and mechanical engineers. Keywords:Rectangular Plate;Vibration Superposition Method;Analytical Solutions;Eigenvalues Mode Shapes;Resonant FrequenciesReviews: “… definitely succeeds in its objective of making the ‘method available to all potential users in the field of mechanical vibrations’ and it is recommended for purchase by engineering libraries and all engineers who wish to use or evaluate the use of the superposition method.” Appl. Mech. Rev.

Structural Vibration

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Author: C.Y. Wang
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466576855
Size: 62.51 MB
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Structural Vibration by C.Y. Wang

Original Title: Structural Vibration

Structural Vibration: Exact Solutions for Strings, Membranes, Beams, and Plates offers an introduction to structural vibration and highlights the importance of the natural frequencies in design. It focuses on free vibrations for analysis and design of structures and machine and presents the exact vibration solutions for strings, membranes, beams, and plates. This book emphasizes the exact solutions for free transverse vibration of strings, membranes, beams, and plates. It explains the intrinsic, fundamental, and unexpected features of the solutions in terms of known functions as well as solutions determined from exact characteristic equations. The book provides: A single-volume resource for exact solutions of vibration problems in strings, membranes, beams, and plates A reference for checking vibration frequency values and mode shapes of structural problems Governing equations and boundary conditions for vibration of structural elements Analogies of vibration problems Structural Vibration: Exact Solutions for Strings, Membranes, Beams, and Plates provides practicing engineers, academics, and researchers with a reference for data on a specific structural member as well as a benchmark standard for numerical or approximate analytical methods.

Analysis And Design Of Plated Structures

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Author: N E Shanmugam
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1845692292
Size: 18.41 MB
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Analysis And Design Of Plated Structures by N E Shanmugam

Original Title: Analysis And Design Of Plated Structures

Plated structures are widely used in many engineering constructions ranging from aircraft to ships and from off-shore structures to bridges and buildings. Given their diverse use in severe dynamic loading environments, it is vital that their dynamic behaviour is analysed and understood. Analysis and design of plated structures Volume 2: Dynamics provides a concise review of the most recent research in the area and how it can be applied in the field. The book discusses the modelling of plates for effects such as transverse shear deformation and rotary inertia, assembly of plates in forming thin-walled members, and changing material properties in composite, laminated and functionally graded plates. Various recent techniques for linear and nonlinear vibration analysis are also presented and discussed. The book concludes with a hybrid strategy suitable for parameter identification of plated structures and hydroelastic analysis of floating plated structures. With its distinguished editors and team of international contributors, Analysis and design of plated structures Volume 2: Dynamics is an invaluable reference source for engineers, researchers and academics involved in the analysis and design of plated structures. It also provides a companion volume to Analysis and design of plated structures Volume 1: Stability. The second of two volumes on plated structures Provides a concise review of the most recent research in the research of plated structures Discusses modelling of plates for specific effects

Structural Dynamic Systems Computational Techniques And Optimization

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Author: Cornelius T. Leondes
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9789056996574
Size: 16.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Structural Dynamic Systems Computational Techniques And Optimization by Cornelius T. Leondes

Original Title: Structural Dynamic Systems Computational Techniques And Optimization

Computational techniques for the analysis and design of structural dynamic systems using numerical methods have been the focus of an enormous amount of research for several decades. In general, the numerical methods utilized to solve these problems include two phases: (a) spatial discretization by either the finite element method (FEM) or the finite difference method (FDM), and (b) solution of systems of time dependent second-order ordinary differential equations. In addition, the significantly powerful advances in computer systems capabilities have put on the desks of structural systems designers enormous computing power either by means of increasingly effective computer workstations or else through PCs (personal computers), whose increasing power has succeeded in marginalizing the computational power differences between PCs and workstations in many cases. This volume is a comprehensive treatment of the issues involved in computational techniques in structural dynamic systems.

Auxetic Materials And Structures

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Author: Teik-Cheng Lim
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9812872752
Size: 60.52 MB
Format: PDF
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Auxetic Materials And Structures by Teik-Cheng Lim

Original Title: Auxetic Materials And Structures

This book lays down the foundation on the mechanics and design of auxetic solids and structures, solids that possess negative Poisson’s ratio. It will benefit two groups of readers: (a) industry practitioners, such as product and structural designers, who need to control mechanical stress distributions using auxetic materials, and (b) academic researchers and students who intend to produce unique mechanical and other physical properties of structures using auxetic materials.

Engineering Vibrations Second Edition

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Author: William J. Bottega
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439830371
Size: 40.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Engineering Vibrations Second Edition by William J. Bottega

Original Title: Engineering Vibrations Second Edition

A thorough study of the oscillatory and transient motion of mechanical and structural systems, Engineering Vibrations, Second Edition presents vibrations from a unified point of view, and builds on the first edition with additional chapters and sections that contain more advanced, graduate-level topics. Using numerous examples and case studies to reinforce concepts, the author reviews basic principles, incorporates advanced abstract concepts from first principles, and weaves together physical interpretation and fundamental principles with applied problem solving. For each class of system, the text explores the fundamental dynamics and studies free and forced vibrations. This revised version combines the physical and mathematical facets of vibration, and emphasizes the connecting ideas, concepts, and techniques. What’s New in the Second Edition: Includes a section on the forced response of structurally damped one-dimensional continua Adds three new chapters: Dynamics of Two-Dimensional Continua, Free Vibration of Two-Dimensional Continua, and Forced Vibration of Two-Dimensional Continua Addresses the linear and geometrically nonlinear characterization of three-dimensional deformation for mathematically two-dimensional structures, and the dynamics and vibration of various types of structures within this class Covers deformation, dynamics, and vibration of membranes, of Kirchhoff plates, of von Karman plates, and of Mindlin plates Details a full development for the characterization of deformation and motion for mathematically two-dimensional continua Discusses the free and forced vibration of two-dimensional continua and the steady state response of two-dimensional continua with structural damping Engineering Vibrations, Second Edition offers a systematic and unified treatment of mechanical and structural vibrations, and provides you with a complete overview of vibration theory and analysis.

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