William Gibson

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Author: Tom Henthorne
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786486937
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William Gibson by Tom Henthorne

Original Title: William Gibson

"William Gibson, founding father of cyberpunk, is one of today's most popular science fiction writers. This companion provides literary and cultural context from Gibson's first short story, 'Fragments of a Hologram Rose' (1977), to his seminal cyberpunk classic Neuromancer (1984), to his best-selling novel Zero History (2010), and commentary on Gibson's subjects, themes, and approaches"--Provided by publisher.

William Gibson

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Author: Gary Westfahl
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252095081
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William Gibson by Gary Westfahl

Original Title: William Gibson

The leading figure in the development of cyberpunk, William Gibson (born in 1948) crafted works in which isolated humans explored near-future worlds of ubiquitous and intrusive computer technology and cybernetics. This volume is the first comprehensive examination of the award-winning author of the seminal novel Neuromancer (and the other books in the Sprawl trilogy, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive), as well as other acclaimed novels including recent bestsellers Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, and Zero History. Renowned scholar Gary Westfahl draws upon extensive research to provide a compelling account of Gibson's writing career and his lasting influence in the science fiction world. Delving into numerous science fiction fanzines that the young Gibson contributed to and edited, Westfahl delivers new information about his childhood and adolescence. He describes for the first time more than eighty virtually unknown Gibson publications from his early years, including articles, reviews, poems, cartoons, letters, and a collaborative story. The book also documents the poems, articles, and introductions that Gibson has written for various books, and its discussions are enriched by illuminating comments from various print and online interviews. The works that made Gibson famous are also featured, as Westfahl performs extended analyses of Gibson's ten novels and nineteen short stories. Lastly, the book presents a new interview with Gibson in which the author discusses his correspondence with author Fritz Leiber, his relationship with the late scholar Susan Wood, his attitudes toward critics, his overall impact on the field of science fiction, and his recently completed screenplay and forthcoming novel.

Approaching The Hunger Games Trilogy

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Author: Tom Henthorne
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786468645
Size: 21.50 MB
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Approaching The Hunger Games Trilogy by Tom Henthorne

Original Title: Approaching The Hunger Games Trilogy

"This book addresses Suzanne Collins's work from a number of literary and cultural perspectives in an effort to better understand both its significance and appeal. Assuming that readers are familiar with all three volumes of The Hunger Games, the book also avoids plot summary and character analysis, instead focusing on the significance of the story and its characters"--Provided by publisher.

Conversations With William Gibson

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Author: Patrick A. Smith
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1626740933
Size: 45.30 MB
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Conversations With William Gibson by Patrick A. Smith

Original Title: Conversations With William Gibson

“After reading Neuromancer for the first time,” literary scholar Larry McCaffery wrote, “I knew I had seen the future of [science fiction] (and maybe of literature in general), and its name was William Gibson.” McCaffery was right. Gibson’s 1984 debut is one of the most celebrated SF novels of the last half century, and in a career spanning more than three decades, the American Canadian science fiction writer and reluctant futurist responsible for introducing “cyberspace” into the lexicon has published nine other novels. Editor Patrick A. Smith draws the twenty-three interviews in this collection from a variety of media and sources—print and online journals and fanzines, academic journals, newspapers, blogs, and podcasts. Myriad topics include Gibson’s childhood in the American South and his early adulthood in Canada, with travel in Europe; his chafing against the traditional SF mold, the origins of “cyberspace,” and the unintended consequences (for both the author and society) of changing the way we think about technology; the writing process and the reader’s role in a new kind of fiction. Gibson (b. 1948) takes on branding and fashion, celebrity culture, social networking, the post–9/11 world, future uses of technology, and the isolation and alienation engendered by new ways of solving old problems. The conversations also provide overviews of his novels, short fiction, and nonfiction.

Saul Bellow

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Author: Mark Connelly
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476624852
Size: 70.48 MB
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Saul Bellow by Mark Connelly

Original Title: Saul Bellow

A three-time National Book Award for Fiction winner, Saul Bellow (1915-2005) is one of the most highly regarded American authors to emerge since World War II. His 60-year career produced 14 novels and novellas, two volumes of nonfiction, short story collections, plays and a book of collected letters. His 1953 breakthrough novel The Adventures of Augie March was followed by Seize the Day (1956), Herzog (1964) and Mr. Sammler's Planet (1970). His Humboldt's Gift won a Pulitzer Prize in 1976 and contributed to his receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature that year. This literary companion provides more than 200 entries about his works, literary characters, events and persons in his life. Also included are an introduction and overview of Bellow's life, statements made by him during interviews, suggestions for writing and further study and an extensive bibliography.

Isabel Allende

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Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786471271
Size: 71.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Isabel Allende by Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Original Title: Isabel Allende

"Isabel Allende--known as "la Famosa" to Chileans--is the most widely read Spanish-language author. This reference work provides an introduction to Allende's life as well as a guided overview of her body of work. It features an alphabetized, fully-annotated listing of major terms in the Allende canon, including fictional characters, motifs, historical events, and themes"--Provided by publisher.

Brian Friel

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Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476627819
Size: 45.49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Brian Friel by Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Original Title: Brian Friel

Surveying the life, work and accolades of Irish playwright Brian Friel, this literary companion investigates his personal and professional relationships and his literary topics and themes, such as belonging, violence, patriarchy and hypocrisy. Character summaries describe his most significant figures, particularly St. Columba, the victims of Derry's Bloody Sunday, and Hugh O'Neill, the Lord of Tyrone. Entries analyze Friel's style in detail, from his column in the Irish Times and his short fiction in the New Yorker to his most recent plays, Philadelphia, Here I Come!, Translations, and Dancing at Lughnasa.

Stephen King

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Author: Rocky Wood
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 078645850X
Size: 26.37 MB
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Stephen King by Rocky Wood

Original Title: Stephen King

This companion provides a two-part introduction to best-selling author Stephen King, whose enormous popularity over the years has gained him an audience well beyond readers of horror fiction, the genre with which he is most often associated. Part I considers the reception of King's work, the film adaptations that they gave rise to, the fictional worlds in which some of his novels are set, and the more useful approaches to King's varied corpus. Part II consists of entries for each series, novel, story, screenplay and even poem, including works never published or produced, as well as characters and settings.

James Lee Burke

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Author: Laurence W. Mazzeno
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476662819
Size: 11.81 MB
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James Lee Burke by Laurence W. Mazzeno

Original Title: James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke is an acclaimed writer of crime novels in which protagonists battle low-life thugs who commit violent crimes and corporate executives who exploit the powerless. He is best known for his Dave Robicheaux series, set in New Orleans and the surrounding bayou country. With characters inspired by his own family, Burke uses the mystery genre to explore the nature of evil and an individual's responsibility to friends, family and society at large. This companion to his works provides a commentary on all of the characters, settings, events and themes in his novels and short stories, along with a critical discussion of his writing style, technique and literary devices. Glossaries describe the people and places and define unfamiliar terms. Selected interviews provide background information on both the writer and his stories.

Heads Of Families At The First Census Of The United States Taken In The Year 1790 Pennsylvania

Download Read Online Heads Of Families At The First Census Of The United States Taken In The Year 1790 Pennsylvania book
Author: United States. Bureau of the Census
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com
ISBN: 9780806303406
Size: 31.55 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Heads Of Families At The First Census Of The United States Taken In The Year 1790 Pennsylvania by United States. Bureau of the Census

Original Title: Heads Of Families At The First Census Of The United States Taken In The Year 1790 Pennsylvania

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